Top 10 Best Friendship Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Friendship songs of all time 2017, Whether your a girl a boy, a child or an adult, you have a best friend. It doesn’t matter if your best friend is the person you’re married to, your mother, or your dog. A best friend is something that everyone needs. Friendship is important, a strong friendship can survive anything. Best friends are there for one another no matter what the circumstance. Through good times and bad, they hold you when you cry, and make you laugh when you’re sad. We all love our best friend. Chances are you and your best friend have a song that reminds you of the amazing friendship you have. Who doesn’t love a great song about friendship? Take a look below at the Top 10 Best Friendship/Best Friend Songs of All Time.

Top 10 latest new Friendship songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Friendship songs of all time 2017.

10. I’ll Be There For You by The Rembrandts

The Rembrandts’ unforgettable tune, “I’ll Be There For You” is best known as the anthem for the hit television series “Friends”. The song was actually co-written by the “Friends” producers. The music video features the six cast members from the hit sitcom.

If you don’t already know, “I’ll Be There For You” is a song about friendship. Going on through the whole song explaining how the person will always be there for his friends. Thanks to the television sitcom, “I’ll Be There For You” is a friendship anthem that will be forever remembered.

9. You’re My Best Friend by Tim McGraw

Released in 1999, Tim McGraw took “You’re My Best Friend” to the top of the Country Billboard Charts. The song is a man expressing his feelings towards his woman lover who he considers his best friend. This also goes on to show that many people consider the person they love to not only be their lover but their best friend. Yet, you also must remember that there is a thin line between close friends and love. Many people fall in love with their “so called” best friend. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always end well. Fairytale romances are hard to come by.

8. Thank You For Being A Friend by Andrew Gold

“Thank You For Being A Friend” was originally written and sung by Andrew Gold, released in 1978. It quickly climbed the Billboard charts in the same year reaching a whopping number 25.

Cynthia Fee later re-recorded this song for the NBC hit sitcom, “The Golden Girls” which it is famously known for. “The Golden Girls” is a classic sitcom which made “Thank You For Being A Friend” famous for decades. The song is simply saying thanks for being a great friend. Everyone needs to know that their friendship is appreciated.

7. Started From The Bottom by Drake

Grammy nominated for best rap song of the years and best rap music performance of the year in 2014. “Started From The Bottom” by Drake is an unforgettable anthem about friendship, making it big, and bringing your boys to the top with you. The song entails a man (Drake) being at the very bottom and along with his close friends, they worked together and made something out of themselves.

A reminder not to leave those behind who were there for you. Many times, when people get successful. Fame destroys the past friendships that they had. If you’re a true friend, you will always be there. Drake will tell you exactly how it is.

6. What About Your Friends by TLC

TLC released “What About Your Friends” in 1992 on their first album, “Oooh on the TLC Tip”. This was before the tragic and untimely passing of TLC member, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez.

The three women of TLC, T-Boz, LEft-Eye, and Chili explain in this song that so-called friends come and go. You need “real” friends. Ones that will always be around, no matter what. We all know that friends like that are hard to find. Although, they are the best friends to have.

5. Stand By Me by Ben E. King

Ben E. King originally wrote with help of two others and recorded “Stand By Me” in the early 1960’s. King has mentioned that “Stand By Me” was taking from parts of a Christian song written and sung by Sam Cooke. “Stand By Me” has withstood the test of time and is known to be one of the best friendship songs of all time. There is no doubt about that. Just one reason why Ben E. King’s hit has made the top 5 in our list of the very best friendship songs.

Re-recorded by many artists over the years. No version compares to the original version performed by King. “Stand By Me” also went on to become the theme song for the movie of the same name “Stand By Me”. The movie was based on Stephen King’s horror novel, “The Body”. The movie goes on to tell the tale of 4 young boys who embark on a journey of friendship and unfortunate events to find a missing boy’s body. Their friendship withstood all that they had to face. They were the best of friends. The song, “Stand By Me” will forever be one of the most played songs of friendship.

4. You’ve Got A Friend In Me by Randy Newman

In 1995, “You’ve Got A Friend” was written and recorded by Randy Newman. Specifically to be the theme song for the Disney Pixar movie, “Toy Story”. The song has also been used as the theme song for “Toy Story 2” and “Toy Story 3”. No one will forget the beautiful friendship that developed between the two toy stars of the movie, Woody the Cowboy and Buzz Light Year the astronaut.

Children and adults everywhere relate this song to friendships.

3. Best Friend by Brandy

The third single off of Brandy’s debut self-titled album, “Brandy”. The song was quite successful. At the time Brandy was known as a rising star. For being so young, she certainly knows what she is talking about.

Brandy has revealed that this song was written and she has dedicated to her brother, Ray J. That just proves you should be nice to your siblings because when you grow up, they could very well be your best friend.

2. Clique by Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Big Sean

Today’s generation has made this the anthem of their group of friends or their “Clique”. This song does explain how you got to stay close to your friends, the one’s you trust. When you get fame and fortune, everyone will be out to get a piece of you. Both good and bad. Don’t trust no one but your “Clique”.

1. Lean On Me by Bill Withers

The all time number one friendship song of all time. Everyone knows it, everyone has heard it. “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers was released in 1972. “Lean On Me” has made the Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Obviously, we agree that it is the best friendship song. It easily took the number one position on our list.

“Lean On Me” has been re-recorded by numerous artists over the years since the original version. Believe it or not, “Lean On Me” is the only song to ever reach number one recorded by two different artists. That is quite amazing. Although we are not surprised, it is an amazing song.

Friendships are powerful. The Top 10 Best Friendship/Best Friend Songs of All Time prove just that. While most friendships come and go throughout the years. Best friends have a relationship that has withstood the test of time. All the ups and downs, trials and tribulations, and joys and unforgettable moments. That one special friendship that is irreplaceable. That person is our best friend.

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