Top 10 Best Anarcho-Punk Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Anarcho-Punk songs of all time 2017, The music form known as anarcho-punk is an underground music form that evolved from rock and roll. This is not a real popular musical form but it started within the U.K. during the 70’s. Sometime around the late 70’s and the 80’s it became extremely popular. However, this music form started to wane by the early 90’s.

Anarcho-punk performers are technically known as anarchist punk bands. The music that they play is designed to be rebellious and to promote dysfunction and anti-social themes. This is the music that a socially maladjusted person would play while they struck out against society.

Anarcho-punk is also a form of metal music that was popular during this era. However, it does not focus on the dark and disturbing elements that is found within most metal music genres. Also, this music form is a close relative of industrial music which was popular during the time. Here is a list of the best anarcho-punk songs of all time.

Top 10 latest new Anarcho-Punk songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Anarcho-Punk songs of all time 2017.

10. War dance

War dance is an anarcho-punk song that was released in the 70’s. This song utilized deep and disturbing beats that involved a lot of stomping and deep heavy drums. The song wanted to convey the feelings of doom that people would feel if a nuclear war was about take place. They wanted to make an apocalyptic sound that would touch their fans sense of hopelessness. Killing Joke made this tune and many anarcho-punk enthusiasts considered it an influential piece. This song got a lot of high marks from the fans and it ended up becoming an unforgettable hit in the anarcho-punk industry.

9. Realities of War

In 1980 the anarcho-punk group known as Discharge made the song Realities of War. This song is considered the ultimate hardcore anarcho-punk rock tune of all time. Many though their music was extremely brutal and raw. It had a sound that was similar to a heavy duty construction drill going off in the background. Once again, they were trying to covey how disturbing war is and how much they wanted to avoid this condition. Realties of War is also considered one of the most important anarcho-punk tune of all time.

8. Staring at the Rude Boys

The Ruts made Staring at the Rude Boys in 2007. This particular tune was inspired by reggae music and they used this influence to make their song. This song was about being in a nightclub and dealing with a violent confrontation that happens within this place. This song has a great sound that can keep anarcho-punk fans entertained every time that it is played.

7. If the Kids are United

In 1978 the anarcho-punk group Sham 69 made the tune If the Kids are United and it was a chart topping tune at the time. This group had an extremely violent following and when they played live at concerts many people were always beating or shooting each other. When they played If the Kids are United people would just explode in a fury. This was primarily due to skinheads who frequently showed up at the group’s concerts. If the Kids are United is truly a memorable anarcho-punk song that caused a lot of conflict and problems.

6. Suspect Device

Stiff Little Fingers is not a major anarcho-punk band but they are an effective one. This group was never a big draw but they did manage to make a hit with their song Suspect Device. This song came out in 1978 and it was a great tune for this genre. This is surprising because many record executives thought their music was no good. However, Stiff Little Finger proved them wrong. Many anarcho-punk fans enjoyed this tune and it became anarcho-punk cult favorite.

5. White Riot

1977 could not have been a better year for The Clash to make White Riot which is a song that speaks on the subject of racism and racial tensions within America. This song was a big hit among the white anarcho-punk fans who were trying to change their racists ways at the time. However, there were plenty of people who did not want to hear that type of talk. Regardless, The Clash continued to make more songs about getting rid of racism. The Clash is no longer a powerful group like they were in the past but they still continue to make music today.

4. Blitzkrieg Pop

The Ramones is an anarcho-punk band from the 70’s. They made a song called Blitzkrieg Pop and it was a great song for this genre. It was loaded with a lot of energy and a powerful moving sound. This song is an anarcho-punk masterpiece that entertained and inspired. The Ramones always made a lot of rebellious music that moves with conviction and force. The Ramones is just one of the best anarcho-punk groups of that era.

3. Smash It Up

Smash It Up was an anarcho-punk song that was just about raging against authority. Smash It Up was a song that played with a lot of intensity and hardness. This tune was a hard anarcho-punk tune that played with a hard sound and it even caused many people to go crazy. They would tear up equipment and other property whenever this tune came on. Smash It Up was made the Damned in the late 70’s.

2. God Save the Queen

The Sex Pistols was a popular anarcho-punk band that had commercial success. In 1977 they made God Save the Queen which was a big hit for this group. The Sex Pistols were already a commercially successful group and this song was another important jam that helped to build up their success. Their song about God Save the Queen is just an ode to the Queen of England.

Keep in mind that the Sex Pistols are from England. This song is just their own way of showing patriotism for their country. However, this tune was a hardcore and disturbing way for anybody to show how much they love their country and their land.

1. I Wanna be your Dog

I Wanna be your Dog was released in 1969 and it is considered one of the greatest anarcho-punk songs in existence. It has a powerful presence and people cannot deny how good it sound when it is being played. This song was a big hit for the British group Stooges. Many anarcho-punk enthusiasts really enjoyed this tune and frequently played it whenever they could. I Wanna be your Dog is just a great Anarcho punk tune that causes anarchy and stimulates rebellion. This is what anarcho-punk music is all about.

Rebellious, hardcore and very disturbing; all of these adjectives describe anarcho-punk. This music form is no longer a mainstream genre but it certainly still has its fair share of followers.

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