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Conceived in 1945 as George Ivan Morrison, Van Morrison is a Northern Irish songwriter and singer. He is one of the musicians of the 60’s and 70’s, who is still alive to date. Morrison began his expert music profession as an adolescent, where he played instruments, for example, the guitar, harmonica, saxophones and consoles for Irish groups. In the mid 60’s he got to be distinctly acclaimed as the lead singer of the band called Them. In that gathering, he recorded ‘Gloria’, a universally acknowledged exemplary. Bert Berns then found him, and his performance vocation started. Van Morrison still keeps on recording and play out his music.

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Top 10 Van Morrison songs until 2017

Checkout this list of Van Morrison top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10. Into The Mystic-1970

‘Into The Mystic’ is one of the best hit ever, which is the reason it tops our list. The song’s introduction is a strumming of an acoustic guitar peaked by a string slap, a unimaginable burst of an intensified low pitch guitar takes after, before Van’s lively voice a strike of a cymbal. The verse “I need to shake your wanderer soul” is the embodiment of the song. The song discusses being a piece of the universe. It was released in the Moondance collection. You may have heard this song over Classic Rock radio severally, or you initially experienced it the American Wedding, the film, in any case, it is an extraordinary song that stones any wanderer soul out there.

9. Listen To The Lion-1972

This song is from one underrated, however exemplary collection Morrison has ever constructed Saint Dominic’s Preview. ‘Listen to the Lion’ is one of Morrison’s best shows of vocals. It is a spirit that puts you on a voyage of a man attempting to locate an internal voice. The song is exceptionally instrumental; it has spells of pounding piano, blasts of an acoustic guitar and a mandolin in the hands of a specialist. Some place amidst the 11-minutes song, Morrison chooses words are insufficient and begin snarling, thundering, crying and wailing. It is as though he is grappling with the ‘lion inside’. The song is a novel exemplary.

8. Brown Eyed Girl-1967

Is it true that you are a chestnut peered toward young lady? At that point you know about the unbalanced minute when your blue-looked at companion gets all the consideration from young men. Listen to the song, and you beyond any doubt will like your cocoa eyes or dating a chestnut looked at young lady. This song is presumably the most popular by Van Morrison, all credit to the message. It was recorded when he was with Bert Berns and Bang Records. It is a song from where it counts and exceptionally danceable. The song was accepted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2007.

7. Domino-1970

“Domino” is another tribute to one of the immense musicians of the 50’s and 60’s. Fats Domino was a notorious piano player and R&B musician. He is associated with his snappy and short hit songs like ‘Blueberry Hill’. “Domino” came when Morrison’s vocals were awesome. The song significance is expanded by the punchy horn course of action. “Domino” is Morrison’s most astounding positioning single in charts, it picked at No.9 in US Charts.

6. Madame George-1968

‘Madame George’ is from the exemplary collection Astral Weeks, which is just a gathering of wonderful music. The song will mix up the sentiment sentimentality, and its verses will abandon you with joyful yearning. It is a long song, around 10 minutes, that catches the road universe of those circumstances. Bert Berns endeavors to create the song demonstrated purposeless, yet in the hands of New York maker, Lewis Merenstein, the song turned into a magnum opus. It is about “Say goodbye” to time, place, individuals, and guiltlessness.

5. Astral Weeks-1968

‘Astral Weeks’ is from a top offering collection by Van Morrison with a similar name. It is difficult to clarify the verses, however it appears Morrison was discussing an enchanted or puzzling voyage (normal topics in his songs). Morrison just said it is in regards to ‘seeing the promising end to present circumstances’ and never shed all the more light on the significance of the song. Anybody can recognize that his voice sounds incredible even with the guitar strings, woodwinds and strings of the low pitch guitar practically dousing it. The opening line will wait in your psyche for a long while: “On the off chance that I wandered in the slipstream, between the viaducts of your fantasy. Where stable steel edges break, and the jettison in the byway stops, Could you discover me?”

4. Jackie Wilson Said-1972

Van Morrison began his vocation as a spirit artist. His venerated image was Jackie Wilson. In this way, ‘Jackie Wilson Said’ is a tribute to one of his initial impacts as a musician. A line in one of Wilson’s song, ‘Reet Petite’, motivated this song. The song is about the delight one feels when they listen to their main tune. It is a three-minute song loaded with bliss. You will grin in the wake of listening to the song.

3. Moondance-1970

From the collection ‘Moondance’, this track is presumably the principal hit song you got notification from Van Morrison on the off chance that you were around then. It was his first endeavor in Jazz, and he truly nailed it. The song is about the fall season, which clearly is Morrison’s most loved season. Aside from his voice, the bass sounds by John Klingberg, the saxophone, piano, and woodwind were likewise incredible. You will think that its simple to move to this great jazz.

2. Wild Night-1971

Like most different songs from a similar collection, Tupelo Honey, ‘Wild Night’ is a song about conjugal euphoria and the delight of nation living. At the season of the release of the song, Morrison was living with the then spouse, Janet Rigsbee in Woodstock. What makes the song awesome is the coordinated effort he had with the notorious guitarist Ronnie Montrose. Montrose opens the song with an essential guitar lick. The song has components of soul, shake, R&B, nation and jazz, woven together to flawlessness. The song achieved No.23 in Billboard Charts.

1. Caravan 1970

“Caravan” is the fourth track in the collection ‘Moondance’. Morrison, in those days, was famous for his capacity to deliver extraordinary music in the studio. However, this song demonstrated he could create music for the show. Listen to him play out this song in a show corridor, and you will concur he is one of the best musicians of all circumstances. The song is about his interest with a tramp’s way of life and also his encounters experiencing childhood in the nation. There are a couple of musical components about New York. His expressive voice did equity to the mind blowing verses.

Van Morrison Latest Recordings and Performances 2017

Checkout these latest releases singles by Van Morrison in year 2016-2017

2. Keep Me Singing

Keep Me Singing, Van Morrison’s 36th studio collection was released 30th September 2016, under the record name, Caroline Records. The collection is an accumulation of a couple of firsts and a couple fronts of blues works of art, for example, ‘Share My Love’ by Aretha Franklin. He is no more extended the furious youth in ‘Gloria’, he now sings with a managed yearning. In ‘Every Time I see a River’, he says “Basic things like seeing a waterway or the sound of a stream, trigger recollections of an affection departed.”

1. Duets: Re-working the Catalog

Two part harmonies: Re-working the Catalog, Van Morrison’s 35th studio Album, was released on thirteenth March 2015 under the record name RCA Records. The collection was delivered as a team with Bob Rock and Don Was. It is a gathering of songs he sang as two part harmonies. The collection picked at No.23 in Billboard 200 and sold 21,000 duplicates in its first week.

Van Morrison still performs in shows and records new music. He turned 70 in 2015. It is extraordinary that a man his age can think of new music. From his latest recordings, it is apparent that age is gradually presenting coarseness in his voice and he can’t achieve the high contribute he once did records, for example, ‘Procession’. ‘Van the Man’, a moniker he earned long back, has 6 Grammy Awards and a BRIT Award in 1994. He was brought into the ‘Irish Music Hall of Fame’ in 1996, ‘Songwriters Hall of Fame’ in 2003 and ‘Shake and Roll Hall of Fame’ in 1993.

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