Top 10 Best Flamenco Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Flamenco songs of all time 2017, Flamenco is a music style originating from Spanish regions of Andalusia, Extremadura and Murcia. It has a definitive rhythm in its vocal, dance, and instrumental forms. Singing, guitar and clapping and dance often accompany this music. Flamenco is a wild, passionate music with a remarkable pedigree.

Flamenco songs have elements of Persian classical music, Jewish and Muslim religious music, and several other relics of melody and rhythm from the numerous cultures that merged in Spain’s southern cities over many years.

The list below is made up of the 10 best Flamenco songs of all time. Let’s take a look:

Here we present the list of top 10 best Flamenco songs of all time 2017.

10. Misa Flamenca – Paco Peña

Paco Peña, from Córdoba, is mostly responsible for spreading the flamenco music outside of Spain in the 1960’s. He began singing with a Flamenco dance group, but later became a solo guitar player and moved to London where he became well known. Paco Peña toured the world as a solo artist and accompanied dance troupes performing.

Misa Flamenco is loosely translated as Flamenco Mass. It is one of Pacos well-known songs that received great acclaim and made him famous in the music scene in 1960’s.

9. Historia de un Amor -Carlos Eleta Almarán

Historia de un Amor meaning a love story is a melody written and performed by Carlos Eleta Almarán in 1956. It is a track about a man’s old love. Almaran wrote the song for his brother after the death of his brother’s wife and is about a man suffering because his love has gone.

This record is considered one of the most romantic Latin songs ever recorded and has been covered by many artists over the years. This ditty is a classic and beautiful, no wonder so many cover songs have been made. It deserves a spot on this list

8. Fandangos- Manolo Caracol

Manolo Caracol comes from a family of artists from Seville, Spain including the Enrique Ortega and Curro Dulce. Caracol is a renowned and flamboyant character of the Flamenco who never shied away from controversy to popularized Flamenco music and make a name for himself. He lived a life of scandal and passion, and was known for having some uneven shows. He had his unique dance style and song

Fandangos is one of his best-known works. The song is a pure Flamenco which he performs with his own unique music style and dance. This singer is one of the most known Flamenco artists outside This genres circles.

7. Pocito De Nieve -Carmen Linares

Carmen Linares is known as one of the finest Flamenco singers in Spain. Her professional career began in the dance company of Carmen Mora, and made her first recording in 1970.

Carmen Linares has one of the most incomparable voices in flamenco. Raw and emotional, most of her songs are pure flamenco. Pocito De Nieve is one of her best songs. Carmen Linsres was awarded Spain’s Premio Nacional de Música for interpretation in 2001.

6. Niña Pastori by Tú Me Camelas

Niña Pastori is a Spanish Flamenco singer from San Fernando. She is a remarkably talented artist. Niña released her first album at just seventeen years of age. Niña sings a more modern kind of music which is more like a mix if pop and pure flamenco.

Tú Me Camelas is her best Flamenco track which was released in 1996. She has had a lot of commercial success by adding a pop sound to her music.

5. Todos Mortales – Ojos de Brujo

Ojos de Brujo which means Sorcerers Eye is a leading band in contemporary Flamenco music from Barcelona. Their songs can be described as Flamenco rhythms with hip-hop beats. Ojos de Brujo’s music is highly accessible and great for any occasion.

Todos Mortales is one of their best tracks that incorporates both flamenco and rap. This 9-member band has character and depth producing songs that have flamenco as the main ingredient.

The band has had great commercial success and have sold many of copies of their albums without any backing of a major label. They have also won awards for their music.

4. La Noche – Estrella Morente

Hailing from a family of artists, Estrella Morente is no different. This young singer is so talented and can belt out some amazing Flamenco hits and has captured hearts of fans everywhere. She started singing at the age of seven with her father and produced her first albumin 2001

La Noche is one of her best songs which her father produced. She does the contemporary kind of Flamenco which is endearing to the younger music fans.

3. Tres Notas Para Decir te Quiero – Vicente Amigo

Vicente Amigo is a leading Flamenco Artist, and one who is not afraid to combine subtle elements of outside inspirations into his sound. This results in music that is rooted in this style but different with character that only pure Flamenco music lover would appreciate. A lovely sound to hear.

Tres Notas Para Decir te Quiero is a soothing track to listen to. It has great vocals and skillful guitar playing. The tune was released in 2002 off Vicente’s first studio album. The album won a Latin Grammy for Best Flamenco Album after its release in 2002.

2. Arte Flamenco – La Niña de Los Peines

La Niña de Los Peines, was born in Pastora Pavón Cruz in Sevilla in 1890. La Niña was very talented, and could sing any music style with depth. Her music set the tone for a new period of Flamenco. She did most of her recordings post the war time and because of the era in which her music was done, she never made any full-length albums and her songs are released as singles. Despite of that, her music is exceptional and some of the earliest songs of this genre ever recorded. Arte Flamenco is one of the songs we love from this artist.

1. Castillo De Espinas – Remedios Amaya

Remedios Amaya is one of the leading female Flamenco singers from Sevilla. Amaya is one of those artists that can recreate a century old song that has been sung so many times and bring something new and delightful to it without compromising the deep feeling associated with the song.

Her kind of music is contemporary, but it remains loaded with duende, a Spanish word meaning, a powerful stirring within the soul. She’s accompanied here by guitar player Vicente Amigo whose is also a force to reckon with. Castillo De Espinas is one of her finest tune that embodies what Flamenco is all about, the reason why it tops our list.

As with any genre, contemporary Flamenco music tends to be easier to listen to than older artists, mostly because of style, but also because of sound quality issue. You would be missing out on some of the greatest songs if you don’t explore the 20th century music that is raw and pure in form.

This are some of the songs that we feel are worth of a mention. This genre is so diverse with great artists. This list is just a starting point, explore this kind of songs and let us know your best 10.

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