Justin Timberlake Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

One of the hottest entertainers everywhere throughout the globe is Justin Timberlake. Beginning as an individual from a music bunch called NSYNC, Justin chose to branch and released his first collection in 2002. He has encountered achievement in the greater part of his four albums. Timberlake brags of numerous songs, yet we have tested the best 10 songs until 2017 in this list. How about we trust your main tune is on the list.


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Top 10 songs by Justin Timberlake until 2017:

Checkout this list of Justin Timberlake’s top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over torld.


The song is a commitment from Timberlake to his grandparents. A more critical take a gander at the video affirms that it devotes to the guardians. It is an extraordinary love song, about perfect partners who live respectively, adoring each other. Justin sings that the accomplice resembles a mirror, which gazes back at you each time you take a gander at it. The song is amazing with infectious verses. The song continues making rebounds, and it never blurs, you can make sure to hear it play at whatever time on the radio.


The song highlights Timberland and is one of the many tracks in the ’20/20 experience’ collection. The musician utilizes hard words that beg to be defended to clarify how he felt after the young lady’s heart down and out his heart. He sings that he is ready to pass out and that the woman thumps her out,’ only a TKO.’ The song is the best, out of the considerable number of songs Timberlake ever released. We plan to get another hit that performs superior to this song.

8.’Rock Your body.’

‘Rock Your body’ is a cheery move song by Timberlake. The song is about that it is so amusing to get out onto the moving floor to appreciate life. The song conveys numerous hints, and the person tells the young lady that she better be bare when the song closes. Timberlake beats boxes, making a lovely solid impact. The song releases amid the ‘Closet breakdown’ including Janet Jackson, however the disgrace of that occasion has blurred, and the song is an extraordinary pop hit.

7.’Love Stoned/I surmise that she knows.’

‘Stoned love’ is a brilliant track, with numerous sweet and sentimental lines in it. The glimmering lights originate from all sides. They hit the young lady in a way that makes Timberlake just to gaze. Timberlake sings that the young lady stones her in affection, and that is “bad,” and she knows she is in fact “bad.” The hit song is exceptionally appealing and sentimental. The child is about a man who is insane and charmed on a woman and is from Timberlake’s second collection.

6.’My Love.’

‘My love’ is an adoration song, and the title lets it know all. The track concerns a man trying to persuade a woman that she needs his adoration, as it is the best. He clarifies the things he is prepared to accomplish for her, equitable to win her affection. In any case, he thinks about whether that alone will be sufficient to alter her opinion and make her affection him. The song is exceptionally popular, yet there is no official video a la mode. The song gloats of a Grammy grant as the best rap coordinated effort.

5.’What Goes Around Comes Around.’

Many individuals have faith in the above expression, which likewise bends over as the title of the song. The song is about a specific young lady who chose to undermine her beau out of childishness. Be that as it may, what circumvents comes around: her beau now undermines her. The occurrence makes her trust that even what comes around goes around. The song is an extraordinary hit that plays even today. In spite of the song being disputable, it holds a Grammy grant, something that shows it was such a brilliant bit of work.

4.’Not a bad thing.’

The song is one of the best by Timberlake. The song is about a couple attempting to rejoin subsequent to meeting on his show and getting ready for marriage. The two got connected with I a night as they listened to Timberlake’s songs, which makes the man to contend that it is not an awful thing to get included one night at the tram. The song is somewhat laid back, which makes it intriguing. ‘Not a bad thing’ is a decent song to sing to your squash, particularly subsequent to meeting in troublesome situations, for example, clubs, simply persuade her that it is not an awful thing.

3.’Sexy Back.’

The song is one of Timberlake’s most popular and is known for moving to position one for more than seven weeks. The song is snappy and playful, with some twisted voices from Timberlake. The musician sings about bringing “provocative” back, and how whatever remains of the young men have no clue about the proper behavior. Until today, Timberlake makes swarms go wild at whatever point he plays out the song. The songwriter has executioner moving styles, which make swarms go insane at whatever point he plays.

2.’Suit and Tie.’

Fans sat tight eagerly for the release of this song, the main single in the ’20/20 Experience’ collection. The song concerns the singer getting dressed to execute and going for a date, something that he is so energetic. The song is a first time hit, and until today, the track gets broadcast appointment everywhere throughout the world. Timberlake brought Jay-Z into the track, and assume that adds to the popularity appreciated by the track. ‘Suit and Tie’ is another incredible release from a skilled musician, Justin Timberlake.

1.’Cry me a River.’

‘Cry me a River’ originates from Timberlake’s first single collection. The song is about a sweetheart who settles on a wrong decision to abandon him, yet later understands his oversight and argues to return. Justin doesn’t need her back in light of the fact that he trusts the separation ought to be the end of the relationship. He, along these lines, sings ‘Cry me a river,’ as he trusts the young lady shouldn’t have treated him that way. The song is one of the best separation songs that Timberlake releases.

Justin Timberlake’s New Song 2017

Checkout these latest releases singles by Justin Timberlake in year 2016-2017

1. I got the feeling

Justin Timberlake’s new release is amazing. He has a sense inside his bones, one that goes electric when turned on. The air reaches out to both his city and his home. He can’t stop the inclination, thus he chooses to ‘just dance.’ The song is extraordinary, and the moving styles and women in the track exceptionally hot. Simply watch the video affirm.

Provide for Cesar what has a place with Cesar: Justin Timberlake is an incredible musician, and his music excites the whole world. His music profession will just sparkle brighter, on account of his vast pool of fans. Let all of us sit tight for what he release next, and we trust it will be superior to anything whatever other tracks he has ever done.

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