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Stevie Wonder is a gifted American singer who excites his fans everywhere throughout the world, because of his hit songs. He is an unfathomable musician who begins his singing profession at a young age of twelve years. His songs are mind blowing and irresistible.Despite him being visually impaired from birth, he has made incredible accomplishment in music, demonstrating the world that ‘Handicap is not failure.’ Stevie Wonder’s songs detonate after release, hitting the Billboard charts like thunder. The musician sings about adoration, strengthening, and world undertakings. He criticizes prejudice, and that makes individuals adore him more. The following are ten of Stevie’s finest songs.

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Top 10 songs by Stevie Wonder until 2017:

Checkout this list of Stevie Wonder top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10. “Boogie on Reggae Woman.”

This song in from Stevie’s collection “Fulfillingness’ First Finale” and it was released in 1974. The title of this song may abandon you pondering what it is about yet it’s not a Reggae track. This song topped the spirit charts for two successive weeks and in addition getting the opportunity to number 3 on the pop chart. This track is a passionate, sentimental love song that captivates mates. It addresses the substance of solid connections as depicted by the exchange in the song verses.

9. “Superstition.”

It is a track from his collection “Talking Book.” He released this track in 1972. This song hit at position one in the US and additionally on the spirit singles chart. The song likewise topped in the UK at number eleven. The track is educative, concentrating on the unfriendly impacts that superstition can get the group or into one’s life. Ponder is one individual who reprimands superstition to the last mentioned.

8. ‘I Just Called to Say I Love You.’

The track released in 1984 from Stevie’s collection “The Woman in Red.” This track was a hit in the 80’s when it earned Wonder two honors; the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe grants both for being the best unique song. This track hit number one on the Billboard top 100 charts for three weeks in 1984. The song additionally got to be distinctly number one on the R&B chart. Discussing the vocals in this song, it is exceptionally incredible, and the beat of the instruments are engaging. The track is exceptional that highlights the substance of harmony and looking after contacts.

7. “Higher Ground.”

This track is among the best songs of Wonder from his collection “Innervisions” and he released it in 1973. The song is an awe-inspiring great soul track. It is an awesome hit that showed up at number four in the Billboard Hot 100 and the top in US Hot R&B singles chart. Ponder portrays how he felt recouping from the unconsciousness taking after a street mishap he was included. He says that he felt much better in a “profound place” (Higher Grounds) and this made him acknowledge what he should do to achieve this “Higher Grounds” again.

6. “Sir Duke”

‘Sir Duke’ is a great soul track that released in 1976 from Wonder’s collection “Song in The Key of Life.” Stevie Wonder made this song as a devotion to Duke Ellington who was an arranger and additionally a jazz band pioneer. Duke was a good example Wonder; henceforth he chose to devote him a song after he passed on in 1974. The track is done as a tribute to Sir Duke.

5. “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours.”

This song released in 1970 and it topped in the work of art and R&B kind. The song is of sentimental love and Stevie is remorseful having left his mate. Presently he is back, crying and asking for his woman to acknowledge him back and to ignore all the inept things that he did while he was away. He sings ‘I’ve done a ton of absurd things” The song’s melody is passionate and astounding. It gets out for each woman out there to acknowledge their partners back and neglect the past. Pardoning is essential here.

4. “Living for the City.”

‘Living for the City’ is one of the tracks by Wonder that did right by him. It was created in 1973 from his collection “Innervisions” under the class great soul music. This record made Wonder win the Grammy Awards with this track being the best R&B. This song has fantastic educating on the social life. It concentrates on the benefits of being near minding individuals in times of hardship. The track discusses stands out that originate from being in a delightful place far from minding individuals where you can barely get yourself out of the hardship.

3. “Ebony and Ivory.”

‘Ebony and Ivory’ is awesome track was released on the 29th March 1982. Stevie Wonder teamed up with Sir Paul McCartney to sing this song. This song highlights on Sir Paul McCartney’s collection called “Pull of War.” The song topped both the US and the UK lists. This song addresses prejudice and injustice because of racial segregation. Ponder is enabling individuals in his song; he says “We as a whole realize that individuals are a similar any place we go” together with Sir Paul McCartney, they are going for destroying the racial injustice.

2. “Uptight (Everything’s Alright)”

“Uptight” is the best great soul by the ponder that was released path in 1966 from his collection “Up-Tight.” ‘Everything’s Alright’ is the principal song that Stevie Wonder revised. It topped at number three in the Billboard pop singles in 1966. Sufficiently astonishing, this track topped the Billboard R&B singles chart for five back to back weeks. In this track, Wonder is charmed that he has found the ideal young lady he ever wishes to have. Regardless of the earth and neediness, Wonder couldn’t care less in light of the fact that is infatuated with the young lady.

1. “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing.”

‘Don’t You Worry’ released in 1973 in Stevie’s collection “Innervisions”; be that as it may it has since been recreated by different musicians. This song got the opportunity to position 2 in the R&B chart, number 10 in the money confine chart and number 16 the Billboard pop singles chart. The Latin piano beats that present the song catches your consideration exceptionally well. The song that fills the air with the vocals that take after the piano beats is extremely striking. In this song, Stevie is discussing the significance of approaching everything decidedly and taking slowly and carefully.

Stevie Wonder latest songs 2017

Checkout these latest releases singles by Stevie Wonder in year 2016-2017

1. “A Time to Love”

This track is the twenty-third sound collection. It was released on eighteenth October 2005 after the authority iTune release by Apple. In his song, Wonder is reprimanding bigotry, viciousness, and religious separation and rather underlining on affection. He prescribes individuals to love each other in spite of the distinctions that we may have.

Stevie Wonder is an extraordinary musician who engages fans while in the meantime educating about existence issues. His tracks stay pertinent years after release, subterranean insect the songs still get airplay. He is a 80’s lord, and the individuals who were conceived comprehend what that implies. Long live Stevie Wonder, we adore you.

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