P. Diddy Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

P. Diddy is an unbelievable artist who keeps on giving hits and hits to the music business. He sings in gatherings, he works together with solo artists furthermore makes music as a performance artist. P. Diddy is otherwise called Diddy, Sean Jean Combs, and Puff. The person is an actor, business visionary, rapper, and maker. He excites his fans with hit songs, and we have in this way chose to test ten of his finest tracks. Observe.

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Top 10 songs by P. Diddy until 2017:

Checkout this list of P. Diddy top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10. ‘Bad Boy For Life.’

‘Terrible Boy For Life’ released in November 2001 from the awesome collection titled ‘The Saga Continues.’ The track is an outline of the significance and closeness of the ‘Domain Bad Boy.’ Puff Daddy needs everybody to realize that his constructed realm will keep going forever. ‘We ain’t going no place, we ain’t going no place.’ ‘We can’t be stopped now, cause it’s Bad Boy forever.’ ‘We can’t be stopped now, cause it’s Bad Boy forever.’

9. ‘Been Around The World.’

‘Been Around the World’ released in August 1997 as a track on the ‘No chance to get Out’ collection. The smooth seasoned mid rhythm hip bounce track has sweet beats that make all individuals tap their toes at whatever point the track plays. ‘Been Around the World’ rose to number one on the ‘Hot Hip Hop/R&B Songs’ lists and in addition position two on the ‘Board Hot 100’ tracks. The track highlights Notorious B.I.G. what’s more, rapper Mase.

8. ‘Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down.’

‘Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down’ is a track contained in the ‘No chance to get Out’ collection, released in January 1997. The song contains tests from various tracks, among them, being ‘The Message’ by The Furious Five and Grandmaster Flash, and additionally ‘Break My Stride’ by Wilder Matthew. Mase’s famous voice additionally highlights in the song, making the track be a ‘Terrible Boy’ amusement season.

7. ‘Hello Good Morning.’

The song is offbeat, up-rhythm and danceable, which permits a person to move until it is over. The beats of the song are thrilling to the point that they make them move at whatever point the track plays. The song released in March 2010 from the ‘Last Train to Paris’ collection. T.I. The rapper is highlighted on the track, with the remix including Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj. ‘A quarter century the sack, I be stuntin on they a*s.’ ‘And ya frantic cause the bitch won’t stop.’ ‘Hi great morning, you blow, you feenin.’

6. ‘Mo Money Mo Problems.’

The fabulous track contains tests from ‘I’m Coming Out,’ a song by Diana Ross. The track is an unsurpassed most loved hip-bounce song of praise. Among different musicians included on the record are Mase, Diddy, Kelly Price and Notorious B.I.G. The song is contained in the ‘Life After Death’ collection, released in July 1997. ‘I don’t realize what, they need from me.’ ‘It resembles the more cash we go over.’ ‘The more problems we see.’

5. ‘Coming Home.’

The track highlights the ‘Dirty Money’ band. The track is a motivation that emerges from Puff Daddy’s life. Daddy candidly sings about the destruction of his best companion known as ‘The Notorious B.I.G. The song released in November 2010, from Daddy’s collection titled ‘Last Train to Paris.’ The song has a mind boggling story line, which includes Skylar Gray’s novel voice. ‘I’m returning home, I’m getting back home.’ ‘Tell the world I’m getting back home.’

4. ‘I’ll Be Missing You.’

In the song, Puff Daddy utilizes tests from ‘Each Breath You Take,’ another police hit the track. The track is an exceptional commitment to Notorious B.I.G., the famous fallen rapper, which was a mix of Faith Evans and ‘Deep Singers 112.’ The track released in May 1997 and is contained in the ‘No chance to get Out’ collection. ‘Each progression I take, each move I make.’ ‘Each and every day, each time I implore.’ “I” ll be missing you.’

3. ‘Come to Me.’

The song is a special joint effort amongst Puff and Nicole Scherzinger. The mix of Nicole’s profound voice and Diddy’s conditioned and enduring voice makes the song burst with flavors. The track released in September 2006 from the ‘Press Play’ collection. ‘I’m standing, been holding up, I’m longing, I’m smoldering.’ ‘Become more acquaibnted with me, come and become acquainted with me.’ ‘Come to show me, that you wanna know me.’

2. ‘It’s All About the Benjamins.’

The track highlights different artists including Lil Kim, Lox, The Notorious B.I.G. what’s more, P. Diddy. The song is contained in the ‘No chance to get Out’ collection, released in 1997. The musician applies an astonishing voice, mixed with a mind blowing song season and intriguing turns. The song topped at position one on the ‘Hot 100 Airplay’ tracks. ‘It’s about the Benjamins infant.’ ‘Now, what Y’all wanna do?’ ‘Wanna be hotshot, shot guests.’ ‘It’s about the Benjamins infant.’

1. ‘I Need A Girl (Part Two)

“I Need A Girl’ released in May 2002 from the collection called ‘We Invented the Remix.’ The track presents listeners with stunning profound singing and hot rhymes brimming with melodious amusement. The track incorporates rapper Loon, Tammy Ruggieri, Ginuwine and Mario Winans. ‘I can advise she don’t need me to win.’ ‘However I, take in my lesson watchin Sean favor it.’ ‘So why to listen to her and begin guessin?’ ‘Mom you ain’t prepared to ride to begin dresssin.’ ‘I require a young lady get my mother’s blessin.’

P. Diddy New Songs 2017

Checkout these latest releases singles by P. Diddy in year 2016-2017

1. Auction

In his new song, Puff Daddy sings about having loads of cash yet dreading just God. ‘God is all I fear, cash machine is all I listen.’ ‘Where are you?’ ‘Tearing up the shopping center, I purchase the shopping center out there.’ ‘Nigga welcome to the sale, we got it all.’

Puff Daddy is a capable singer who excites every one of us at whatever point he opens his mouth to sing. As a maker and singer, his long-term encounter empowers him to create and sing staggering songs. His latest song titled Auction demonstrates that the musician is presently doing one of a kind songs than at any other time. Well done and all the best our “Daddy.” We cherish you, and you should be the best.

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