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Uzoechi Emenike, professionally known as MNEK was conceived on ninth November 1994. He is a Grammy Award-candidate and also a British-based singer, record maker and song’s author. MNEK is gone to the main spot on the electronic songs and Billboard move charts. He is among the top 10 artists on the national airplay charts and has been on top of different charts for over three weeks. He has a grand voice, which makes fans insane with him everywhere throughout the world. We have tested ten of his best songs.

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Top 10 songs by MNEK until 2017:

Checkout this list of MNEK top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10. ‘House-work.’

This song originates from housework collection and it’s from Jax Jones Feat. Mike Dunn and MNEK. They discuss being harmed and feel like it resembles housework since it’s an existence work.The song has a huge after from a cross area of fans.

9. ‘Don’t Stop Me Now.’

‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ is a track from the ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ collection. MNEK is alluding himself as a ‘Mr Fahrenheit’ and say that ‘I’m blazing through the sky yeah!”Two hundred degrees’, ‘I’m going at the speed of light,’ ‘I need to make a supersonic man out of you.’ He is by all accounts profound insane while singing this song subsequently makes it intrigued to the listeners.

8. ‘More than a Miracle.’

The song originates from his presentation EP ‘Casual discussion’, the track sees MNEK on the sleep inducing pop-flex, cutting rhythms that guarantee to bob and squirm around your set out toward hours. MNEK discuss things to happen more than a supernatural occurrence can happen. He tells a young lady that regardless of the possibility that mountains could move for her and the seas split, that would not be sufficient for her. He discusses the way he supplicates day and night for more than supernatural occurrences to happen.

7. ‘Bad News.’

This song is finished by MNEK and Bastille and is contained in the ‘Other People’s Heartache’ collection. MNEK discusses awful news, which is genuine in light of the fact that nobody sits tight for awful news; they come out of the blue. He says that ‘that it kicks you in the teeth when you are minimum expecting.’ He advises the young lady not to fail him since she doesn’t recognize what to state.

6. “Suddenly.”

In the track titled “Suddenly,” MNEK discusses what he felt the first run through his young lady kissed him all of a sudden, and after that later on the young lady appears to play amusements with him in this way making him feel enthusiastic. He says ‘So let me know whether you need, kindly don’t play amusements.’

5. ‘Every Little Word.’

‘Every Little Word’ is a track from ‘Each and every word’ collection. The song is so snappy and fun since he says ‘(Hah, you fuck with this crap?) Every little word you say. MNEK is by all accounts enthused about each word his young lady says, however her young lady seems to take it as though it’s alright regardless of what he says.

4. ‘Never forget you.’

‘Never Forget You’ originates from the ‘Never Forget You’ collection. It is a computerized download that released in the United Kingdom on 22 July 2015. This song topped at number one in Sweden, number 5 on the UK Singles Chart, number 5 in Denmark number 2 in Norway and number 4 in Finland, and got to be distinctly both Larsson and in May 2016 MNEK’s hit first US single along these lines cresting at the number. ‘Never Forget You’ is an adoration song whereby MNEK guarantees a young lady that he will always remember her, he has constantly cherished her from the day MNEK met her, and the artist will dependably remain by her, until the day he passes on.

3. ‘Wrote Song About You.’

‘Wrote Song About You’ is taken from EP ‘Casual banter ‘collection. This song has so much sentimental feeling, and MNEK wants to be distant from everyone else than forlorn, he tells a young lady that he composed a song about her, about all MNEK feels. He sings: ‘Baby, baby, baby, I composed a song about you the previous evening,

It had the most unusual tune ever.’ ‘I composed a song about you the previous evening.’ ‘And it went a bit of something like la; you made meextremely upset in two pieces.’ ‘I don’t realize what to do, you have me so confounded now, Baby, I composed a song about you the previous evening, gracious.’

2. ‘The Rhythm.’

The song originates from the collection named ‘The Rhythm.’ It was released in the United Kingdom on nineteenth January 2015 as a computerized download and as the number three and last single from his introduction amplified play casual chitchat collection. A similar song has crested at number 38 on the UK Singles Chart.

1. ‘Ready for Your Love.’

‘Ready for Your Love’ originates from the “Sirens” collection. MNEK tells his sweetheart that he is willing for her affection regardless. He says, ‘I’m prepared for the rain to pour down on me, I’m prepared for a change to come and set me free; additionally I am willing for my misfortune to end up triumph, But the vast majority of all, a large portion of all.’

MNEK New Songs 2017

Checkout these latest releases singles by MNEK in year 2016-2017

1. ‘In Your Clouds.’

This song is one of the latest songs in 2016 from casual discussion collection. He discusses how he feels with the young lady she cherishes most; she says when the sweetheart is beside him she fear anything, he feels adored.

2. ‘At Night I Think about You.’

The song originates from the collection titled ‘At Night’ I think about you.’ It released on 13 May 2016 by Virgin EMI Records. MNEK discusses restless evenings contemplating the young lady, and he tells the young lady that he is alright in the morning and fine toward the evening, yet around evening time MNEK considers her as a reverberate in his cerebrum and he thinks about whether she hears it as well.

MNEK is intelligently capable and bewilderingly youthful, and his songs are a most loved to many individuals. His voice is fabulous, and everybody wishes to listen to MNEK singing. We want him to enjoy all that life has to offer in his music profession. Fans trust he delivers exciting songs at a higher pace. We are sitting tight for more tracks MNEK, and we adore you the most.

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