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Sia is an Australian songwriter and singer known for making songs for some out of the world’s finest artists. Since the begin of her vocation in the 1990s, she has worked together with numerous artists including Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, David Guetta and Rihanna, and she has created stunning songs with them. Sia likewise gloats about her fan exciting singles and solo albums, which have topped many charts over the globe. The following are ten of her best songs until 2017, appreciate observing.

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Top 10 songs by Sia until 2017:

Checkout this list of Sia top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10.’You Have Been Loved.’

The song is single number three from the collection called ‘Some people Have Real Problems.’ The song is created by Hogarth Jimmy and Peter Vettese and co-composed by Jones Clifford. She sings about a person who shoots her up, fills her glass and sails her pontoon with adoration. The man then leaves, and there she lets him know that she wishes his new beau is correct. She lets him know that he has ‘been cherished.’

9.’Soon We’ll Be Found.’

The song is co-composed by Nowels Rick and is song number three on the 2008 collection called ‘Some People Have Real Problems.’ The song released in October 2008, and the most loved music video releases later, with Sia utilizing an American Sign Language to sign the verses. She requests that her sweetheart close his eyes for rest as they are drained. She sings that regardless of the way that they are’ lost,’ soon they will be found. The song is another hit from Sia, who utilizes real educational encounters to create songs.

8.’Breathe Me.’

‘Breath me’ is a song in Sia’s collection called ‘Colour the small one,’ released on 2004 in the United Kingdom. The song is fortunate from multiple points of view: it is utilized as a part of ads and TV shows, for example, “Hollyoaks,” the Coca-Cola Olympic adverts and ‘Orange are the new blacks.’ She sings that she has harmed herself once more, and has nobody to fault. She argues to anyone to act like her companion and wrap her up, warm and inhale her. She says she is lost and destitute; she needs somebody to warm and inhale her.

7.’I Go to Sleep.’

Beam Davies from Kinks is the essayist of the song, which covers Sia’s collection titled ‘Some People have Real Problems.’ The song released as a solitary and picked to position 32 on the single charts in Australia, a similar nation where it is released. She sings that at whatever point she gazes upward from her cushion, she dreams her beau is close to her. She comprehends he is far however trusts he will come at some point. She envisions that the sweetheart is with her and goes to rest. At whatever point she reviews his recollections, she goes to rest.

6.’You’ve Changed.’

The song is co-composed by Flax Lauren, and released in December 2009 as the main track from the collection called ‘We Are Born.’ The song rose to position 31 on the ‘ARIA top 50’ chart in Australia. She cheerfully sings to her beau that he has changed, despite the fact that taking affection was his past time. She claims to have seen young ladies tumbling free, with him taking kisses and tossing them aside. She requests that he hold her, and he does before the entire world, that is the reason she is glad that he’s changed.

5.’Don’t Bring Me Down.’

The song is number six on the 2004 collection known as ‘Colour the Small one.’ In this song, she sings to the light of day break, adulating its wonderful group and the delicate world. She lets it know that she is going down the deplete and she wouldn’t like to change. She then asks the light of day break not to cut her down. The substance of the light turns into the sun, and she is content with the delight brought by easily overlooked details. She asks the light not to cut her down, as she needs to go down the deplete, with no change.

4.’Big Girls Cry.’

The songs brag of a charter in Australia, instantly after its release. She sings that young ladies have no time for affection nor abhor, they are constantly occupied. She includes that ‘big girls’ cry demolishing their make-up and washing ceaselessly the things that have are as of now taken. In any case, they couldn’t care less about what they look like, yet the truth of the matter is that ‘big girls’ dependably cry when their hearts are breaking. She sings about young ladies who are forlorn and in a power outage yet figure out how to set out a glass of champagne for somebody, delineating a young lady, whose spirit hurts. They just cry when their hearts are breaking.


“Chandelier” is the principal track in Sia’s 6th collection called ‘1000 types of dread.’ The song is a win monetarily and has topped on more than 30 charts all around. Some of those charts include: ‘Bulletin Hot 100,’ ‘Australia’s Aria,’ and ‘UK Single Charts.’ She sings that gathering young ladies don’t get hurt, and they don’t feel anything while learning. She notices love when her doorbell rings, and that is the point at which she swings from one Chandelier to the next, similar to tomorrow never exists.

2.’Day Too Soon.’

Sia is spurred by the willing to locate an immaculate match, and there she forms this song. The song releases on November 2007 as single number one on the collection titled ‘Some people Have Real Problems. ‘She releases the song in the United Kingdom. She sings to her man, requesting that he place her in his arms and divert her from mischief. She knows he is a decent man who can never put her down. Sia lets him know that he is not a day, nor is he a day too early.

1.’I’m in here.’

The song is the fifth track from the musician’s second collection, ‘We are born.’ The track is co-composed by Dixon Samuel, and note that Sia chipped away at it when she speculated she was experiencing a condition known as bipolar issue. The musician sings that she is as of now in and ponders whether anyone can see her. Sia likewise requests help and views herself as a recorded detainee. She is caught in dividers of bitterness inside her, and she wouldn’t like to experience that way.

Sia’s New Songs 2017

Checkout these latest releases singles by Sia in year 2016-2017

1. The Greatest

In the latest release, Sia sings that she is coming up short on breath, yet she has stamina. She needs to close her eyes however observes another mountain for her to climb, all since she has stamina. Sia needs another beau since she has the quality. She sings that she won’t surrender since she is the best. She prays hard and works harder.

2. Cheap Thrills

Sia sings on a Friday night, a day she needs to do her hair and apply the make-up since soon she hits the moving floor. She sings to her beau that she doesn’t require a considerable measure of money to have a ton of fun, all she needs are modest rushes.

Sia is as of now an awesome artist, yet her latest release makes her more noteworthy. She knows how to utilize genuine occasions to create songs that pull in numerous listeners. This young lady is a thriller, her music is basically the best, keep it up, Sia.

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