Top 10 Best G-Funk Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best G-Funk songs of all time 2017, G-Funk music is simply gangster funk music. This style of music has been around since the late 80’s and it was a dominant music force between the late 80’s up until the 2000’s. This music emerged on the west coast of the U.S. during the late 80’s and quickly became a dominant music force. G-Funk music is also defined by how rappers portrayed a gritty, urban and street lifestyle. It also was defined by the sampling of old jazz, funk and blues music. G-Funk rappers also broke out in hardcore lyrics and had a hardcore sound. Here are the best G-Funk songs of all time.

G-Funk Song Top 10 latest new G-Funk songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best G-Funk songs of all time 2017.

10. Nuthin’ but a “G” Thang by Dr. Dre

Nuthing but a G Thang is a G-Funk song by Dr. Dre it was released in 1992 on his Chronic album. Dre is a great producer who specializes in the genre of gangsta rap. He was the person who basically developed the West Coast sound. Dre was a hard hitting member of NWA who eventually left his group to pave his own way. Nuthin but a G Thang is one of his first solo joints that allowed him to show the world what he could really do as an artist and producer.

9. Regulate by Michael McDonald

Above the Rim was popular basketball movie back in 1994 it starred Tupac Shakur who was considered the greatest rapper of all time. The soundtrack to this movie featured a song called Regulate and it was also featured in a movie called Posse. The song used Michael McDonald’s song I Keep Forgetting as the beat while rapper Warren G and his smooth R&B homie Nate Dogg sang and rapped on the track. This song was truly a G-Funk classic and it helped to put Long Beach, California on the map.

8. It Was a Good Day by Ice Cube

In 1992 rapper Ice Cube made It Was Good Day and this song was a defining piece of music during the G-Funk era. The song was about how a street thug had a good day without having to kill someone or to go to jail. It had a good beat and a cool G-Funk tempo. The song was a big hit and it helped to give Ice Cube more notoriety as gangsta and G-Funk music star. This song appeared on Ice Cube’s Predator album.

7. No Vaseline by Ice Cube

Ice Cube’s N.W.A. diss album is considered another G-Funk classic. This song is titled No Vaseline and it is a hard-hitting tune about betrayal and getting even. The song came out in 1991 on Ice Cube’s Death Certificate album. Ice Cube used many derogatory lyrics to get even with N.W.A for not being fair to him over the input that he put into the group. When this song was out it helped to define diss records that rappers would use to battle against each other when they had a beef. Ice Cube and N.W.A are the creators of this style of music.

6. Who Am I (What’s My Name) by Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg made his debut on the Chronic album with Dr. Dre in 1992. A year later in 93 he was blowing up the music charts with songs from his own album. Who Am I (What’s My Name) was a premiered song on his album. This song helped to establish Snoop Dogg as a music legend. It was a major track that played a huge role in propelling his career. Who Am I (What’s My Name) pushed Snoop Dogg into the realm as a major innovator of the G-Funk sound. This song is from his Doggystyle album.

5. The Next Episode by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg

In 1999 Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg teamed up to bring the world The Next Episode. This song was G-Funk piece that further showcased the talents of Dre and Snoop almost a decade after they teamed up on the Chronic album. This song was upbeat and it had a smooth beat that Dre was known to have. The Next Episode was one of the last of the great G-Funk tracks that was given to the world by the West Coast. By the year 2000, West Coast G-Funk music was going into decline.

4. Strait Outta Compton by Ice Cube, Dr. Dre

Strait Outta Compton was not the first G-Funk tune that was released but it is the most defining song of that whole entire era. N.W.A featuring Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and Easy E were the first artist to bring G-Funk music to the world. Their song Strait Outta Compton redefined music as people knew it. It elevated rap music to new heights and started the G-Funk era which would take the world by storm from the late 80’s up until the early 2000’s.

3. New York, New York by Snoop Dogg

In 1995 Snoop Dogg, Korrupt and Daz made a song called New York, New York. This song was a big hit back then. It showed West Coast rappers rapping about The New York lifestyle. New York, New York features some of the best talent from the west and it was a defining piece of music because it helped the two coasts to briefly unify when the East Coast versus East Coast was ragging on.

2. I Get Around by Tupac Shakur

I Get Around by Tupac Shakur was a great West Coast hit in 1993. Shakur was an East Coast rapper who went to the west after he went to prison. As a West Coast rapper he was now making music for Death Row records. Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. was one of his releases after he joined up with the west. I Get Around is a fun tune that is upbeat and loaded with a great hook and flow. Tupac does his best to deliver top rated rap music that sounds good and worthy of the West Coast.

1. California Love by Dre. Dre and Tupac

Dre. Dre and Tupac teamed up in 1995 for the song California Love. This song was a solid piece of music that showcased Tupac during his tenor at Death Row. This song was a great piece that was loaded with a lot of hard hitting lyrics and powerful style. The song was also an unofficial tune for California during that era and it helped to further push the West Coast sound to new heights.

G-Funk had a good run for nearly 15 years as a dominant form of music. It rose to great commercial success during the 1990’s and by the 2000’s it started to become an underground sound. As of 2017 G-Funk is now an official underground musical force that no longer relevant in the mainstream world of music.

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