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Lionel Brockman Richie, Jr. is an American musician, record maker and actor conceived on twentieth June 1949. Since 1968, Richie was an individual from Commodores gather. He turned into a saxophonist and singer in 1968 subsequent to marking a record contract with Atlantic Records. He recorded just a single album with them before he moved to Motown Records as a bolster demonstration to “The Jackson 5.” The Commodores released a few songs with danceable sounds after their foundation. Most songs that Richie delivered are sentimental simple listening melodies.

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His Top 10 Songs by Lionel Richie until 2017

Checkout this list of Lionel Richie top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10. Serves You Right

With his introduction solo album, Richie demonstrated that he could work exclusively. “Serves You Right” helped him show his assurance to get away from the delicate listening categorize. The irregular opening track is a hip-waggling second cousin to the Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough.” It is the sound of an artist tearing up the guide and starting from the very beginning once more.

9. Say You, Say Me

“Say You, Say Me” is as close as Lionel Richie has gone to a stripped mourn. Richie composed it for an icy war show film, “White Nights,” about Soviet ballet performer abandoning toward the west. Be that as it may, the musician discarded the song from his soundtrack album on Richie’s name request – which needed this song to show up on his imminent “Dancing on the Ceiling.”The song topped the US charts notwithstanding getting an Academy Award and Golden Globe for ending up being the best unique song.

8. Stuck On You

The 1984 “Stuck On You” was an early endeavor of down home music. It matches Richie’s minimalist courses of action and throaty chatter with sounding guitars. Despite the fact that the song tested Richie’s perceptual experience as the strict soul artist, fans positively got it. It remained at number twelve in the UK and number three in the US.

7. Endless Love

This is the song that revived Diana Ross’ profession: “Endless Love.” It was likewise the signature song for the basically panned Brooke Shields film of a similar name which individuals recall predominantly to pass Tom Cruise immense screen make a big appearance. It gave Diana Ross her greatest offering solo single notwithstanding helping Richie win an Academy Award designation for the Best Original Song. Later, the song swung to be the second most famous netting seven in 1981, behind Kim Carnes’ “Bette Davis Eyes.” After Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross shrouded this song in 1994, it ended up being an awesome hit.

6. Hello, Is It Me You’re Looking For

“Hello, Is It Me You’re Looking For” was an extraordinary track in 1984, and likely it’s Richie’s assailed known song. The song gloats a significant guitar solo from a major session instrumentalist Loius Shelton (The Jackson 5, Simon and Garfunkel, Neil Diamond). Impressively the track is dearest including today and affirmed Richie as one of the best love songwriters of that time. Besides, has progressed to an odd eternity with the option rocker Lissie who performed it live severally. The Field, a clique assemble, additionally tested it on “A Paw In My Face.”

5. Running with the Night

“Running with the Night” demonstrated that Richie (soft balladry ruler) could get his furrow at whatever point a need emerged. The song was the second single from a performance record “Can’t Slow Down.” It is full-blooded funk music track that elements over-the-top Toto’s Steve Lukather’s guitar and sponsorship vocals of the MOR star Richard Marx.

4. Still

In the wake of living The Commodores, Richie chose to highlight the years he worked with them. “Still” ended up being one of his melodically and privately advanced songs he composed. It is a crushed requiem which wears its heart obviously on its lapel, in addition to it includes the singer’s never bettered vocals. Richie performed it in various shows.

3. Se La

“Se La” is among the five hits on “Dancing On The Ceiling.” It gloats ice-cool synths, reggae-style rhythms and a cod-funk abstain suggestive of “The Police.” People trust that Richie determined the name, “Se La,” from the scriptural term “Selah” which implies a peaceful reflection signal. In any case, it isn’t clear whether this had anything to do with the song’s video which principally comprises of Richie at Coney Island remaining almost a crazy ride.

2. Deep River Woman

This (“Deep River Woman”) was a co-activity with nation assemble Alabama. The song empowered the artist to reconnect with his United States cause (he experienced childhood in Tuskegee, Alabama). Richie released the song as a twofold An agree with “Ballerina Girl.” It foreshadowed the 2012 “Tuskegee” album which forecasted the arrival to his nation roots.

1. Three Times a Lady

This song, “Three Times a Lady,” is another staple of Richie’s live band. It was a highlight of Commodores first album “Regular High.” Many artists, for example, humorist Bill Bailey and blue grass music singer Kenny Rodgers have secured it. The title began from a discussion that Richie caught between his folks. His dad, conveying Meat Loaf, had said to his mom “I love you, I want you, I need you.”

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2. Lady You Bring Me Up

“Lady You Bring Me Up” is among the last songs Richie had recorded with the Commodores before he went solo. William King, the Commodores executive, and keyboardist composed the song, yet Richie’s titillating murmur lifted the tune over the immaculate silly. With his popularity developing, Richie chose to leave The Commodores.

1. Penny Lover

Richie worked close by his better half, Brenda, to compose this song. It was the fifth song from his multiplatinum “Can’t Slow Down” album. The song is a particularly syrupy Richie ditty which highlights light verses and lustrous game plan. At the point when composing the song, Richie was meaning to draw in the standard (white) gathering of people. Its video is critical for the hot grouping in which the musician kisses his adoration advantages.

No one will feel regretful for preferring Lionel Richie. He is an incredible tunesmith, overseer of a wonderful mustache in pop and along these lines it isn’t an astonish that he created awesome hits. His greatest hits vanquished the charts and today; they are as yet breezing through extreme trial of music.

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