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Selena Gomez is one of the greatest pop stars on the planet. Notwithstanding, she begins her vocation on Barney and Friends, and works her way up, until where she is today. She includes in ‘Wizard of Waverly Place,’ which is a show on Disney. The capable singer and on-screen character makes her move into grown-up music with the assistance of her bandmates called ‘The Scene. The following are the best songs until 2017 by Selena Gomez this capable youthful ruler.

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Top 10 songs by Selena Gomez until 2017

Checkout this list of Selena Gomez top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.


The song is an achievement for the musician. The track hits the top 100 songs on Billboard, coming at position 30. In the UK, the blustery pop song hits the top 10 list of the most popular tracks. As though that is insufficient, the song is named the best move club track. All these accreditation makes the pop song burst into popularity, and that is the reason it likewise tops this list. “Naturally” acquainted Selena Gomez with non-Disney fans. It is an unfathomable song, and it excites her fans.

9.’Who Says.’

‘Who says’ is a windy song that conveys an engaging message and a playful. Emmanuel, a similar person behind the hit song known as ‘Today evening time, delivers this song. The singer hit the contemporary and pop charts with the song. The song is a most loved to the beaus of windy pop tracks. The song makes ready for a grown-up group of onlookers and jam the youthful fans who love Selena’s songs. That is the second accomplishment, and Gomez is fortunate to have such a fantastic ability. ‘Who says’ is an incredible bit of work.

8.’Slow down.’

‘Slow down’ is another main tune in the collection named ‘Stars Dance.’ The voice of Selena in the song is charming, which makes the track a peppy moving pop song. In spite of the track being a celebrating song, it informs individuals on the significance concerning taking connections gradually, well ordered. She tells the person that he procures her consideration, however he needs to take it moderate with the goal that they can appreciate the night. She likewise advises her to hit rewind at whatever point the songs reach an end.

7.’A year without rain.’

‘A year without rain’ is a sweet sounding song from Selena’s second collection. The singer’s voice sounds develop than some time recently, making the song both simple and energizing to listen. The song rapidly establishes its way to the move clubs, making it a club hymn. On top of that, the track is Certified Platinum, demonstrating its prosperity all through the world. The lavish tune makes both the song and the collection extraordinary. Selena Gomez recorded a Spanish rendition of this song in the wake of falling profoundly infatuated with the track.

6.’Tell me something I don’t know.’

‘Tell me something I don’t know’ is a presentation song by Selena Gomez made for a soundtrack in Disney Junior: ‘Another Cinderella Story.’ The track is composed and delivered by a group known as the ‘Rock Mafia.’ After its release, the song gets popular and hits the Billboard at position 58. The song makes many individuals call Selena Gomez ‘the future of rock music.’ The track is broadly worshiped by many individuals, youthful and elderly. The song has an interesting music video, with Selena depicting as a housemaid.

5.’Falling down.’

‘Falling down is a 2009 release, done by Selena and the Scene. The track contains verses from the 1980s shake and is broadly cherished. The track discovers its way to the US charts and dos unfathomably well. The song additionally sets the phase for fame to its essayist, Selena Gomez. The song is still a most loved and gets appeared on Disney Channel. She sings about a man who talks and strolls like a sensation and goes anyplace without solicitations. Unusual to her, the person spends his cash however has no companions to help him, and he is ‘Falling down.’


The first recording of enchantment occurred in 1975, by the Pilot shake band. Selena Gomez took the song and duplicated it, with wonderful sound and touch. The musician records the song as a soundtrack in the interest of Disney TV, for their arrangement known as ‘Wizards of Waverly Place.’ The song frames a most loved live execution track for Gomez. Her execution makes her pick up popularity, and she gets acknowledgment as the best star at Disney junior in the pop classification. The song makes her acclaimed, and she draws in more fans from everywhere throughout the globe.

3.’Round and Round.’

The song is another hit from this extraordinary musician, found on her second collection. The song shows Gomez as a developing singer, somewhat far from her high school singing styles. Her maker Rudolf Kevin makes a stone feeling in the song, making it unbelievable. The song makes it to the Billboard’s top 25 songs and is a most loved to numerous, years after its release. She sings about a man who sees her standing and acts as he doesn’t have any acquaintance with her. In any case, a similar man called her the most recent night, saying he needed her for affection.

2.’Love you like a love song.’

‘Love you like a love song’ is an electropop and breathtaking sentimental song from Gomez Selena. The song contains solid lead vocals and is one of the main tunes that plays on pop radios. The song gloats of being an affirmed multi-platinum, on account of its high deals. The song has an infectious tune with electro-pop beats and is a most loved moving track in the clubs. In the song, Selena enthusiastically sings to her beau, who she says protected her and gave her everything the adoration she needs. It appears that she is frantically infatuated.

1.’Come and get it.’

‘Come and get it’ is the main single track from Selena’s collection called ‘Stars Dance,’ the collection that pushes the musician to a performance artist. The song has electronic moving impacts and worldwide beats, which makes it detonate. The song has encountered incredible accomplishment in both the US and the UK, and many individuals view it as her first move club track. The song has impacts from Indian music, despite the fact that Selena has seen herself into hot water for wearing a Bindi amid exhibitions.

Selena Gomez new songs 2017

Checkout these latest releases singles by Selena Gomez in year 2016-2017

1. Lost In Love (Selena Gomez Feat. Kelvin Harris)

In this latest release, Selena Gomez teams up with Kelvin Harris to create a delightful sentimental track. She sings about how she getslost in adoration, in spite of being youthful in affection. She advises her that when he holds her tight, she just feels ‘lost in love.’

2. Kill them with Kindness

In this song, Selena Gomez sings that the world can be a frightful place, and she knows it. She encourages individuals to put down all weapons and execute with benevolence. The song is perfect for peace making, and it demonstrates her awesome ability and capacity to make sensible songs. All the best ruler.

Serena Gomez is a dedicated and capable musician. She ascends from Disney junior to the whiz she is today. That is confirmation enough that she will go far, and let all of us bolster her to make it conceivable. All the best and we expect more from you, Selena Gomez.

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