Top 10 Best Chinese Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Chinese songs of all time 2017, Throughout its history, the good people of China have had an understanding of music, and it’s relation to philosophy, society and creativity. Through dynasties, eras, revolutions and awakenings, the people of China have used music as a vehicle to express their great love of country and lands. Below are some of that most popular songs in recent Chinese history to the present day.

Chinese Song Top 10 latest new Chinese songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Chinese songs of all time 2017.

10. Woman Flower – Anita Mui

Anita Mui Yim-fong, or Anita Mui, for short had a long and acclaimed career in the arts. She worked as an actress and singer in Hong Kong and helped to develop the genre of Cantonese music known as Cantopop. 1997’s recording of “Woman Flower” is one of her best performances. She sings about a woman who desires to be loved, and ends up being hurt in the process, but does not seem to give up on her dream. Mui’s vocals reverberate the sensual longing in this song, timid at times, longing, dark and dusky and sometimes sensual. All in all a beautiful recording.

9. Bu Liao Qing (Love Without End) – Various Artists

Enter Bu Liao Qing, or Love Without End, in a video search and you will find a plethora of covers, versions and mixes. Indeed, there seems to be no one central interpretation of this beautiful composition. This is a song that is not associated with any particular performer, in as much as it is an enduring staple in the Chinese songbook. “World Without End” is a song from 1961, composed by Wong Fuk Ling with lyrics by Tao Tseon. The track was written for the film, “Love Without End” starring Lin Dai. It was laters resurrected in 1989 for the Taiwanese television show, “Bu Liao Qing”, and remains one of the greatest popular songs in Chinese music history.

8. Wandering Songstress – Various Artists

“Wandering Songstress” is one of those songs from the Cinema that becomes part of your culture. This song was composed for the Chinese film, “Street Angel”. Composed by He Luting, with lyrics by Tian Han, the composition borrows from a traditional Suzhou ballad, as well as employing the elements of Western music composition. “Wandering Songstress” became one of the most popular songs of the 30’s and 40’s, and is a classic love song. The track is used widely today in various media due to its familiarity with the Chinese people, as well as being covered by a variety of artists, including Teresa Teng, Adia Chan and Bai Guang.

7. Tian Mi Mi (As Sweet As Honey) – Teresa Teng

Theresa Teng’s rendition of “As Sweet As Honey” is soft, tender, wispy, and very sweetly performed, and is considered by her fans as one of her best works. This Mandarin song was composed by Zhuang Nu, and was so well favored, that the film “Tian Mi Mi” has elements taken from Teng’s song, romantic love experienced between two people. “Tian Mi Mi” is often credited as the song that brought fame to Teng.

6. Silence is Golden – Leslie Cheung

Cantopop is a genre of Cantonese music, and was made famous by musician and performer, Leslie Cheung. Cheung received many accolades and awards in his career, including a Top 10 Gold Songs awards From the Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards, and the RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards, in 1988. “Silence is Golden” was composed by Cheung instructs the youth to stay true to who they are, and simply ignore gossip and opinions of others.

5. Nothing To My Name – Cui Jian

Cui Jian is a multi talented musical artist and performer from China, and is known as a major force in the development of Chinese rock and roll, and is known as “The Father of Chinese Rock”. The song “Nothing to My Name” is monumental, as it was released during the protests of Tiananmen Square in 1989. This song has the important distinction of being adopted by many protesters as their anthem. Indeed, Cui Jian was personally involved in the protests. After the protests the government put a cap on rock and roll, and Cui Jian disappeared into hiding, but returned to the public and continued his performances. “Nothing to my Name” is considered today, as the most revered rock song in China.

4. Childhood – Lo Ta-yu

“Childhood” is a song performed by Lo Ta-yu in 1979, and is off of one of the most important albums in China’s modern music culture, “Zhī hū zhě yě “. The title it made up of elements of classic chinese grammar, and means no particular word or words. It signified the evolution in how Chinese popular songs were to be composed. Lo Ta-yu’s song, “Childhood” represented this bold move, in that they were compositions that blended social commentary into the lyrics. Lo Ta-yu is nicknamed the “Godfather of Chinese pop music”.

3. The Moon Represents my Heart – Teresa Teng

The gentle timbre of Teresa Tengs voice is sure to touch your heart and soul, as you listen to her sing, “The Moon Represents my Heart”, which is Mandarin in origin. The track was composed by Weng Ching-hsi, with lyrics by Sun Yi in 1972. Teng’s version is so perfect, and so classic, that it could be danced to in a ballroom, as the rhythm of this love song, sways the body, as if dancing to a waltz.

2. Blue and White Porcelain – Jay Chou

“Blue and White Porcelain” by Jay Chou is about as beautifully poetic as one can get with a song. Sung with a great depth of feeling, “Bllue and White Porcelain” is considered a favorite among his fans. Jay is a multi talented artist, exceling in music, composition, acting and directing as well as being a record producer. “Blue and White Porcelain” is from Chou’s 2007 album, “On the Run” and was composed by Chou, with lyrics by Vincent Fang. The track won 4 awards: “Best Song of the Year”, “Best Composer” and “Best Lyricist” and “Best Arranger”, at the 19th Golden Melody Awards.

1. The Ocean – Chang Yu-sheng (Zhang Yu Sheng)

Chang Yu-seng’s delivery of the song, “The Ocean” (or The Sea), is regarded by many as his breakthrough song. Chang Yu-seng hailed from Taiwan, and worked as a composer, performer and record producer, and is known as “Music magician”, and is known for having the greatest voice in modern Manderin music history, also called Mando-pop. “The Ocean” is the track that made him a star on China’s mainland. A piano intro brings you into the song, which soon builds to a crescendo, where Chang’s vocals create an emotional, moving and very stirring recording. This is an excellent example of Chinese pop music, highly recommend it, and a taste of what to come.

All in all, an excellent listing of some of the songs that are most loved by the Chinese people. The transformation of creativity is a unique one, as the world moves forward, and leaves within its path, the making of histories. What we’ve gleened from this list, is that there is more to come creatively from this most awesome culture, and we wait to see what transpires.

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