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Felton Jeremih, otherwise called Jeremih is an artist who keeps on offering an unfaltering commitment towards the music business, since marking to ‘Def Recordings.’ A greater part of his tracks are enormous hits, yet it has set aside him some opportunity to get to standard musical achievement. Today, Jeremih is cresting and components in ‘Apple TV Commercials.’ We have examined ten of his best songs until 2017, and some of his latest releases. Look at to see whether your main tunes makes it to the top ten.

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Top 10 songs by Jeremih until 2017:

Checkout this list of Jeremih top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10.’Down On Me.’

“Down on me’ is a track from Jeremih’s second collection that components 50 Cent, with the musician offering a blended sound. The song has energetic foundations that mix with quick verses. The video has spotlight artists in choreographed schedules. Jeremih tells the young lady that she looks physically appealing and that in the event that she is excellence, then he is the brute (helping her to remember the sentimental motion picture titled ‘The magnificence and the mammoth)’ ‘Young lady what I need is you down on me, put it down on me.’

9.’Don’t Tell Em.’

‘Don’t Tell Em’ highlights YG, testing a 1992 hit song titled ‘Rhythm is a dancer.’ The song begins from the musician’s third collection, and it communicates a milder side of the singer. The inspected song is commonplace and kept on being a hit until today. Jeremih needs a partner since musicality is an artist. The buddy must be his young lady. The track is an undisputed top choice of many fans over the globe. ‘Body like summer, don’t tell ‘em what we do.’


The song is all inclusive for having highlighted on an ‘Apple TV commercial.’ The song’s melody is infectious, with many words that are less demanding to listen however difficult to sing. ‘Qui is an affection song in which he tells his young lady that they can’t be called “we” in the event that she is not present. Jeremih’s sound updates the song and makes it energizing and romantic.’Oui’ is the best song that Jeremih produces, and we prescribe him for the brilliant work.

7.’Birthday Sex.’

Jeremih highlights in songs done by different artists for quite a while, yet ‘Birthday Sex’ acquaints him with his fans. The song rose to position four on the Billboard and brags of a being a platinum offering track. The video is straightforward than large portions of his others, with less choreography that helps to highlight dim verses and in addition the vocals. The song is a hymn and a mark for the artist, many individuals relate him with the track.

6.’All The Time.’

‘All The Time’ is a disputable track, as its express verses makes it hard for it to get broadcast appointment on radios. The song, be that as it may, has some cutoff stylings and appealing beats, making it a thriller to many fans over the globe. He ponders the young lady constantly, as she is the only thing that is important to him. The song demonstrates that Jeremih has a magnificent ability in music that fans can depend on, however he needs to decrease the express substance in some of this songs, albeit many cherish them for their deviousness.

5.’Like Me.’

The song incorporates Jeremih and Lil Durk, and it is a variant of being sentimental. They sing that the lady knows nothing about affection, and she gives reasons in the matter of why she would rather run with Lil Durk and Jeremih. The two sing around a pure young lady who does not know anything about awful young men or supervisors. She doesn’t think about remote autos, or the amount they cost.

‘Hit the club with a nigga as me, do drugs with a nigga like me, begin to look all starry eyed at a nigga like me, never cherish a nigga like me.’


Jeremih teams up with Ty Dolla $ign to create a protected falsetto in a moderate stick, utilizing delicate beats. He wouldn’t like to hold up till night, and he selects to talk promptly. Jeremih Knows his direction well, even with the lights down. An adorable young lady makes him think throughout the night, and he never gets her out of brain. Jeremih is not ready to keep the eyes off her face, and can’t discuss her body on the grounds that the singer has sat tight for quite some time. The excellence with the young lady makes him restless about everything, and he can hardly wait to be with her.


“Planez” is a track from the ‘Late Nights’ collection that elements J. Cole. Numerous renditions of the song have tagged along, yet have never dislodged the track from its position. The single gets Jeremih his first designation to the Grammy in 2016.The couple condemns their haters, letting them know that they can’t survive their acclaim. They sing about riding in the city and having a ton of fun appropriate according to their haters. ‘I got you noticeable all around, your body noticeable all around.’ ‘How it fondle there?’

2.’Love Don’t Change.’

‘Love Don’t change’ is a sentimental track about placing endeavors in a relationship to make it strong and solid. Jeremih discloses to his young lady that despite everything he kisses her in the morning and makes her breakfast in the bed when she is still snoozing. Notwithstanding him not doing “everything” the young lady needs, he supposes he tries his best since affection doesn’t change. He realizes that intimate romance is difficult, yet begs the young lady never to leave, despite the fact that he may give reasons. ‘Our issues and the agony, however Love don’t change.’


“Body” is a joint effort amongst Dreezy and Jeremih contained in the ‘About Nothing’ collection. The verses in the song are of sexual nature. The musician advises a young lady to profound herself in the alcohol to permit him to pull the zipper. A few people say the song is referenced to the Kardashians, yet there is no adequate proof to demonstrate that the track assaults them straightforwardly in light of the fact that Jeremih sings ‘end of story baby’ promptly in the wake of saying ‘keep K with me like Kourtney.’

Jeremih’s New songs 2017

Checkout these latest releases singles by Jeremih in year 2016-2017

1.’Take it slow (Feat. Trey Songz)

The two musicians work together to create a hit celebrating song, ‘Take it slow.’ They sing to a young lady, requesting that her take things moderate with the goal that they keep going long. It is as of now a hit, under six months since its release.

2. Nobody but you

In this hot release, Jeremih sings about a young lady she is frantically enamored with, truth be told, he advises her that he is dependent on her. Jeremih sees no other hot young lady on the planet, none however her alone. The track is sentimental.

Jeremih is an incredible musician, and his prosperity does not go ahead a silver plate. Be that as it may, it would appear that it is presently his opportunity to sparkle. The musician has chipped away at his art and characterized his mark sounds, bringing his request up in the musical business. We want Jeremih to enjoy all that life has to offer, may he develop to be more prominent than every one of the artists who keep on mentoring him.

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