Top 10 Best Bass Songs of All Time for Car Subwoofers

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Bass songs of all time 2017, Back in the 80s many urban teens and young adults who had cars started a trend with pumping loud music from their cars. This trend usually required drivers to hook up a custom made sound system that utilized a subwoofer, an equalizer and various bass speakers. Once the system was in place, people could drive around blasting their music and literally shattering a person’s house or windows.

While bass music is not all that appreciated by many homeowners, the music does serve a purpose in modern society. It is primarily used for the social party scene and for bragging rights. Many music artists realized that bass music is important to many urban dwellers. For that reason, they created bass music or songs for subwoofers. Here are a list of these songs.

Bass Song Top 10 latest new Bass songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Bass songs of all time 2017.

10. My Posses on Broadway by Sir-Mix-A-Lot

Sir-Mix-A-Lot might be known for his song My Baby Got Back but he also made my Posse’s on Broadway which was a really big hit in the late 80s. Once again this song was not his best jam but it certainly ranks up there in terms of bass music. The deep bass sound that resonated within the song was truly a hard hitting but easy flowing bass effect. It was heavy and hard on the body but soothing to the ears. People use to “thump” this song in their car stereo systems and could be heard for miles on end.

9. Money by Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd made the song Money in 1973 and the big bass sound within this jam pushed a person’s car speakers to the limits. This album has been constantly used by audio system installers for years to test out new systems that they have set up within a vehicle. This song is all about the rock and roll but it does have enough bass to piss off the neighbors if a person wants to blast it within their system. The song money truly makes bass music a great masterpiece of music for people to listen to and enjoy when they are playing the bass sound on their car’s audio system.

8. Still Fly by Big Tymers

If you can remember back to the late 90s, the Big Tymers created the song Still Fly. This song was not their greatest hit to date but it is truly a bass orientated song that will have a person’s speaker thumping like a heartbeat. What makes this song such a great bass tune is its alternating high and low bass drum effects. Still Fly can push the bass sound to the extremes.

7. Iron Maiden by Rock and Roll

Iron Maiden is primarily known for their heavy and hard metal sound but they have also been known to make a good bass song or two. The Trooper is just one of those bass songs that happens to be a rock and roll hit. Rockers really like their guitar and screaming vocals but they also like a heavy bass sound every now and then. The song The Trooper delivers in this regard.

6. Four Horsemen by Metallica

Metallica is another heavy metal group but they are not known for their bass music. However, they did produce a bass orientated hit tune called the Four Horsemen. This song had a galloping bass line that could be heard for miles around when played through the right type of car audio system. This song is a rare rock and roll tune where bass is featured as the highlight of the piece.

5. Without Me by Eminem

Eminem’s song Without Me is bass inspired masterpiece. This song is loaded with a thick and rich bass flow that resonates with feeling and grit. As the bass line flows from this song it starts to dominate an area with different effects. In other words, a person can play this song through their car system and the base is so masterfully crafted that it seems like it is coming at them from outside of the car. This is a true bass song masterpiece.

4. Baby By Me by 50 Cent

Baby By Me by 50 Cent which is loaded with bass from beginning to end. This song pushes the limits of a person’s speakers and forces them to make adjustments to handle the pulse pounding bass music that protrudes from the piece. Simply put the bass in this song is extremely powerful and body shaking. Once this song hits it can deliver bass like a punch. This song is a great piece that flows with tenacity and supreme skill.

3. Give It Up by Public Enemy

While Public Enemy is a rap group that has always made hard hitting music for their very superb rap lyrics; their song Give It Up is the group’s best tune to date that features a heavy bass sound. Give It Up is not the group’s best hit but it is popular in terms of bass delivery. This song was designed to optimize the bass sound and it does deliver in this regard.

2. Everlasting Bass by Rodney O and Joe Cooley

People might not remember Rodney O and Joe Cooley but they were two influential West Coast Rappers that helped to pioneer the West Coast sound before it went defunct. In 1988 this group came up with the song Everlasting Bass and it was a car system dream come true. People who blasted this song in their rides were treated to an exquisite sound of bass that made their subwoofers thump with delight. This song is truly a bass song for the ages.

1. My Name is Mud by Primus

Primus made a song called my name is Mudd and it is a tune where bass rules. Once the music is cranked up in this piece it thumps with power and might. This song was not a big hit but it certainly is big on bass and it has a good flow. My Name is Mudd is the type of bass song that subwoofers dream about. This song pushes the limits of bass music to the next level.

These bass songs are truly “bumping” tunes. Once a person cranks them inside of their ride, their subwoofers should sound like speakers at a sold out concert arena.

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