Top 10 Bangla Songs February 2017

Checkout the below listed top 10 new Bangla Songs of February 2017, Bangla can be defined as a magadhan language which is spoken by Bengali people. Their original languages are Bengal and Bangladesh. Music of Bangladesh can also be referred to the Bangladeshi music which comprises of a series of traditional religious and secular songs which are written in a certain period of time. Almost reaching a millennium.

It ca be composed with very meaningful lyrics in Bengali language and be sang in very many different styles. In Bangladesh, Bangla music has proven to be very useful in documenting and helping the lives of many people differently and was widely used and patronized by the big rulers in Bangladesh.

Top 10 Bangla Songs February 2017

The common instruments that were used in playing the Bangla music are: sitar, violin, flutes, Harmonium, esraj, ektara, dotara, khomok, dhak and dhol. They are many Bangla songs that are trending this year 2017 with new genres and compositions. The top 10 Bangla songs in February 2017 are:

Here we present the list of top 10 best Bangla Songs of February 2017.


This song was written and sang by Haripada Bandwala Arijit Singn and Anwesha. It is mainly a classic romantic song as it shows how the two love each other emotionally in the video. The lyrics have very high meaning and sentimental value as it has a large impact to those who are listening to it. It is regarded as one of the top best romantic Bangla songs in 2017 and is watched by many people. It is also used in sound track in movies and films. It is rated 5.6/10 from 109 users which is very good as a new song. The song has been featured recently in a movie in Bengali called ‘HARIPADA BANDWALA’.


The song was composed by Indraadip Dasgupta and sung by the famous Bengali singer Dev Arijit who saw the colorful self in a person who is in love. He believed the colours of loving someone will make your heart grow fonder of the person. The song is very soulful Infact. It can be listened by anyone as it has that sense of touch and getters when you are listening to it.

The song was sang to mainly feature Tollywood’s star Mimi Charkraborty and a serial hero Yash Dasgupta in the movie ‘Gangster’ when in valentines day 2017 they rediscovered their love like never before causing a saga of a never- ending struggle between the two relentless love- strucked souls.


This song was composed by Vaishnav Kirtan and sang by the two famous artistes who are magical duo Shan and Shreya Ghoshal. This song showed in the lyrics how loyal and willing she was to never leave her man by her side no matter what happened. She believed that nothing was too bad that it could not be forgiven. Eventhough it would be very painful, she decided that love was the overcomer of everything and anything hurtful done to her by him could be forgiven. The song is sung as a soundtrack in four new different movies or films making it be very popular in their country today.


The song was composed by savvy, lyrics penned by Prasen Bibaho Diaries, directed by Mainak bhaumik and sang by Anupam Roy. The song behind story is about a young modern day couple called Royona whose real name was Sohini Sarkar and Protyoy whose real name was Ritwick Chakraborty. Here they face hurdles or hardships in their lives due to the traditional age old customs of marriage. The songs shows the couples life after their honeymoon bitten by love emotions and friendships but are living with a tinge of humor and facing the day to day realities of life making it uniquely a crazy journey.


The song was sung by Nakash azis and Antara mitra to the movie Ta Ra Rum Pum which shows an ending love heart break between the stars in the movie. Basically the song lyrics talk too much about how love can be a good thing at times and also are a bad thing in a huge way.


This song was sung by Arijit Singh in the movie Gangsters to show how love can be very soulful and very romantic when shared between the right people. It can be very special if the feeling of love is mutual between the two.


Sung by Anupam Roy who made sure that there is the combination of the perfect trifecta of things that bound well to the heart to make it more warm and loving.


It was sung by both Ash king and Madhubanti who believed that love was a continuous process. It has no ending as one cannot stop loving someone even if it is an enemy of yours.


This song was sung by Sonu Nigam whose track was bound to touch the hearts of the people and a music video which was filled with amazing scenes and pictures of landscapes. They scenes are a treat and satisfactory for ones eyes and ears.


Tomake Chai song was composed and snag by the famous singer and songwriter known as Arijit Singh who sang the song because he believed that love knew no boundaries and it did not care about anything including time. It reminded a person how special he or she was special to someone else.

Generally Bangla songs are regarded to as very emotional and loving songs. They were sang t show the feeling of affection and appreciation.

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