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Kanye West is a standout amongst the most notorious rappers and has made colossal checks in the musical business. Kanye enters the music business when the scene is led by ‘Gansta rap,’ yet figures out how to change the scenes rapidly. Kanye gains monstrous measures of press for his straightforward aura and for acting in music grant appears. West is acclaimed in the business for his exciting hip-jump music. The musician has numerous awesome tracks, yet we have just picked the finestsongs of Kanye West until 2017. The following are the best songs by Kanye West.

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Top 10 songs by Kanye West until 2017:

Checkout this list of Kanye West top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10.’Through the Wire.’

The primary single ever released by West is ‘Through the Wire,’ and the track remains the best song he has ever made. The wrapper composes the song after an accident,which requires the closing of the musician’s jaw bone. The song tests ‘Through the Fire’ by Chaka Khan, and won the ‘Video of the year’ grant amid the ‘Source Hip Hop Awards in 2004. ‘Through the Wire’ is the best track by the singer, and he merits proposal for the great work.

9.’Jesus Walks.’

‘Jesus Walks’ is single number four in Kanye’s collection called ‘College Dropout.’ There are more than two music recordings released, just for a similar song. Be that as it may, every video contains an alternate translation of the song, outwardly. The song has won the musician a Grammy grant in the class of ‘the Best Rap Song. Moving Stone positions ‘Jesus Walks’ at position 273, out of the best 500 songs ever. The song is a record-breaking most loved to a greater part of Kanye’s fans everywhere throughout the world.


The most popular song from Kanye’s fifth collection is undoubtedly “Runaway.” The song released around 2010 and is the most loved individual song to Kanye. The song clarifies West’s reasoning about media discernment, and in addition his broken connections. Kanye West interferes with Taylor Swift’s acknowledgment discourse at the 2009 ‘MTV Video Music Awards’, and the song releases around a similar time. Many individuals view the song as a reaction to the contention, and as an assault to his media scrutinizes.


The song highlights numerous artists including 2 Chainz, Big Sean and Pusha T. The track is the first on ‘Cruel Summer,’ the gathering collection. “Mercy” is amazingly popular, with more than two million duplicates officially sold, and the song still plays on different soundtracks. The track gloats of an assignment for two honors: ‘The 58th Grammy Awards’ in the ‘Best Rap Song’ classification and ‘The Best Rap Performance.’ and the song is a thriller.

6.’Can’t Tell Me Nothing.’

Kanye West feels the weight while under more investigation, and he ponders what to do. He chooses to act all the more “stupidly.” The song releases in 2007 as single number one in “Graduation,” Kanye’s studio collection number three. The song has two distinctive music recordings. In the track, West discusses how he feels for being fruitful and rich. Kanye dreams that he can purchase paradise, however instantly after he awakens, he spends all that on a neckband, and ‘you can’t let me know nothing.’

5.’Blood on the Leaves.’

‘Blood on the Leaves’ is track number three in West’s 6th collection, ‘Yeezus.’The the record is disputable and tests ‘Strange Fruit,’ a song by Simone Nina. ‘Blood on the Leaves’ is viewed as a social editorial, and rose to position 89 on the ‘Billboard Hot 100’. As per the Rolling Stone, the track positions number 20 among the best songs in the year 2013. Regardless of the song not being a gigantic achievement financially, it is a hit in the social scene and makes Kanye’s profession prosperous.

4.’Hey Mama.’

‘Hey Mama’ is a track in Kanye’s second collection called ‘Late Registration.’ The song releases in 2005, in spite of the fact that Kanye contends that he composed it long back. The song is an uncommon tribute to West’s mom, Donda West. The track has superb verses with touching tribute to Donda and the sad method for her death. The track is one of Kanye’s best and in spite of it not being a solitary, the track picks at position nine on the Billboard Charts, and is one of Kanye’s ardent songs. Rest in peace Donda West.


The song exists in Kanye’s studio collection number four, ‘808 and Heartbreak.’ Despite being an exploratory collection, “Heartless” rose to position two on the ‘Billboard Hot 100. The song is among the best-offering single on the planet, and it sold more than five million duplicates carefully inside the initial twelve months of its release. The song is a most loved to numerous, and in the event that you don’t remember it, then you are not a Kanye fan.

2.’Gold Digger.’

The song highlights Jamie Foxx, and is a 2005 moment hit contained in Kanye’s collection, ‘Late Registration’ ‘Gold Digger’ is one of West’s most renowned hits, and it gets some incredible arrangement on radios everywhere throughout the world. The song holds a record: it sold more than 80,000 computerized duplicates in one single week furthermore made to be the most downloaded song ever. Kanye sings about a gold digger, who is just intrigued by his cash. Part of the song goes: ‘she is a gold digger all over town.’

1.’Diamonds from Sierra Leone.’

The song ascends to position 43 on the ‘Bulletin Hot 100’ hits after release, which introduces a decent begin. The song exists in Kanye’s collection number two, ‘Late Registration’ and components Jay-Z, a famous rapper and a tutor to Kanye West. The song contains tests from a signature song incorporated into a film by James Bond titled ‘Diamonds are forever,’ a track by Bassey Shirley. ‘Diamonds From Sierra Leone’ gloats of a Grammy grant for the ‘Best Rap Song’, won at the 47th ‘Grammy Awards ceremony.’ The song is fabulous and one of a kind, one of the best by Kanye.

Kanye West’s New Songs 2017

Checkout these latest releases singles by Kanye West in year 2016-2017

1. Famous

He sings that he adored his young lady more than her child and that the adoration was genuine. ‘However, regardless we hood well known, no doubt despite everything we hood renowned. ‘The track highlights the excellent Rihanna and Swizz Beatz. The musicians are damn unfathomable.

2. Fade

In his new track, Kanye sings that the affection amongst him and his sweetheart is blurring when they are not together. He feels that the young lady’s affection is blurring, and it makes him uncomfortable. The Track highlights Ty Dolla, Post Malone, and Sign.

3. Father Stretch my Hands(Part 1)

Kanye sings that all he needs is to have a sentiment freedom. He apologizes for having ever affected. The track highlights another gifted musician: Kid Cudi..The track is flawless.

Kanye West is one of the best musicians, and his acclaim spreads everywhere throughout the world. His songs excite fans paying little heed to age, religion or race. He is super gifted, and we thank his tutor Jay-Z. May he live to resemble Jay-Z. Well done Kanye West. We adore your music.

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