Keith Urban Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

Keith Urban is one of the finest down home music artists on the planet. The musician has loads of gigantic hits, in spite of the fact that we have just inspected ten of his best tracks. Keith starts from Australia, yet has assumed control America and keeps on spreading everywhere throughout the globe, similar to a Canadian summer out of control fire. He delivered his first collection in 1999, while in the United States of America. Here are the best songs by Keith Urban until 2017, and his latest releases.

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Top 10 songs by Keith Urban until 2017:

Checkout this list of Keith Urban top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10.’Who Wouldn’t Wanna be Me.’

The song communicates the guitar abilities that the musician possesses. The track is the primary hit for Urban, and it brags about being position one three circumstances in the charts of blue grass music. Keith has no cash in the pockets; he has gaps in the pants and he lost his employment. He is, nonetheless, upbeat since he is with his better half, and abandons every one of his inconveniences. He drives from Georgia to Tennessee, free and alive. ‘Who wouldn’t wanna be him?’

9.’Kiss a Girl.’

‘Kiss a Girl’ is a song that Keith co-composes, and it effectively traverses to popular music. The track is a move tune that gets everybody up and moving at whatever point it plays. He sings that it is not common for him to kiss young ladies, but rather it is a while since he said a final farewell to a sweetheart. Urban chooses not to be forlorn in the huge world: he needs to ‘kiss a girl’ and hold her tight. The song is about discovering another person and proceeding onward after a separation.

8.’You Look Good in My Shirt.’

The song is about Keith rejoining with a previous mate, unconscious of the outcomes. He advises her that she is ‘looking good in his shirt.’ He records the song in 2003 and puts it among his hits five years after the fact, making it a hymn. He sings to her that the minute she strolls behind her and spreads his eyes, he rattles names however knows it is his beau. He doesn’t know whether it will work, all he knows is that the young lady ‘looks good in his shirt.’ The song is astounding and one of a kind.

7.’Days go By.’

“Days go By’ is a hit song that encourages individuals to have a fabulous time while they live, as ‘you only live once.’ Keith sings about switching to another lane and driving quick to be some place in the race. He sings that: days pass by and he ‘can feel them flying,’ as a hand outside a moving vehicle.’ Those are the main days we have, so it regards begin living, since ‘days go by.’

6.”You” ll Think of Me.’

The song acquires Urban a Grammy grant, the first in his whole vocation. He sings about a terrible separation with a darling, an inclination that a dominant part of individuals experience. The song helps individual make due through breakups, because of her astounding track. He sings about awakening in the early morning, not able to rest as an aftereffect of stress. He can’t trust his young lady has a place with another man. Keith requests that her take her opportunity, recollections, records, space and reasons on the grounds that Urban does not require them. In any case, the singer advises her that ‘you will think of me.’

5.’Raining on Sunday.’

Keith is a fruitful musician: Foster Radney composes the song and sings it, however permits Urban to record the whole track. The song is a most loved Sunday, that which every one of us need to have with our significant others. He requests that his better half supplicate that it rains on Sunday: they will stow away under the spreads the entire evening. They have better things to do in the event that it rains on Sunday. ‘Monday will take care of its self,’ just on the off chance that it rains on Sunday. The song is about having some good times, paying little respect to the circumstances.

4.’Somebody Like You.’

‘Somebody Like You’ is one of the hit songs that Urban has created. The song goes back to 2002, yet at the same time plays in the radios until today, with individuals chiming in. He sings about another wind blowing, and his body breathing further than some time recently. It feels decent to have the inclination, and now he needs to love somebody, ‘Somebody Like You.’ He overlooks his forlorn past and excuses himself for his mix-ups, on the grounds that all he “wanna” do is ‘to love someone,’ Somebody Like You.’

3.’Sweet Thing.’

The song is one of the tracks in his collection titled ‘Defying Gravity.’ Keith plays a lovely guitar with his tenth best hit. Urban reviews the day he took her for their first date and what she looks like fabulous, making him insane. Urban opened the auto entryway for her, and how sweet that was. He requests that her tag along under a cotton tree so they can play around with each other. He feels like Romeo, and actually, he needs to take a greater amount of her time. He thinks about whether that is a wrongdoing or a ‘sweet thing.’

2.’Stupid Boy.’

‘Stupid Boy’ is one of the best tracks by Keith. The song is initially done by Buxton Sarah, in a joint effort with Deanna Bryant and Dave Berg. Keith gets a one of a kind opportunity to record the track, and of course, he never frustrates. Keith sings about a valuable, wild and pure young lady, with everything diverse and lovely. He denounces an imbecilic kid, who the young lady cherishes a great deal yet the kid neglects to take her home. ‘Stupid boy, you can’t fence that in.’

1.’Cop Car.’

‘Cop auto’ is a standout amongst the most well known tracks from Keith Urban. The song is about discovering love in an unusual and exceptional path, in the secondary lounge of a squad car. He sings of them driving past the no trespass sign, thinking all the night had a place with them, so there was no compelling reason to hustle. Shockingly, a few cops come and draw them, and they get into aggregate inconvenience. He knows her father will “kill” him, yet he couldn’t care less much. Everything Keith thinks about is the way that the young lady takes his heart, ‘at the back of the cop car.’

Keith Urban’s New Songs 2017

Checkout these latest releases singles by Keith Urban in year 2016-2017

1. Wasted time

In the new song, Keith recalls the astonishing minutes they have imparted to his significant other. He recollects the lovely summer evenings they shared. He can hardly imagine how the relationship is at last over, and thinks about whether the spouse thinks the same too. He can’t wake up and trust that all that is ‘Wasted time.’

2.’Blue Ain’t Your Color

Keith sings to a desolate young lady in a bar, advising her that she is situated there on the grounds that her person does not treat her well. He tells the woman that she needn’t bother with the man, as it looks ‘black and white. ‘Blue looks great on the skies and the dividers yet does not coordinate her eyes. That is the reason ‘blue ain’t your color.’

Keith Urban is a capable nation musician. His fans start from various nationalities around the globe, on account of his special singing styles. He is a fan thriller, and his music is the best to listen to while unwinding. His latest hits are superior to anything his prior ones, and we can figure he is showing signs of improvement. What a fantastic musician.

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