Top 10 Best Dubstep Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Dubstep songs of all time 2017, There is something about the British Isles and pop music. From the British Rock Invasion of the 1960’s, and its continual evolution, to the development of another new, and fresh sound: Dubstep. Dubstep is a genre of EDM which developed in South London in the 1990’s. Dubstep is complex, and not for the faint of heart. All in all, Dubstep is here to stay, it’s fast, fun and creative, and people dig it.


Here we present the list of top 10 best Dubstep songs of all time 2017.

10. Eastern Jam – Chase & Status

Saul Milton and Will Kennard make up the dubstep production team of Chase & Status. They are pretty big deals at the moment, having worked with some well known musicians, but it’s their track “Eastern Jam” that still remains a favorite with their fans. What’s fun about this track, is that they decided to sample the Bollywood tune, “Silsil aYe Chaahat Ka”, loading it chock full of distortion, synths, and some big beat bass. “Eastern Jam” is built for the dance floor, and as they say, no decent DJ pouch is perfect unless this is lurking about, somewhere inside.

9. Ancient Memories – Digital Mystikz

The British dubstep super duo of Mala and Coki are at it again with their 2006 track, “Ancient Memories”. When you first encounter this track you’ll most certainly hear the religious infusion of reggae, Jamaican influence. “Ancient Memories” is sampled from the 1998 Jamaican singer, Sizzla’s track. Together, Mala and Coki combine echoing synths, distortions, and fades to take this original dance hall track, and transform it into a track with an almost post apocalyptic flavor.

8. Qawwali – Pinch

Dubstep musician, Pinch handed us his track, “Qawwali” in 2006. We’ve covered some powerful dubstep so far in our list, so if you happen to be looking for a breather, then “Qawwali” is it. Called by some as almost trance like or hypnotic, this is one dubstep song that you might actually be able to meditate to. “Qawwali” refers to melodic Sufi music. This dubstep is powerfully fluid. Remember it’s still dubstep, and not a sleepy time tune, so still be prepared for drive, strength and power.

7. Purple City – Joker Featuring Ginz

British record producer and creator of ultra fine dubstep and grime, Joker (Liam McLean) is a cool cat who developed his own particular flavor, and it’s called “Purple sound”. In 2009, he was crowned the king of “Bass music“, and has been featured in multiple publications, such as “The Wire” and “XLR8R”. “Purple City” was released in 2009 and features Ginz. This track is packed with funkadelic leads, spicy bits of grime and some nice distortion. A trip. If you’re looking for a capital freak time, solid and pure, then check this track out.

6. Spongebob – Coki

Coki is one half of the dubstep team known as Digital Mystikz (Mala and Coki). Coki began making music with Mala when there were but kids, in London. But their goofing around with notes and sounds most certainly paid off, as the pair is now one of the captains of the dubstep genre. “Spongebob” is a Coki specialty, full of acid house squelch, distortion, and its feisty. If you feel like diving into a hot, sweaty moshpit sea of bodies, then “Spongebob” is the track for you.

5. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites – Skrillex featuring Rachael Nedrow

Skrillex as created a massive dubstep with “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”, which dropped in 2010. In case you haven’t heard, Skrillex is the top of the line creator for this genre This track has hit over 100 million views on youtube and just does not seem to want to stop. Skrillex is a genius with sounds, creating massive reflections of emotion and power that drive a track home. “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” features the vocals of Rachael Nedrow, “yes, oh my gosh!”. This track has since been certified double platinum in the U.S. and won a Grammy for the Best Dance Recording.

4. Night – Benga & Coki

“Night” from Benga and Cokie, is a dubstep track that almost makes you feel as if you are on an ocean of sound, as you skim the waves from still to buoyant. Benga hails from the UK, and is dug down deep in the heritage of dubstep. Benga was built for dubstep. When a teen, Benga hammered out his first songs on his Playstation. it was dubstep record producer, Hatcha, that noticed the new and emerging talent in Benga. In 2008, Benga created and released a crossover hit, “Night”, along with Coki. This is a deceptively simple, melodic track, that satisfies your hunger for the genre. It’s got funk, garage, held together by a swift kick beat and echoing bass line.

3. Broken Heart – Martyn

When “Broken Heart” funnels its way to the club floor, you can’t help but be immediately swept up in the haunting, echo vocals. Broken Heart is a dubstep remix of a deep throated garage power piece by TRG and mixed by Martyn, a Dutch record producer and DJ. Layering of Rhodes sampled chords, along with the eerie reverb of “broken heart”, takes the mix down a road of regret, as it’s backed by a swift, tight, snapping beat, and a shifting organ line.

2. Archangel – Burial

British Electronic recording artist, Burial created one of the top dubstep tracks ever, “Archangel”. Burial found interest in electronic music early on in life, when his brothers introduced him to the rave scene. Burial received a nomination for the Mercury Prize in 2007 for his album “Untrue”. But it was “Archangel” , a single he released in 2007 that became known by most fans as his signature track. Haunting, almost eerie, “Archangel” balances the sublime with the somewhat skittish sounds and tribal beat. Classic dubstep.

1. Midnight Request Line – Skream

Skream is a British record producer that specializes in electronica. In the world of Dubstep, Skream is known as influential in the development of dubstep. “Midnight Request Line” is one of Skreams first singles. This track introduced a more melodic sound to the genre, and many, such as LA Times critic, Justin Hampton, consider this one of “dubstep’s most recognizable crossover hit(s)”.

Those who compose these songs are extremely creative individuals who have learned to balance the perfect beat, structure and elements available to them, all while knowing the best software and electronic accompaniment. Dubstep may not be for everyone, nor does it claim to win converts. It is simply an exciting and new vision for music, its fans and creators.

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