Top 10 Best Blues Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Blues songs of all time 2017, The southern part of the United States during the early American era was truly the birthplace for many different genres of music. Jazz, reggae, country and even the blues came out of this part of the country. Blues music has its roots in the African slaves who brought over their music forms from their different homelands.

Slaves sang songs from their homeland that were heavy with rhythm and had powerful beats. Once they learned colonial and early American tunes they started to transform these sounds into their own unique musical forms. Negro spirituals evolved from these sounds and they transformed the musical landscape.

Soon blues, bluegrass and other forms of music began to emerge. Once the blues came into being it was a dominant music form that quickly took off all over the south before spreading out to the rest of the nation and then around the world. Blues music created bluegrass, jazz, ragtime and rock and roll. Here is a list of the blue songs that are considered the best of all time.

Top 10 latest new Blues songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Blues songs of all time 2017.

10. The Thrill is Gone by B.B. King

Blues music is all about the downside in life and it is all about losing things and feelings that used to be so important. The Thrill is Gone is a blues hit that is all about losing that good loving feeling in life. B.B. King recorded this song in 1970 but it was written and performed by Rick Hawkins in 1951. Hawkins version was a powerful tune but King’s version helped to make him a legendary blues master. The Thrill is gone is a true blues hit that will not ever be forgotten.

9. Hoochie Coochie Man by Muddy Waters

Hoochie Coochie Man was a huge blues hit from Muddy Waters. He made this song back in 1954. The Hoochie Coochie Man was a great tune because many people at the time really liked the hoochie coochie. This does not refer to sex but to sexually provocative dances that have their origins in belly dancing. These dances were popular in the states during the late 50s. So, when Waters made the Hoochie Coochie Man he was just signifying that he wanted to be the hoochie coochie dancer that the ladies wanted; then again maybe he was talking about sex. The Hoochie Coochie Man is one of the best blues songs in history.

8. I’m Tore Down by Eric Clapton

Freddie King might not be a name that many people are familiar with today but this former blues star was instrumental in blues and he was also an inspirational musician for the likes of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many other rock and roll and blues artists in the 50s, 60s and 70s. His work is legendary in the blues world. I’m tore Down is a blues track that is a testament to the greatness that Freddie King displayed once he picked up a guitar. He as a big man with an even bigger blues sound.

7. Red House

Jimi Hendrix was a legendary rock and rolls and blues artist. His influence as a recording artists is undeniable. Most people typically do not associate Hendrix with the blues. However, he wrote a popular blues hit back in 1967 called Red House. This song appeared on his album The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Hendrix wrote his Red House song as an ode to his former girlfriend at the time, Betty Jean. It was also about another woman named Linda as well. No one can deny that Hendrix was a great blues artist as well as a great musical performer.

6. All Your Love by Otis Rush

All Your Love was recorded by Otis Rush in 1958. In case you didn’t know Otis Rush is a great blues artists who still is alive today. All Your Love is one of his best hits and it was inspired by a song by Jody Williams called guitar you. This song was a fairly decent blues song worth mentioning. It was recorded by many other artist such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Aerosmith and the Steve Miller band. Ike Turner performed this song as well.

7. Love in Vain

Robert Johnson made one of the best-selling blues song of all time. The name of this song was called Love in Van and it was recorded in 1937. The song is a sad piece but it also a fun and inspiring song as well. People can feel the melancholy mood that protrudes through the piece but it also has just enough “twang” to get people dancing if they choose to dance slowly to this piece.

6. Hard Luck Blues by Roy Brown

Hard Luck Blues is a classic blues song about being down and out. This song was made during the 50s was made by Roy Brown and His Mighty Men. This song even had the Griffin Brothers Orchestra helping it out. Hard Luck Blues is what blues music is all about. The song reflects the inward grief that people feel when they just hit rock bottom and do not have anything left. Roy Brown and His Mighty Men got it right with this one.

5. Shake Your Moneymaker by Elmore James

What is a moneymaker? And if a woman has one, why does she have to shake it. Shake Your Moneymaker is one of the best blues songs because it is a forerunner of the many songs that came out about a female’s money maker. A moneymaker is a woman’s rear end. If a woman has a desirable behind then she can get a lot of money by shaking it for people who are willing to pay to see it. While this song might not be the greatest tune ever made it certainly is a great blues song that has influenced many artists including some rappers. Elmore James made this song in 1961.

4. Dust My Broom by Robert Johnson

Former blues artist Robert Johnson was a great performer and a big blues sensation in the early part of the 20th century. In 1936 he made a song called Dust My Broom. Johnson was one of the first blues artist of his time to define blues music. His style of playing and lyrics helped to make blues music come into its own. Dust My Broom is just a great blues hit about handling responsibility and taking care of things.

3. Born Under a Bad Sign by Albert King

Many people who are aware of astrology know about being born under a bad sign. That is what this song is all about, except it is being performed blues style. Albert King was a great blues musician that knew his craft and how to deliver blues music. One of this key signatures as a musician was knowing how to blend a unique mix of minor and major keys. This song was a great piece that many great artists have covered throughout the years.

2. I’d Rather Go Blind by Etta James

Etta James is the “First Lady of Blues”. Her song I’d Rather Go Blind was an inspirational hit for many musicians including Beyonce who played her in the film Cadillac Records. I’d Rather Go Blind is a soul stirring piece that knows how to touch the heart and soul of people everywhere. This song was a huge hit in 1968 and it remains one of the best blues songs of the ages. This song clearly explains why Etta James was one of the greatest blues artists that has ever lived.

1. Stone Crazy by Buddy Guy

We had to give Buddy Guy the number one spot for having the greatest blues song of all time. While this can be argued, his song Stone Crazy makes a good case for this honor. Stone Crazy is a solid blues tune that is sad, uplifting and is a danceable track. People can be sad with this song while having a good time moving to it. The song was released in 1968 and it is considered one of the best guitar pieces ever written. As of 2017 Buddy Guy is still alive and he is still performing. If you are lucky enough to catch him out and about go check him out; you won’t be disappointed.

Blues music is truly a powerful music form that has been around for well over 100 years. This music has shaped billions of lives all over the globe. This genre of music is one ever made

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