Top 10 Best Alternative Metal Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Alternative Metal songs of all time 2017, Take a heavy metal song and mix it with a mellower but no less powerful ballad and you might have an idea of what alternative metal is. This type of music will tell a story, but it will slam you face first into the plot and drag you through the track rather than let you go at your own pace. There is a definite punch to this music and a desire to entertain, but it offers no quarter and demands the listener’s attention without much more than a maniacal grin as it kicks off with amazing guitar riffs and growling, almost foreboding vocals. Those qualities alone are what make the songs listed below the top ten best alternative metal songs of all time.

Alternative Metal Song Top 10 latest new Alternative Metal songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Alternative Metal songs of all time 2017.

10. My Name is Mud- Primus

It seems like a bit of a silly song to start with, as the lyrics are quite simple and the premise of the track is hard to fathom at first. But the longer you listen the more impressive it becomes despite the fact that it keeps its simple form. The amazing guitar riffs and hard-hitting beats more than make up for the lyrics that you need to really listen to in order to hear. While the music struggles to drown out the lyrics completely it pays to listen. Chances are you’ll get a good laugh and a reminder why Primus is still a very reliable source of awesome music and entertainment.

9. Chop Suey!- System of a Down

Alternative metal was already well on its way to becoming firmly established with the next generation of music lovers when this song came on the scene. But thanks to their unexpected energy and verve, System of a Down was able to shock and even surprise many fans that hadn’t expected them to be so forceful in their delivery. This song was one of many that is listened to with increasing frequency by the generation that heard it first and those that came after, proving that despite the fact that they are very much an older and more experienced band, they are still able to resonate with the younger crowds that can recognize what real music sounds like.

8. Freak on a Leash- Korn

Korn’s first few appearances in the mainstream were seen on late night television and their debut was not the stuff of legend, but their sound has evolved since then and become something that is not only awesome, but speaks of an epic in the making. This song in particular allowed them to break onto the scene in such a way that their fans could not buy their albums fast enough, memorizing every song after hours and hours of listening so that they could claim to be a hardcore listener. Korn is most definitely one of the few bands in history that will always be able to bridge the generation gap, as their sound can provide a hard-hitting and infectious vibe with most anyone who listens.

7. Crazy Train- Ozzy Osbourne

He’s the man. There’s just nothing else to be said about Ozzy, as he is one of the main reasons why this genre even exists. Despite belonging primarily to heavy metal music for much of his career, the Prince of Darkness has branched out in his later years, producing tracks that can bridge the gap between genres and making himself a hotter commodity than ever before. This particular song was likely not meant to be anything but heavy metal, but it can be easily seen as alternative metal if only because of the transitions it endures throughout its length. Ozzy is the type of performer who can switch gears without a lot of trouble, though in his advanced age it is finally becoming apparent that his better years are far, far behind him.

6. Duality- Slipknot

If the song doesn’t make you stop and listen, the video just might. Corey Taylor is perhaps one of the absolute greatest front men that any band has ever had. The guy has a charisma that is entirely believable and, despite being in a well-choreographed video, it seems all too real that when he puts his hand up that his legions of fans would simply stop and listen, waiting with baited breath for his next word. The sheer energy and power that Slipknot operates with is enough to inspire and demand the fealty of their massive fan base, as many happen to believe that Corey is akin to God in many ways. Blasphemous as it might be, this is a band that has proven that they have the sand and the charisma to put on one hell of a show and deliver their absolute best with each track.

5. Bodies- Drowning Pool

This is a good example of what happens when you get a guy that knows how to growl and stay in tune at the same time. Keep in mind that “Bodies” isn’t much more than yelling, growling, and a below average amount of real singing, but it is still a powerful and forceful track. People lost their minds when this song came out, growling out the lyrics in a close estimation of the lead singer and sometimes choking on their own words as the effort became too much. The force of this song was its main draw, and it worked to such a degree that several movies added it to their soundtrack just because it was that awesome. Once the lead singer passed away however the sound was never quite the same, which is regrettable. But despite that, this song still is worth mentioning in the top ten.

4. Rollin’- Limp Bizkit

and this band, are more rap-aligned than anything resembling metal, but their alternative sound is on point and their metal aspect is just enough to get them onto this list. While the cadence of the lyrics and the beat are often repeated in many Limp Bizkit songs, this one track became popular for its use in movies and television, namely when it was used for one of the WWE’s top performers, The Undertaker. There’s just something inherently badass about a man the size of the Undertaker rolling out from behind the stage on a Harley with a booming track such as “Rollin” to announce his presence. From that point on the song became a hit, though it didn’t last much longer as eventually the Undertaker would switch his entrance music to a Kid Rock hit.

3. Sober- Tool

This is one of the bands that couldn’t, and shouldn’t, be left off a list such as this. The heavy guitar riffs that act as the lead-in for this song are chilling to the point that the listener can’t hardly wait for the lyrics to begin, quivering with anticipation at what might come. And then the lyrics come, and they are so hauntingly quiet at first that one’s heartbeat begins to pound in a way that is even worse right up until the pace increases and the song truly begins to get going. From that point on it is a thrill ride that tingles the nerves and keeps the listener on the hook as they find that they need to hear what is coming, to understand how the song is going to continue and finally come to a close. This track is all about the anticipation of what is to come, and it is one of the most masterfully done that one can’t help but listen.

2. Down with the Sickness- Disturbed

There are no punches pulled with this track, none at all. From the first utterance to the final note of the song the listener is grabbed and thrown along the violent current that this song travels by. Disturbed has long been known for the guttural and animalistic sounds that its lead singer produces, but also for the sheer power and energy that emanates from their music, driving home their lyrics with guitar riffs that slam into the senses and beats that rattle one’s teeth as they collide to form an impressive effect that keeps audiences coming back for more. There is no halfway point with this band or its music, and the massive adrenaline rush that is provided by this track along is enough to cement their legacy in the music industry without question.

1. Man in the Box- Alice in Chains

This list could never hope to leave out the Seattle-based band that set the music industry on fire. Despite the loss of their original lead singer, Layne Staley, the band still found a way to top the charts and deliver the one-two punch to their audiences in the same fashion as always. While Staley was without a doubt one of the best front men in the business during his time, his band remains one of the absolute best in the industry even after his passing. The messages within their music and the laid back feel of their songs meshes well with the impressive guitar riffs that can be heard in most of their tracks, this one included.


You don’t need to make a love song to tell a compelling story, and a track doesn’t have to be soft or toned down to protect the sensibilities of the listener. Alternative metal is a bold and loud genre that tells it like it is and brings a great deal of noise in the telling. The harder the hit, the more emotion it provokes as a result.

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