Top 10 Best Emo Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Emo songs of all time 2017, Emo-music seems to have gone by the wayside since the early 2000s but none the less, for those of us who grew up on it we have learned how to cope with life thanks to it. Emo counterculture gave the youth of the time the freedom to wail their feelings, express grief and sadness as well as dress and express themselves in their own unique way. The lyrics are often poetic and have the ability to really reach out and grab ahold of the emotions buried deep in our guts.

Emo Song Top 10 latest new Emo songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Emo songs of all time 2017.

10. Dashboard Confessionals “Vindicated”

This song was written for the Spiderman 2 soundtrack and was a hit thanks to the movies marketing. The song received a significant amount of radio play on Alternative stations. This is an emo staple given the lyrics and discussing deep emotional realizations.

9. Jack’s Mannequin “Dark Blue”

This emo band started in 2004 in Orange County, California. This song in particular didn’t reach gold until eight years after its release in 2005. The music video shows a 50s dance off. The opening of the song has a catchy piano beat which leads into the vocals. This song definitely makes you feel some emotions you might have been hiding from the world. The song reminds you to “slow down” and pay attention to your surroundings. It’s a perfect song for a first dance between two lovers. It’s a beautiful emo piece.

8. Yellow Card “Only One”

This band came together in Florida the year of 1997 and is an emo staple. This song definitely has an emotional tone to it, hence emo. It touched on the feelings of giving up and feeling broken as well as the need to talk. It’s a touching song about having someone special in your life that fills holes only that one person can fill. This band is also renowned for taking breaks and going on hiatus and then coming together after some time. When they do finally reunite it’s always a joy for it’s fans who love their emotional and touching music.

7. We the Kings “Check Yes Juliet”

This song was released in 2008 and is one of those songs emo girls love listening to while daydreaming about finding their true love. The song is a male character hoping a girl will “check yes” and run away with them. The music features the lead singer throwing rocks at “Juliet’s” window and begging for her love in return.

6. Blink-182 “I Miss You”

This song released in 2004 has a very deep emotional base touching on the feelings of missing someone. He referenced The Nightmare Before Christmas by talking about having Halloween on Christmas and living like Jack and Sally. The music video hints at ghosts and someone that has passed away with a ghostly female appearing in and out with a translucent hue. This song made a great deal of emo kids from the early 2000s deal with issues that might have been otherwise hard to deal with.

5. Panic! At the Disco “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”

This song has a more vaudevillian sound with the hypnotic bass. Not to mention it has a more upbeat rock sound versus the previously mentioned songs. The band theatrically performs in the music video dressed in top hats and tuxedo suits. There are references of the circus with band members showing mime makeup and black and white clown makeup. Multiple characters in the music video are played by members of the Lucent Dossier Vaudeville Cirque.

4. Paramore “Misery Business”

This fast paced rock song is played by Paramore who is one of the few emo bands featuring a female lead singer. The lead singer, Hayley Williams, is popular for her bright orange, yellow and/or red hair. This band had a huge influence of the emo movement as far as how girls styled their hair. After she came out and became popular many girls around the country were cutting their hair with same sharp edges and varied layers as Hayley had. The song discusses the pleasure of bringing misery on those who have wronged you.

3. Hawthorne Heights “Ohio Is For Lovers”

According to the lead singer the song discusses going on tour while knowing their girlfriend is behind stuck in Ohio. This song has been called “the emo anthem” by many music critics because of the content of the song. They talk about being killed, cutting their wrists, dying, and missing someone so much they’d rather die. It’s a heavy song that discusses some very deep topics.

2. Fall Out Boy “Sugar We’re Going Down”

This is the most widely known song by Fall Out Boy; it was released in 2005. The lead singer has admitted to slurring the lyrics of chorus on purpose because he enjoyed the sound of it. The music video is extremely interesting in that the main character has deer antlers and confronting his feelings for a girl in the neighborhood. This song has peaked at spot 6 on the Billboard top 100 music charts.

1. My Chemical Romance “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)”

This song made the number one spot because of its deep message of encountering the issue of not being okay. Many emo-fans can admit their biggest reason for enjoying this music and the counterculture is the ability to face the negative emotions in life. In the song he admits to not being okay, being worn out as well as not wanting to deal with society and its issues. The music features the entire band with the lead singer with long black hair and dark eye shadow covering his eyes.

Emo music is not for everyone but for those of us who enjoy it we find it as a great outlet for our true feelings and not bottling them up anymore. Whether the anger, angst and frustration is sung out violently by explicitly describing the processes of suicide or just simply explaining the feelings in an honest and emotional way there’s a song for it. Many of the songs are screamed out accompanied by quick drum solos with some very theatrical music videos.

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