Top 10 Best French Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best French songs of all time 2017, France, the eternal country of art, culture and freedom. A place where one can enjoy art galleries during the day, browse it’s myriad of shops and enjoy the wonderful people who live there. It is the place of Paris, the Eiffel tower. France is indeed, a gift to the world. The music of France has deep traditions in folk, love and romance, pop/rock and dance. We have created a list of some of the top selling singles in the history of French music, which includes the soft and sweet tracks that celebrate the gift of love, theater, dance club as well as pop/rock.

Top 10 latest new French songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best French songs of all time 2017.

10. La Mer (The Sea) – Various Artists

One of the most famous songs in the history of France, is “La Mer”, or “The Sea”. This song has been covered many times by various artists across the world. American pop idol great, Bobby Darin had a smash with it in 1959, peaking at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. as did others. “La Mer” was written by composer Charles Trenet and saw it’s first recording in 1945 by Roland Gerbeau. However, it was when Charles Trenet decided to release it, that it became a chart topper and the well beloved standard that we know today. Various artists of note who have covered the song include: Bobby Darin, Benny Goodman, George Bensen, Robbie Williams, Kevin Spacey and more. The song continues to be covered as well as appear in movies such as “L.A. Story”, and “French Kiss”.

9. La Tribu de Dana (The Tribe of Dana) by Manau

Manau is an interesting band from France. Their style is basically hip hop with elements of Celtic folk melodies. “La Tribu de Dana” is off the album, “Panique Celtique” and released in 1998. This track became one of the top selling singles in France, and by combining rap and Breton melodies, gave birth to a new style. “La Tribu de Dana” tells the tale of the tribe of Dana, found in Celtic mythology. The single was given Frances certification of Diamond, having sold over 14 million copies.

8. La Musique (Angelica) by Star Academy

Star Academy is a television series in France that is similar to American Idol. The track “La Musique (Angelica)” was recorded and released as a single in 2001, by the fourteen member cast of the first season of the show. The song was a huge success in France, climbing up the charts, heavy radio play as well as sales. The track was composed by Barry Mann and Cynthia Well in 1966, and was covered by various artists. The track was certified Diamond in France.

7. Ces soirées-là (At Those Parties) by Yannick

Yannick is a French rapper who released his single, “Ces soirées-là” in 2000, off his first album, “C’est comme ça qu’on aime”. The single was immediately embraced by fans, making it a huge hit for Yannick, and becoming one of the top selling singles in France’s history. This track as a solid, upbeat structure, swift of foot and vivacious in nature. The track was certified Diamond in France selling more than 1.5 million copies. Played in dance clubs, and frequently remixed, this track swiftly smacks the beat, calling dancers to the floor.

6. Un Monde parfait (A Perfect World) by Ilona Mitrecey

“Un Monde parfait” was recorded by French performer, Ilona Mitrecey, and was released as a single from her first album, “Un Monde parfait” in 2005. The song appealed to the masses and became an instant hit in France, as well as Europe, hitting platinum in Belgium, and Diamond in France. The style of the track is classic eurodance, with a simple, almost nursery rhyme lyrical twist. This eurodance track is a favorite of dance club DJs, and has had party remixes, extended mixes and blade mixes, and continues to be a favorite in clubs world wide.

5. Aline by Christophe

“Aline” is a soft and sweet romantic ballad, and tells the story of a man longing to be with his lady love. The track was composed and performed by the famous French singer, Christophe, and released in 1965 as a single. “Aline” received a rather warm reception from the French public and soon the single sored effortlessly up to the top of the French music charts. Later on when his career slowed, Christophe took the advice of his wife and re-released the single in 1989 where it again achieved a chart topping status, making the total, all time copies sole, a staggering 3.5 million.

4. Éthiopie by Chanteurs Sans Frontières

During the 1980’s, the country of Ethiopia experienced a wide spread famine. Due to the urgency of the situation, musical artists in France were gathered together to perform a ‘charity single’. “Éthiopie” was then released in 1985 to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia by the band Chanteurs sans Frontieres, which was in reality, a collaboration of top French musical talent. Not only was the song a hit, achieving platinum status, but the donations that flooded into the association were in the millions, and were then distributed to charity and aid organizations.

3. Lambada by Kaoma Featuring Loalwa Braz

The Lambada was a Brazilian dance craze that swept through Europe in the 1980’s, even touching down for a bit in the States. The short skirts and active hip swirls and rocks, was enough to have those with a more standoffish attitude to see it as threatening the morals of a good society. Be that as it may, the Lambada flourished at dance clubs. The song “Lambada” was recorded by French musical group, Kaoma, and featured the vocals of Brazilian singer, Loalwa Braz. Released in 1989, it was their first single off their album, “Worldbeat”. “Lambada” became a summer smash, topping over 5 million copies in 1989, and helped to add to the swelling heat generated by the Lambada dance fad. The track hit did its own Lambada, as it swayed and rocked right up to the top spot on eleven singles charts, and was used for the film, “The Forbidden Dance”. Since then, “Lambada” has had a multitude of covers by various artists across the globe.

2. Belle by Patrick Fiori, Garou and Daniel Lavoie

French musical artists, Garou and Daniel Lavoie and Patrick Fiori released “Belle” in 1998. “Belle” is a pop song purposefully based on Victor Hugo’s “Nortre Dame de Paris”, and is from the stage musical “Notre Dame de Paris”. The lyrics were composed by Luc Plamondon, with music by Richard Cocciante. It is a song of love and romance, where a trio of suitors proclaim their great love for the gypsy girl, Esmeralda. “Belle” was such a success that it peaked at number one, and remained on the French singles chart for a total of 60 weeks, and was certified Diamond.

1. Petit Papa Noël by Tino Rossi

The top selling single ever in the history of France belongs to Tino Rossi. “Petit pap Noel” released in 1946, is a Christmas song composed by Raymond Vincy and Henri Martinet. “Petit Papa Noel” sold 30 million copies world wide, with those numbers continually changing as it is re-released under various labels during the holiday season. This is a sweet and special Christmas song about Father Christmas (Santa Claus) that is sure to remain a holiday favorite for many years to come.

The musical heritage of France is steeped in the history of its people, it’s free and without barriers or bonds. Various genres blend seamlessly within the charts. All in all, a nice set of tracks that give you a little taste of the music that lies withing the most magical and cultured world that is France.

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