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Rachel Platten is a pop artist who has been in the business for quite a while. Her first collection released in 2003, with the second one discharging eight years after the fact, in 2011. Her songs are made fruitful by TV airplay, and she discovers national approval in the wake of marking an arrangement with Columbia records in 2015. Platten’s studio release is presently detonating, with a lion’s share of the singles hitting Billboard charts. The following are ten of her best songs.

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Top 10 songs by Rachel Platten until 2017:

Checkout this list of Rachel Platten top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10. ‘Fight Song.’

‘Fight Song’ is the best track that Rachel has released in her whole music history. The song is her mark, as individuals partner her with the record. It puts her on a worldwide stage, because of its strengthening song of praise. The song tops at position six on the Billboard, and it includes in motion pictures and plugs. The song urges individuals dependably to battle for their rights. ‘I will shout them boisterous today evening time.’ ‘Would you be able to hear my voice this time?’

9. “Overwhelmed.”

“Overwhelmed” is a track from Platten’s collection called ‘Be Here.’ The song demonstrates the musician’s capacity to make amazing music, as the record is relatable and associated. The song is about existence and the way we get down once in a while, yet incredibly we generally get up through impediments. ‘It’s simply the pulsating of our souls the still of the midnight air.’ ‘And I get so overpowered since it’s difficult to tell.’ ‘What am considering.’

8. ‘Beating Me Up.’

‘Beating Me Up’ is a song that is renowned with its beats. The record has some forceful tones and solid verses. In the track, she sings about her aims to escape a broken relationship, however oddly she is still pulled in. ‘It’s getting louder and louder.’ ‘Each time I consider you, about you.’ ‘I’ll be in an ideal situation without you, without you.’ ‘I wish my heart would stop, wish my heart would stop.’ ‘Beating Me Up.’

7. ‘Lonely Planet.’

Rachel’s national release has a reward track called ‘Lonely Planet.’ The song has an everlasting message and an eerie tune. The song tends to touch every one of the outsiders on the planet, who have no clue about each other. ‘We are spirits moving on a forlorn planet.’ ‘Is this all we, all we are?’ ‘All we are is spirits moving on a desolate planet.’ ‘Does it ever break your heart.’ ‘And I wanna know your name, wanna feel your appeal.’

6. ‘Stand By You.’

One of Rachel’s greatest tracks is ‘Stand By You.’ The song has a message that dependably gets profound into the listeners. The song is about being there to bolster and energize someone else, as a decent companion. ‘Also, Love, if your wings are broken, obtain mine till yours can open as well.’ Cause I’m going to remain by you.’ ‘Regardless of the possibility that I can’t discover paradise, I will gone through hellfire with you.’ ‘Adore, you’re not the only one, “cause I’m going to remain by you.’ take a gander at the top 10 Rachel Platten songs 2017.

5. ‘You Don’t Know My Heart.’

The song is in Platten’s collection named “Wildfire,” and it has a standard message. Rachel can’t open up to someone, something that makes her imagine that the individual does not know her. She thinks about the man’s heart to a sea tempest however ponders whether he can’t understand her torment. That makes Platten realize that the person does not get it. ‘I simply trust you could open me up and see all the disarray.’ “Cause today evening time, it feels like you don’t have the foggiest idea about my heart’. Senses that eh, you don’t have any acquaintance with, you don’t know my heart.

4. ‘Better Place.’

‘Better Place’ is another melodic song by Rachel, with an incredible tone in the track. The representation in the record discusses properly, with an elevating symbolism. The track delineates a superior life after she finds an uncommon somebody for herself. ‘What’s more, the sun paints the skies and the wind sings her songs.’ ‘It’s a superior place since you went along.’ ‘It’s a superior place since you tagged along.’ ‘Now am alright, now am alright.’ ‘Everything is alright.’

3. “Congratulations.”

“Congratulations” is a hostile to harassing song about a man who manhandle the family, yet at long last, he separates. That implies that the casualty is the champ and the Cretan misfortunes. ‘Congratulations, you got your shot, and you wore me out.’ ‘And I truly don’t think you get it now.’ ‘No I truly don’t trust that you get it now.’ ‘It’s slaughtering me, I concede now.’ ‘Congratulations, you detached my heart, Congratulations.’

2. “Speechless.”

The song is contained in the “Wildfire” collection, and it is a most loved execution song for Rachel. The beats are straightforward and straight forward, and the dialect is set well inside the whole song. The song is an irregular demand to a darling to take the relationship to the following level. ‘Cause you make me dumbfounded.’ ‘You quiet my demons.’ ‘So why don’t we hold this evening and simply execute me noiselessly.’ ‘I needn’t bother with a reason when you make me astounded.’

1. ‘You’re Safe.’

The song implies a noteworthy turnaround to the profession of Rachel. After release, the moderate ditty plays on MTV’s ‘Finding Carter’ as a hit song, something that uncovered the musician when he is minimal known. The song is about being cherishing and minding, and she sings about keeping those she adores in her arms, free from any risk, inconvenience or tempest. ‘Hello now don’t you flee, don’t you flee.’ ‘Hello, now don’t you be apprehensive don’t you be perplexed.’ ‘You’re safe.’

Rachel Platten New Songs 2017

Checkout these latest releases singles by Rachel Platten in year 2016-2017

1. Angels in Chelsea.’

In her new song, Platten sings about observing a suit giving a buck to a bum. She sings of an adolescent young lady being tanked, sitting tight for the transport. ‘Cocoa sacks, out of this world, I see holy messengers in Chelsea.’ ‘Money Street, chic life, I see blessed messengers in Chelsea.’ ‘And wherever I look today, I see heavenly attendants in Chelsea.’

2. Better Place

In her new song, she has chosen to tell all individuals that the world has abruptly transformed into a superior place since she discovered her sweetheart. Rachel thinks about his touch to daylight through trees and his kisses to the sea breeze. ‘It’s a superior place since you tagged along.’

3. ‘Hello Hey Hallelujah.’

In her new song, Platten sings about turning a man up, then on. The man considers threat, however Rachel realizes that his heart is tanked. She tells the man that he can’t help it with her. ‘Singing hello thank heaven, hello glory be.’

Rachel Platten is a wonderful and gifted musician. She excites her fans with popular music at whatever time she opens her mouth to sing. Her long time involvement in music permits her to make hit song after hit song, which makes her an unfathomable artist. A greater part of her songs rotate around affection, detest, and connections. That makes her music enthusiastic and genuine. All the best Rachel Platten, you have a singing ability.

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