Top 10 Best Black Metal Songs of All time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 Black Metal songs of all time 2017, Black metal is aggressive, powerful, fast and often brutal and harsh sounding music. This style of rock is designed to be visceral, to reach in and carve out bits of your soul as the music floods into your psyche. Indeed, with black metal, there is no room for compromise, as it’s built to be tough, hardy and make no apologies. Below are some of the top songs in the black metal sub genre of heavy metal music, we hope you enjoy.

Top 10 latest new Black Metal songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Black Metal songs of all time 2017.

10. At the Heart of Winter by Immortal

“At the Heart of Winter” is a track off their 1999 album of the same name, performed by the black metal band from Norway, Immortal. Immortal produced and released black metal music in its purest form. However, with the album “At the Heart of Winter”, the band decided explore taking black metal and infusing it with a mix of melodic death metal, and progressive metal.

The wintry winds that cascade through the frozen mountains, as the track begins, draws you into the isolated, frozen world of Immortal, Blashyrkh, as the scathing, icy riffs roll and drive forward, taking you deep within their soundscape.

9. The Triumph of Death by Hellhammer

Released in 1983, “The Triumph of Death” immediately floods the listeners ears with tales of post apocalyptic doom, death and destruction, where death enters, plunders and triumphs. The track grasps at you with the depth of its unapologetically primitive undertones, and rakes its nails down your soul.

This track is performed by one of the founders of the black metal sub genre: the extreme metal band, Hellhammer (now called Celtic Frost), from Switzerland. A wonderfully heavy, dense and almost morbid track, “The Triumph of Death” by Hellhammer is a must for any collection.

8. Hail Horror Hail by Sigh

Just in case you are unaware, Japan produces some of the most excellent metal bands in the world. Sigh is one of those bands. Sigh is an extreme metal band that began recording in 1989, including classically structured, symphonic elements, as well as infusing other styles into their compositions. The track “Hail Horror Hail” comes off of their 1997 album of the same name.

This track is experimental black metal at its finest, tempestuous keyboards swirl around untamed instrumentation, that is actually not as wild as it seems. According to the band, each sound is deliberate, and designed to reach deep within your psyche, “In Essence it is a movie without pictures: a celluloid phantasmagoria”.

7. Twilight of the Gods by Bathory

If you are in the mood for epic, long, dense and well structured black metal, then give Swedish black metal band, Bathory’s track “Twilight of the Gods” a listen. Off of the album of the same name, “Twilight of the Gods” is over 14 minutes long, and crosses over into the Viking metal sub genre. Lyrically, the song centers around contrasting the old versus the new, and that inevitably, during our forward march through life, we gain much, but a few things are also lost along the way.

6. Darkness Prevails by Blasphemy

The song, “Darkness Prevails” is by the band Blasphemy, a black metal band from Vancouver, British Columbia. The track, “Darkness Prevails” is off of their debut album of 1990, “Fallen Angel of Doom”. The sound is considered to be ‘old school black metal’, before the infusions and creativity of other bands to follow. “Darkness Prevails”, is straightforward, classic and basic black metal.

This track is a fine representative of Blasphemy’s trademark ‘war metal style’ of black metal. Not for the faint of heart, you will find no melody whatsoever in this track, just heavy, primitive thrashing. Unrelenting and unstoppable, this is a powerful track and a must have for fans of black metal everywhere.

5. Into the Infinity of Thoughts by Emperor

Emperor hails from Norway, and is a highly acclaimed black metal band, who have bravely experimented with not only black metal, but symphonic black metal and progressive metal, always looking to expand their sound. “Into the Infinity of Thoughts” is a track of the 1994 studio album, “In the Nightside Eclipse”, that reflects this courageous urge to explore their skills and abilities as musicians.

The track is not confining, but wide and spacious, almost majestic in sound, and you will find yourself embraced by its rolling riffs and keyboards. Indeed, the keyboards and blazing black metal sound actually balance each other quite well. “Into the Infinity of Thoughts” is a nice taste of symphonic black metal, perfectly done and well worth appreciating.

4. Kathaarian Life Code by Darkthrone

“Kathaarian Life code ” is a track from their 1992 album, “A Blaze in the Northern Sky”, and is one of their first, real black metal songs. This is a dense, massive and grating composition, and as a result was one of the chosen tracks for the 2002 technological neo noir thriller, “Demonlover”. The track is epic, over 10 minutes in length, and begins with a slow, ominous ‘growl’, with an almost primitive, solid, regular drum beat.

About 30 minutes into the song, the chanting begins, which suddenly switches up to a full, black metal thrash for the soul, pounding, and forever forceful. This dark, heavy masterpiece funnels its skull crunching sound deep into your soul, and embraces your love for this genre.

3. The Usurper by Celtic Frost

Number nine on our list, was a black metal band called, “Hellhammer”. That band transformed into the band now known as Celtic Frost. From their days as Hellhammer, Celtic Frost has remained one of the most influential black metal bands today, as they continued to infuse and experiment, creating imaginative avant-garde metal.

“The Usurper” comes off of their 1985 album, “To Mega Therion” (the great beast), and is one of the finest pieces of black metal ever recorded. Massive riffs, pure force, and power. The lyrics are a great part of this track, as they promote the imagery of the usurper, as he takes power, takes the throne.

2. Black Metal by Venom

Black metal English band, Venom is one of those bands that one equates with being highly influential in the sub genre of black metal and its development. The track, “Black Metal” comes off of the 1982 album of the same name and is an absolute masterpiece, as it thrashes, and crashes skulls, infecting your brain with a delicious disease of hardcore black metal goodness, as you ‘lay down your souls to the gods of rock n’ roll’.

Fantastic, driving piece of black metal, appreciate it, love it and embrace it. This track, along with the entire album is an important addition to any black metal music library, as this marks Venom’s efforts to be seen as serious musicians.

1. Father to Son by Bathory

From their fifth studio album, “Hammerheart”, comes Swedish black metal band, Bathory’s track, “Father to Son”. The album itself received critical acclaim, says All music, “an unqualified triumph for the pioneering Swedish act.” “Father to Son” is not only extreme metal, but sends an important message regarding the relationship experience between fathers and their sons.

The lyrics bring to focus how relationships from individuals who come from different generations can connect, and how that connection can extend deep into the roots of your personal ancestry. Bathory is considered by many to be a founding father of the Scandinavian black metal scene.

There you have it, some of the best songs ever in the world of black metal music. They thrash, and their topics may not be for everyone, but they are proud of their compositions, and many explore new ways to experiment and go beyond the bounds of their sub genre, and to break the chains, while still remaining faithful to the black metal sound.

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