The Weeknd Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

‘The Weeknd’ is a gifted Canadian musician who has made it ascend to fame in a brief timeframe. He has effectively made songs that are abundantly cherished by his fans. Nonetheless, his latest track with Drake titled ‘Is it past the point of no return’ clarifies who ‘The Weeknd’ is in the genuine sense, and the far he is going. The following is an incorporated list of 10 of his best songs until 2017, and also his latest releases. Look at to see whether your most loved track is on the list.

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Top 10 songs by The Weeknd until 2017:

Checkout this list of The Weeknd top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10. Wicked Games

‘Wicked Games’ is the best song ever done by Weeknd, and the track is an excite to fans everywhere throughout the globe. The song sets the begin of the cutting edge period in the musical world. The musician sings that she abandons her young lady at home since she cherishes her no more, however the young lady does not know. He advises an alternate young lady to offer him adore in return for disgrace, and medications in return for agony. The song is such a great bit of work by Weeknd.

9.‘House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls.’

On the off chance that you suspected that ‘What you require’ put Weeknd on the radar, then ‘House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls.’ is the track that made him a whiz. The musician tests a measurement of the Banshees and Siouxsie and flips it to a story concerning medications, sloppiness, and hopelessness. The song makes Weeknd ‘the prince of Malaise. ‘Today, this musician is excessively rich and fruitful, and he no longer flounders in despairing. Doing admirably is awesome, yet the miserable thing is that we may not listen to bangers like this any more. He sings that he has been at an alternate level since the young lady came, a level without torment.

8. Earned It

‘Earned it’ is a song that moved Weeknd to a more noteworthy stratosphere. In the wake of discharging the introduction collection, it appeared as though he would settle for a reliable, decent vocation of midtempo ditties and lovelorn, yet then he released ‘Earned it,’ which is one of the best tracks he has made in this way. Weeknd is known as a head and down and out playboy, and the release of this song comes as another help, as it is about relatable commitment and pleasant. It is reasonable for include that the song struck some string, and the confirmation is its amplified remain at the ‘Board Hot 100,’ for up to 18 weeks.

7. Love Me Harder (Feat. Ariana Grande)

The most unusual truth about this song is that it is not a Weeknd song, in fact talking. The track showed up on Grande’s breakout collection, ‘My Everything’ and made it to position seven on the Hot 100 songs(Billboard).As common Grande gets enthusiastic, despite the fact that the heart lies on the last verse. Weeknd then assumes control, kicking things to overdrive. Weeknd would one say one is of the couple of male artists with a hot soprano that matches that of Ariana Grande: is it one good turn deserves another? The song additionally demonstrates that on the off chance that he needs, Tesfaye can be cheerful, a bit. He advises the young lady to take his breath and never let it go, for he will attack her space and take the joy.

6. What You Need

A larger part of the fans see the song as the first in the inventory. The song caught a mix of opiate calm tempest and shoegaze and released online before individuals knew who Weeknd is, however extraordinarily they cherish his songs. Around then, no one secured R&B, as all web journals stayed with outside the box shake. ‘What you need’ goes about as an ocean change, making a legacy that lives on today. He impractically sings to the young lady that he is taking her some place, however it is an astonish. He advises her that he is the medication in her veins, and she simply needs to battle it through the agony. Weeknd makes the young lady insane with sentiment.

5.’High For This.’

‘High for This’ is a standout amongst the most epic songs in the musician’s index, which has a ton to do with its aesthetical situating. The song is essential as it puts a notice on every one of us and kicks down the entryways, to keep away the gossipy tidbits that the ‘Place of Balloons’ is not a unique creation. The song, nonetheless, gloats about being one of the best track in his whole ‘House of Balloons’ collection. The enthusiasm for the song and the fabulous bass sessions makes it sweeter. He sings to the young lady that regardless of her not recognizing what is in the store, she knows why she is with him He asks for her to close her eyes and lay adjacent to him, for the pair require no insurance or consideration.

4. The Morning

Weeknd is a night individual, and his universe knows no day. He has comparative savageness with individuals like Miguel and Drake. ‘The morning ‘comes as a relief, demonstrating some sunbeam screeches in a chorale. He sings about much cash, and how the cash is a spurring factor. Goodness, at any rate Weeknd now observes things the way they are in the genuine sense. ‘The Morning’ is a vital foundation, however a profound cut in the meantime. The beat is smooth, and the foundation guitar is sentimental. The bass lines are a marvel and the bass lines mind boggling. The song is an immaculate representation of who Weeknd is in the genuine sense.

3. Can’t Feel my Face

‘Can’t feel my face’ is the sparkling stunner we have all held up to get notification from Weeknd. Fans have much love for the song, and its deliver Martin Max does stunning work, making a costly stable move music. One astonishing actuality about this song that many fans don’t know is that it is the main song Weeknd sings without a swearing. He sings that in spite of the fact that he knows she will be his passing, in any event they will be both imbecilic. He guarantees the young lady that she will dependably get the best, for the most exceedingly awful is yet to come. The young lady guarantees him that she will dependably be with him, and he ought to never stress.

2. Often

“Often” touches base amid summer, taking the world by a tempest, maybe because of the celebratory summer time frame. “Often” is a song that is magnificently done by seven essayists, and the track is in the same class as seven songs consolidated. He sings that he more often than not cherishes to rest alone, yet requests that the companion accompany a buddy. Be that as it may, he alerts that they won’t rest, as he is a youthful “god” in his city. The young lady is captivated by the status of “Weeknd” and needs to ride in his auto. The sentiment in this song proceeds with the young lady succumbing to Weeknd. The track is an inventive structure.

1. The Hills

The Weeknd knows how to name his songs, and there is no restriction to the titles he gives. He names a song in the wake of anything, including lady friends and ‘The Hills,’ a name he incompletely gets from a 2000 show on MTV. ‘The Hills’ is a vain song about him heading off to some dull huge gathering in the town. The affection song raises feelings at whatever point played, with its diorama. The song’s written work incorporates an impact of dubstep close to the end, which is a what tops off an already good thing. The Weeknd is his own particular self’s Parody. He sings that the main time he calls the young lady is past five when she can touch him, not feel him.

The Weekend’s New Song 2016/2017

Checkout this list of The Weeknd top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

1. Is it Too Late (The Weeknd feat. Drake)

Weeknd has worked together with the colossal American musician named Drake to create another hit song, ‘Is it too late.’ The singer asks the sweetheart on the telephone whether it is past the point of no return for him to come since he is en route, at 3 a.m.! He advises her that he know she doesn’t believe her, yet acknowledges it’s his blame. He argues that it ‘s hard without her, and he generally contemplates her. The song is moth sentimental and regretful, and The Weeknd is running far with this.

The Weeknd is a whiz for sure, and his music clarifies his incredible ability. Notwithstanding, his latest release with Drake lets us know of the development with the musician, and the advance he is making in his musical profession. The Weeknd, you are the best, keep it up, man.

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