Top 10 Best Chillstep Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Chillstep songs of all time 2017, Chillstep music is dubstep tracks with chill undertones. It is also known as melodic dubstep. It is music with emotion. It’s not a genre on its own rather an extension of dubstep, a sun genre. Chillstep draws influence from garage music that emerged in the UK a decade ago. Chillstep music lacks the wobbly sound that dubstep contains. It has low bass and slow beats which are deeper and more consistent than those of mainstream dubstep.

It is not just a subgenre; it is a music that opens up your mind with relaxing tones and rhythm. The list below consists of songs we feel are the best Chillstep songs of all time.

Chillstep Song Top 10 latest new Chillstep songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Chillstep songs of all time 2017.

10. Electus – Fallen

Electus is a musician who never lets down the quality of his music. He is very creative and innovative with his music and is quite ahead of his time with his unique style of Chillstep music. This is by far the best Chillstep track by Electus.

Fallen is a thought-provoking and evocative monologue. It has really appealing saintly vocals, and a soothing deep bass which is very relaxing. This is one memorable song which is why it’s one of our favorite.

9. Skinny Love – Birdy

British singer Birdy’s sings this Bon Iver classic so beautifully. She has such a beautiful voice which makes this song so dreamy. Skinny love is a gentle serenade accompanied by striking lyrics and softly sweet piano music. This is music that makes you really listen; she commands your attention and at the same time gets you to relax in this soothing beat that will definitely take your stress away.

8. Bullet Train – Stephen Swartz

Bucket Train was released in 2012 and is arguably one of Stephen Swartz best songs. Stephen Swartz is an American electronic music artist and producer from California. We can’t get enough of Bucket Train; it’soneof those songs you want on replay as you go about your chores or studies.

Bucket train is a song that you will leave you wanting for more. This is one great Chillstep hit and we can’t wait to hear more of what this young artist has to offer. Definitely one of our favorite chill out songs.

7. Bassnectar- Butterfly

The king of bass, Lorin Ashton, better known as Bassnectar is the artist behind the hit, Butterfly. This song is impressive. It begins slowly with some vocals and piano, only to finish in something truly powerful. Butterfly takes the listener on a ride through time and space, resting them in a much different space. This track is definitely a masterpiece from this great artist.

6. Blackmill – The Truth

Robert Card, also known as Blackmill is a dubstep musician and producer from the UK behind the song, The Truth. The Truth was released in 2011 and is considered one of his best song. Chillstep is a revolutionary style of music. It is dubstep with a bit of ambiance. The Truth is one such song, a new experience with a whole new perspective. This song is worthy with great vocals a powerful bass sound.

5. Soldier On – Rusko

Rusko definitely deserves a spot on the top 10. He is one of the best chillstep- dubstep musician of all time. He is a pioneer, an inventor of this genre.

Rusko is considered the king of Dubstep by many of his fans. Soldier On builds up and drops a burst of melodic sounds as well with heavy bass to make what we call Chillstep dubstep.

4. Days to come- Seven Lions

Jeff Montalvo known as Seven Lion, is an American producer and DJ from California. Seven Lions music integrates dubstep, drum and bass and electro house. Days to come has to be one of his most successful songs. The song has been n descried as having massive bass drops with emotional progressive-trance breakdowns. This song is amazing! The reason we it’s one of the top 10 best Chillstep songs of all time.

3. Mt. Eden – Changes

Mt. Eden are a production duo from New Zealand, by Jesse Cooper and Harley Rayner. Mt Eden’s are best known for their remixes of dubstep songs on YouTube where they have a huge following. Changes is one of their more subtle releases, a Chillstep song. It’s more drum and bass with a dubstep influence and a general air of tranquility surrounding it. It contains some nice bass leaving no doubt that these duo is capable of producing chilled out music. This is a must listen for anyone who loves Chillstep music.

2. MitiS – Brings Renewal

Joseph Torre who goes by stage name, MitiS is an American artist from Pennsylvania. MitiS plays a special breed of piano-driven melodic bass. Brings Renewals is a chill, melodic dubstep song that is so good. It’s pensive, trancy, and stunningly composed. It’s also the perfect track to listen to when chilling. This song is one of the best chillstep song out there. It truly is a great song and so I just had to put it on the list. Just listen.

1. A World of peace – Jacoo

A World of Peace is a song by Jacoo, an electronic musician who recorded this song in 2015. This song tells of a horrible truth about the world, but gets you hoping for a better tomorrow through its amazingly lifting lyrics. It gives you hope whenever you are in this world to keep moving, doing good and making a difference no matter how small.

This song lifts you to a higher consciousness making you think and reflect. The low bass and great vocals by Jacoo are the reasons why we love this tune so much.

Chillstep music being a sub-genre of dubstep genre is a relatively a new type of electronic music that is growing each time. This is chill music as name suggests. It makes for easy listening as you go about your day. It’s not loud, rather has deep bass sounds, slow beats and great vocals that makes it so soothing just like a lullaby. Most of chillstep musicians are also dubstep artists who combine both genres to make magic inform of songs.

If you are looking for a new genre to explore, or are already chillstep music enthusiast, you won’t be disappointed by this selection of songs that we think are the 10 best. This music is too good for you to miss out. Try it and let us know which ones are your favorites and what other songs you love in the comments section

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