Top 10 Best Bangla Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Bangla songs of all time 2017, Bangla music comprises a long tradition of religious and secular song-writing over a period of almost a millennium. Composed with lyrics in the Bengali language, Bangla music spans a wide variety of styles. The themes of the songs are usually based on life lessons and advocate for humanism, activism and love.

Western influences has had a huge impact on Bangla music and made it international. The good thing with music is that it’s a language itself and can be enjoyed no matter what language it is sang in.

Bangla Song Top 10 latest new Bangla songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Bangla songs of all time 2017.

10. Poth Chola – Artcell

Artcell is considered one of the best Bangla bands of all time. It’s a rock band that sings songs which is heavily influenced classical music and draws inspiration from the Bengali way of life. Amar Poth Chola is one of their best songs. The song has good lyrics, best music composition and great vocals that make this song so enchanting.

The song is about memories of family and friends. It’s definitely one song you will want on your playlist and deserves to be in this list.

9. Shei Tumi – Cholo Bodle Jai (LRB)

No doubt it’s the best Bangla band song of all time. No song is comparable with it. It’s a 90’s feel song that even the younger generation can love. This song is very well recognized and loved.

Sing your heart out to this song. It’s soulful and full of energy. In fact it’s a Bangla anthem. A heart melting serenade that is so worth your time. Make a point of listening ti this great song.

8. Oniket Prantor -niribili

niribili has produced some of the best Bangla music over the years. Every song of theirs has always been a hit. They are that good. Oniket prantor is undoubtedly one of their best releases. With good lyrics and great vocals, we are sure you too will fall in love with this song. The music is beautifully composed. Guitar work and drums blend so perfectly to create a wonder piece of music. This song is a must listen to that will transport to another universe.

7. Boshe Achhi -Warfaze

With some of the best solo acts and mad guitar skills, this song is just too good. Warfaze is one of the best music bands of the Bangla music. Their songs are energetic and the lead singer can belt out some incredible lines. The lyrics are well written and the music is executed to perfection

This song is like a hidden treasure ready to be discovered. Listen to this cool jam and tell us what you think.

6. Bishakto Manush –Fossils

Every single song from this wonderful band is amazingly superb. This is rock music on steroids. Music that will convince you that Bangla is the best. Drawing influences from their daily experiences, Fossils makes heartwarming and sometimes thought provoking music. These guys prove that simple is great. From vocals to guitar to drums, everything they do is quality. The reason we love them and why Bishakto Manush deserves a spot on this list.

5. Vebe Dekhecho ki – Mohiner Ghoraguli

Remember the feeling you get when you hear a new song and instantly fall in love with it? This song is bound to give you that feeling once again. This socio- economic issue inspiring, purpose made lyrics and music is simply awe inspiring. We can confidently say that Mohiner Ghoraguli is the best thing to ever happen to Bangla music!

This song from the 80’s takes you back to a time when music was so perfect and had meaning. The era that revolutionized music.

4. Firiye Dao –Miles

This is one of the most famous songs from Bangladeshi. This song has gotten considerable airplay out Bangladesh and made Miles well known internationally. You don’t have to understand what the singer is saying. The beats and guitar works speak for themselves. We totally dig this tune that we hope you will fall in love too. Don’t take our word for it, listen to this jam and decide for yourself.

3. Chile Kothar Shepai – Artcell

We simply love Artcell and can’t get enough of their music. Here is another masterpiece from them. The chorus to this song is so great with heavy rhythm riffs. This band has got everything good going on for them. Great guitar playing, mad drum skills and strong vocals which all come together to make some of the best Bangladeshi music. The songs are so beautifully written as well.

2. Amar Shongbidhan – Vibe

Vibes music stands out. It’s of great quality of international standards. We could listen to this song all day. The song never gets old and a fresh take on Bangla music. This song is highly underrated and deserves more recognition. These guys rock hard. They are skilled instrumentalist backed by a lead singer with a unique, strong voice that is just beautiful. This is the kind of music that makes your head start a dance on its own. Make sure to get this song and include it in your playlist and you will be thoroughly entertained.

1. Bodhu Re – Cactus

I heard this song accidentally, and nothing was able to take away my love for it after that. It has a great composition, good lyrics and the singer is amazing, you actually feel the song flowing through your veins!

It’s the best Bangla songs of all the time. With awesome lyrics and music, this song is just too rich. Thanks cactus for giving us this super awesome song. Go on and discover perfection with this song. It definitely deserves the top position on this list.

As with any genre, Bangla music tends to be easier to listen to than older artists, mostly because of style, but also because of sound quality issue. You would be missing out on some of the greatest songs if you don’t explore the 20th century music that is raw and pure in form.

This are some of the songs that we feel are worth of a mention. Bangla music is so diverse with great artists doing different styles. This list is just a starting point, explore this kind of songs and let us know your best 10.

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