Top 10 Best Broadway Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Broadway songs of all time 2017, It wasn’t until the late 1900’s that Broadway musicals really got going, and once their influence started to spread there was no stopping. The experience of watching and listening to someone on stage performing an epic song is so much different than simply listening to it in stereo or on television. For starters, their voice is a great deal more resonant and you can actually feel the emotion they put into the words as it spills into your ears without an electronic buffer standing between you and the performer.

This allows a much more in-depth and positive experience that will tend to leave the average viewer breathless as they take in the absolute beauty of the singer’s voice and the melody that strengthens it. The top ten best Broadway songs of all time are those that are able to both captivate an audience and hold them enthralled until the final curtain falls.

Top 10 latest new Broadway songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Broadway songs of all time 2017.

10. For Good-Wicked

Wicked has for some time now been a standing hit on Broadway and this song has been one of its crowning achievements. The silent and haunting power of this song is not meant to overpower the audience or even bring them to their feet with thunderous applause. Instead it’s more to grant a calm, almost soothing effect that can settle an audience even further into their seat and give them an overall good feeling before moving on with the story.

9. Tale As Old as Time- Beauty and the Beast

The musical talent of Angela Lansbury is something to be treasured indeed. Very few others could possibly give voice the famous tea kettle that made this epic story so enjoyable for people of all ages. Her talent is such that she can sound like everyone’s favorite grandmother and a capable singer at the same time, her tone always on point and her voice always in tune. In true fashion she brings this song to life in a way that can bring a tear to even the most hardened eye.

8. Sixteen Going On Seventeen- Sound of Music

It’s not everyone’s favorite, but the classic tale that has been performed on so many stages has captivated audiences for years and years now. The look and feel of the musical has rarely been changed and this iconic song has been altered only slightly over time, but never in such a way that it couldn’t be easily recognized. It’s slow but jaunty feel is pleasing to the ear and doesn’t challenge the listener, giving them a pleasant feeling as they follow along.

7. Getting to Know You- The King and I

Even Broadway songs get syndicated and spread throughout a culture in many different ways. If a listener has ever seen this particular play in a true theater setting however, they will know the absolute frivolity and power that is behind the musical genius that created this piece. Simple and to the point but also with just a hint of complexity within its lyrics, this track is such a masterpiece that it has inspired millions throughout world in a simple but delightful way, allowing the simplistic words to influence their lives in a manner so profound that it actually takes time to really notice the effect.

6. Oklahoma!- Oklahoma!

There’s no denying the fact that this piece is classic, but it’s also one that many people don’t just belt out without good reason. It’s iconic in that it is a part of American culture, which makes it a common staple among theater, but also because it still exists as a favorite of so many. The song is upbeat and very catchy, but as favorites go it’s likely to remain one that is kind of a niche song for those who really get into the genre.

5. Do-Re-Mi- Sounds of Music

You might find it amusing that this song is what many choir directors will use to warm up their singers from time to time. As a favorite song it is simple and quite fun to belt out, but as a true Broadway piece it has all the necessary elements of a true hit. The fact that many can sing the first few lyrics before stumbling off into mutterings and a general humming that follows the rest of the piece says that it is an aged hit, but still a hit.

4. Castle On A Cloud- Les Miserables

Some haunting quality seems to grab people when this song comes on. It’s not so much that it’s sung by a young girl, or even the fact that her life is so unbearably tragic that she must imagine a place where she is loved. Many a choir member has likely experienced this song, and several might have felt a chill run down their spine when they did. It is a classic for a reason, but it is a favorite because it speaks to so many on a variety of levels that simply ignoring it as just another Broadway song would be an absolute sin.

3. Master of the House- Les Miserables

Where the last song was hauntingly tragic, this track is utterly ridiculous and even mildly depressing in its hilarity. Imagine if you will an innkeeper that makes his living off of fleecing his tenants and making them believe that they are receiving a true deal for their coin. In each and every rendition the comedic feel of this song is hard to miss and even harder to not appreciate. If you don’t laugh at this piece you might want to check your pulse.

2. Can You Feel the Love Tonight- Lion King

Out of all the musicals that have come before this one is perhaps one of the most popular in the modern day, and easily one that beats out many when it comes to popularity. It is a song you will likely hear reference to and even hear sung now and again by those who happen to like the lyrics or find it quite uplifting. The promise of young love and the discovery of feelings up until that moment unknown is a powerful message for any song, and is delivered with absolute mastery here.

1. Circle of Life- Lion King

All things begin and all things end. Each and every rendition of this piece has been performed so wonderfully by those who sing it that it stands to reason that such a song is not just another tune to give voice to, but a responsibility to uphold. Much like the title and its content would lead listeners to believe, this piece exists as a true Broadway treasure that must be cherished and cared for from one troupe to another as the torch is eventually passed.

There is power in a song that is performed to its utmost potential, and even more when it is sung in person. To listen to that type of quality is a privilege, and to be able to produce it is a talent and a responsibility that must be carefully tended.

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