Top 10 Best Darkwave Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Darkwave songs of all time 2017, Darkwave music emerged in the 70s inside of Germany. It grew out of the rock culture that had developed in this nation. This happened sometime during the latter part of that decade. Darkwave music is also known as Goth Rock and Post Rock.

For any music form to be Darkwave it has to create a morbid and/or depressing atmosphere. The music must convey messages of hopelessness, gloom and darkness. Darkwave lyrics must be written to make the listeners feel as if they life is nothing more than a deadly void.

Darkwave bands typically use musical sounds such as synthesizers, new wave musical tones and dreary sounding effects. These element are what makes darkwave songs so sorrowful or even spooky sounding. Darkwave music fans are known as “wavers and they all agree that darkwave music is a distressed and troubling form of music. However, that is just the way these music fans, like their songs.

Darkwave Song Top 10 latest new Darkwave songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Darkwave songs of all time 2017.

10. Your Master is Calling by Pink Turns Blue

This darkwave tune was released in 1988 by Pink Turns Blue. The lyrics for this song are extremely dark and demonically inspired. Pink Turns Blue talks about how their love is a burning hell on this tune. This song is dark and mysterious. It is dank and even reminds a person of a horror movie in a song. Your Master is Calling is not for the faint of heart. Musically, it has an 80s sound and feel. The song has a rhythmic sound that moves with conviction. Pink Turns Blue song is considered one of the best darkwave titles to date.

9. Heart Sling by Glocque

Glocque made the darkwave tune Heart Sling based off of a former relationship that he had at the time. Heart Sling was simply about not having love even though he had a girlfriend. This type of situation happens to people more often then they realize. When a couple is fighting with each the absence of love is present within the relationship. If were present then they would not want to harm each other. Gloque did a great job of transferring these feelings and emotions through his instrumental piece Heart Sling.

8. Never Mind We Are Not Here by Dear Baby Deer

This song is a true downer. It is a darkwave piece that moves extremely slow. If this song comes on people are going to immediately become depressed and sad. If people are violent and full of rage they will not be after hearing a couple of verses of this song. Never Mind We Are Not Here was made by the group known as Dear Baby Deer. This song is one of the best darkwave pieces that has ever been created. Wavers love this song because it does the genre some justice.

7. Love Like Blood by Killing Jokes

Killing Jokes is a darkwave group that made the song Love Like Blood. This song is a piece about fighting and dying as soldiers. It tells of the horrors of battle and how soldiers are trained to die on the field of war. The song Love Like Blood explains how people fight and die in this world for an army or a cause. This song is not just about fighting per say but life in general and the battles that people fight on personal level. This song was made during the 80s.

6. Feel Safe 88 (Just Say No) by Archy Marshall

When a darkwave tune is able to make a depressing atmosphere, it is a good thing for this genre of music. Wavers know that this style of music is supposed to be hypnotizing and despondent. The synthesizers help to give this song this type of downtrodden appeal. Feel Safe 88 was released in during the 80s by Archy Marshall. Wavers can get this tune on The Return of Pimp Shirmp CD.

5. Bad Trash by Switchblade Symphony

Bad Trash is a darkwave song that is anything but trash. This song was released in the mid-90s and it has an irritating sound that grates on the nerves. It moves like a metal song but the lyrics and melody takes a on a dreary sound that is slow and ethereal like. The lyrics are not coherent except for some parts of the song. Bad Trash makes sense for wavers who enjoy this genre of music. Switchblade Symphony made this song and many darkwave enthusiasts would have to agree that their work is commendable.

4. 7 Steps to Hell by Lavola

If you are a darkwave fan and you want to go hell then this is your song. 7 Steps to Hell was manufactured through the dark experiences of the darkwave group Lavola. They created this song during the 80s and it has a dark and ominous lyrical overtone. However, the music sounds like a rock fest from the 80s. The strange this about this song is that it will get wavers up and bouncing around. It is just that the lyrics are so inspired by eternal death that they might as well stay in a depressed and dark mood.

3. Where All Of These Towns and Choices End by Feeding Fingers

Feeding Fingers is a darkwave group that knows how to make some dismal music that resonates with deathly overtones. Where All Of These Towns and Choices End is a very long name for a song but it does deliver for darkwave fans everywhere. The song uses a distorted and melancholy synthesizer sound to create the mood for this piece. Once a person listens to it they will immediately feel the dark undertones that are present within the melody. This song was created in 2016 and it is on its way to becoming a darkwave classic song.

2. Unknown by Xxyyxx

The darkwave band known as Xxyyxx made the song Unknown which is similar to a pop style song. This piece has the feel of a pop song and many darkwave fans might not be that enthused about this tune. While the song might be a very upbeat tune for the darkwave genre the lyrics will dampen anybody’s hopes that this song will become the next pop piece. The song is not necessarily a bright and cheery piece that will get people up and grooving. It has a musical sound and nothing else.

1. Cut by deeply

Cut is rather deeply disturbing darkwave song. The lyrics is about a guy who wants to stop hurting his girl with the bad things that he is doing in her life. While his desires might be commendable, his actions are not. In the song, the guy literally wants to “cut” off his hands and feet and other body parts to ensure his girlfriend that he will stay true to her and to stop causing her problems. The lyrics are very frightening and troubling. However, the music is on point and could almost past for a modern-day Billboard top 10 jam. This is truly a great song for the darkwave crowd.

These darkwave songs are the top of the list for this genre of music. Wavers everywhere love at least one of these tunes because they truly represent how dark and mysterious darkwave music can really be.

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