Top 10 Best Folk Metal Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Folk Metal songs of all time 2017, Folk metal is a form of heavy metal that started back in the 1980’s. This music has the power of metal with the harmonies of folk music. This music combined great instruments that are common in folk with the heaviness that is found in metal music. This music also takes inspiration from folklores and a number of elements. This music has become popular all over the world. These are the top 10 folk metal songs of all times.

Top 10 latest new Folk Metal songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Folk Metal songs of all time 2017.

10. Shipwrecked by Alestorm

This is by the band Alestorm. This band is known for making music that many have labeled Scottish Pirate music. This band uses a lot of instruments including accordions but they are very jelly and heavy. This music is hard but it is upbeat and energetic as well. The band is known for making music about adventures about the sea and adventures while on the sea. This is a great song to sing along with yet it has a metal feel to it.

9. Firefight by Blackguard

This song is by a band named Blackguard. This band in from Canada and is a hard metal band. This band is also influenced by Scandinavian classic folk music which gives the band a unique sound. This sound is unique and has a hard twist to it. This band has put out several sounds but this is one of their best ones.

8. Not Unlike the Waves by Agalloch

This is a song by Agalloch. This band is from Oregon and has a unique sound. This band crosses several different genres of music and has some great songs. This band combines metal, rock, and folk all in one. The music has a bit of psychedelic feel to it as well as strong lyrics. The songs are emotional and have a great sound . While the recorded version of this song is great it sounds even better when it is live.

7. Rauta by Korpiklaani

This band is called Korpiklaani. This is one of the first bands to put folk into their metal songs. This band first hit the market under the name Shaman but changed its name in 2002. With the new name came a new sound. This band writes songs about the wilderness and they also have some songs about sitting back and drinking beer. In addition to the metal sound this band has instruments in their songs including the piano, guitars, and even accordions. The music is upbeat but still has the metal feel. While the song may not be in English it is still great to rock out to and have a party with.

6. Land of Snow and Sorrow by Wintersun

This is a by a band called Wintersun. This band was going to be a side projected by a couple of the band members from Ensiferum. This band was formed and took both metal music and folk to a new place. This music is metal with some folk acoustic played on the guitar. This song is about nature and the feeling of hopelessness but it a good song to listen to . This band is taking the music they make to another level and making some great music while they are at it.

5. A Rose for Epona by Eluveitie

This is by the band named Eluveitie. The band is from Switzerland and has been making some great folk metal music. The band has some harsh vocals including the ones in this song. They take the lyrics and add some great instruments to them to give the song a new sound. Some of the instruments used includes fiddles, flues, and bag pipes. This takes metal music and gives it a new sound. The band has songs both in English and a form of Celtic language known as Gaulish. The lyrics to this song are in English and the music in the background makes it sound great.

4. Ten More Miles by Turisas

This song is by the band Turisas. This band is from Finland. They take the heavy metal sound and add violins and trumpets to it to give it a really nice sound. A person can bang their heads to the music but at the same time enjoy the instruments. This is a great song but many say that the best way to listen to it is live.

3. Hallways of Always by Ulver

This is by the band Ulver. They are a hard metal band but has been known to make music with the Norwegian National Opera company for a really great folk metal sound. This band is from Norway and they make music that is dark but has some great sounds. They are one of the first bands to use a cello and an ambient drum in their music. The lyrics sometimes sound like a chant and they like to experiment with electric sounds as well. This band’s music is inspired by folk and the beautiful land of Norway. They also have a darker sound and often deal with the relationship between Heaven and Hell.

2. In My Sword I Trust by Ensiferum

This is by the band Ensiferum. They are from Finland and have been making great folk metal songs for years. This song has a clear melody and a number of great instruments. Like their other songs the lyrics have to do with sword and Nordic mythology. A person can enjoy the great sounds of this music and learn about some of the early times of the country as well.

1. Haxbrygd by Finntroll

This is by the band Finntroll. A person does not have to understand the language to appreciate the sound of this song. This song has some great metal meats as well as sounds of black music. This band is from Sweden and has a loud sound. There are some great guitar blends as well as some great instrumental sounds.

These are some of the best folk metal songs of all time. These songs have hard lyrics and hard sounds. They also have some instrumental sounds to them as well. A person can listen to this music and hear a great combination of hard music as well as well some great instruments and folk lyrics.

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