Top 10 Best Drum And Bass Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Drum And Bass songs of all time 2017, Drum and bass music has its origins within England. This music form evolved from the rave music scene that took place in the 90’s. During that period, rave music was a part of party scene where people would have dance celebrations inside of abandoned areas. They would use heavy bass and sub-bass music to fuel this type of sound. Eventually, DJ’s started to focus exclusively on the drum and bass sound and it developed into its own unique music genre.

Drum and bass music is defined by quick exploding beats that has a rate between 150 and 180 BPM. Synthesizers and electronic sounds are used for this style of music as well. People also used the spirited and upbeat music that is often found within Jamaican dub and reggae. This music form was real popular during the mid to late 90’s. It started to decline during the early 2000’s and by 2017 this music form is an underground sound. Here are some top drum and bass songs of all time.

Top 10 latest new Drum And Bass songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Drum And Bass songs of all time 2017.

10. Valley of the Shadow by Origin Unknown

Valley of the Shadow is a drum and bass song that was released in 93. The group Origin Unknown gave the world this drum and bass tune. This song has a deep tempo and a powerful hook that constantly repeats itself as the track progresses. Synthesizers also plays a great melody while the song moves along. Many drum and bass fans love this tune and listen to it as often they can.

9. Pranksters by DJ Zinc

DJ Zinc made a song called Pranksters which is a high powered, up-temp song that moves with force. It is fast, lively and has various hooks that move throughout the song. DJ Zinc did a good job with manufacturing this drum and bass beat. Fans of this genre continue to enjoy this song and it still is remembered to this day as one of the best drum and bass tunes in history.

8. Terrorist by Renegade

Terrorist by the group Renegade was released in 2009. This song uses a wide variety of different sounds from all over the world. One of the main talents that Renegade borrows from is Ray Keith who made the song Nightporter. This song has a lot of great features such as break beats, melodic hooks and cool synthesized sounds. Terrorist flows in the way that a great drum and bass song should go.

7. Warhead by DJ Krust

Warhead is a song that has a similar sound to a high school or college marching band. This song has an electronic format with a big band sound. This tune is complex but it still is very simple in its construct. The energy for this song is dynamic. The song Warhead was made by DJ Krust and it is simply a great tune that has withstood the test of time as a great drum and bass piece.

6. Lighter by DJ SS

DJ SS made the drum and bass song Lighter by taking blending different genres. He took classical music and fused it with drum and bass tracks. This particular blend of music made the song Lighter a very unique and original sounding tune that has taken drum and bass music to another level. DJ SS broke into the big time when he made this song. He elevated the drum and bass game in a whole new way. Lighter was made in the 90’s.

5. Super Sharp Shooter by LL Cool J

Super Sharp Shooter is a drum and bass song that took borrowed music lines from rapper LL Cool J. This song has bullets shooting off in the background and LL busting out his one line samples. The song moves back and forth between driving sequences, hardcore samples and gunshots. This song was hard and edgy and everything that a drum and bass fan would love to hear. Ganja Kru made this song and it is one of his best to date.

4. Champion Sound by Q Project

Q Project is a drum and bass band that made a song called Champion Sound. This jam came out in the 90’s. Champion Sound did well during its time. This music has an outstanding drum pattern and hook that alternates throughout various part of the tune. This tune was well appreciated by DnB (drum and bass) fans. They just could not get enough of this outstanding tune that they really believed had a Champion Sound.

3. Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix) by Adele

Most people would not associate musical artist Adele with drum and bass music. However, she did make a drum and bass song called Hometown Glory in 2008. This song was a known as the High Contrast Remix which utilized her vocals. Adele actually helped to get drum and bass music back into the spotlight when she made this tune. Due to her efforts, the drum and bass sound started to gain some more popularity among the masses.

2. Shake Your Body

Shake Your Body is another drum and bass song that had commercial potential. Many people who did not even like the drum and bass sound really enjoyed it. This song appealed to the masses and since it did; it had the ability to get drum and bass music back out into the mainstream. It was a like a pop song with a jazzy feel. This song is a drum and bass piece that has a lot of drawing power from music fans everywhere.

1. Sigma presents Nobody To Love

When a person does not have anybody to love it can be very difficult for them. The drum and bass group known as Sigma understands this point very well. In 2014 they released a tune called Nobody to Love. This song was a huge drum and bass tune that has mass appeal in modern times. Sigma used samples from Kayne West and his Bound 2 music. This song helped to reestablish the drum and bass genre as a great hit for fans and the masses. Nobody to Love has helped to put Drum and Bass back on the charts.

Drum and bass music is trying to make a comeback but it might not do so well. However, even if does not return as a mainstream music form there are still more than enough underground followers to make it a great genre for this type of music fans.

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