Top 10 Best Glam Metal Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Glam Metal songs of all time 2017, Glam rock bands bring back happy memories for most people. There was a time when it was cool to have a rock song that was easy to sing along to. Glam rock comes with its own fashion. There is the glitter, big hair, extra hair spray, lots of leather, and pants that are so it they are almost like a second skin. A glam rock band is able to rock out and put on a good show. These are the top 10 glam rock songs of all time.

Top 10 latest new Glam Metal songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Glam Metal songs of all time 2017.

10. The Ballad of Jayne by LA Guns

This song is by the band LA Guns. This band has been around since the mid 1980s and has a bike look, hard rock sound, and lots of glitter. This song has a harder edge then some but many people still enjoy the song. There is a chorus that is easy to sing along with and there is plenty of big hair to make this a great song. There is a lot of rock in this band as well as hard guitar riffs. It is a great song to rock out to.

9. Crazy Nights by Loudness

This song is by the band Loudness. The name says it all. This is a heavy metal group with some loud songs. Some of the lyrics are a little on the silly side but they are easy to sing along to. There is a heavy bass as well as loud and hard drumming. This is a song that a person can really bang their head to. While the song is a rock song the melody is rather catchy. The singing goes between a scream and opera singing. This is a great song and it is even better when it is played live.

8. We’re Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister

This song is the ultimate glam rock song. It is still popular on the radio. This is a great song to sing along to. This song is for metal heads that enjoy a catchy chorus. This song even got the attention of Congress and they were not happy about the lyrical content. This song can sum up the area of glam rock. Dee Snider has enough glitter to go around for all as well.

7. Me Against the World by Lizzy Borden

This is by the band Lizzy Borden. While this band has a metal sound they still came from the glam scene in Los Angeles at this time. They have everything that a great glam song needs. There is a catchy chorus, lot of music, and plenty of spandex. This band has a power medal vibe but there are also high vocals as well as guitar riffs. The band is still making medal today but this song is one of their standouts.

6. Love Machine by Wasp

This is a song by the band Wasp. They have a little bit of a darker edge to them but still had some glamness to them. They went against politicians that attacked their music and their lyrics. They do have the hair and the chorus to make them a great glam rock band.

5. Round and Round by Ratt

This song is by the band Ratt. This band enjoyed a great deal of commercial success and their music still influences other bands today. They come from Los Angeles. They are everything that a glam rock band should be. This song is easy to sing along to and has a strong chorus. There are some great guitar riffs as well. When this song comes on the radio many people still sing along with it today.

4. Youth Gone Wild by Skid Row

This is a classic glam rock song by the band Skid Row. While they were latecomers to the glam rock scene they still fit in well. They were able to stand up with the best of them. This band is known for their easy to sing along to songs with a bit of a punk edge. There is a little bit of aggression in with this rock and some early sounds of metal. The lead singer Sebastian Bach has strong vocals as well. He has the big blonde hair, a great voice, and plenty of tight fitting pants.

3. Girls Girls Girls by Motley Crue

This is a fun to sing along with song by the band Motley Crue. These bands of misfits have the big hair and the loud music to make them a great glam rock band. They take the sound of the 80s and made it cool to listen to. Tommy Lee is a great drummer and Nikki Sixx is a great base player to really make this band sound good. With the voice and the vocals of Vince Neil this is one of the biggest rock bands. This song was one of their biggest hits as well. There is the sing a long chorus, the guitar, the vocals, and they are talking about girls. This song is fun and is a great glam song to listen to.

2. Motorvatin by Hanoi Rocks

This is a song by the band Hanoi Rocks. This band is from Finland but they can rock just as good as any other band. This band is given some of the credit for starting the glam rock movement and the sound. Other bands picked up on this and decided to go along for the ride. This band has not only a glam sound but a bit of a punk edge as well.

1. Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses

This is a classic glam rock song by the band Guns N Roses. This band was considered to be one of the most dangerous rock bands at one point. They have the sound, the wild hair ,and the moves. This song talks about what a crazy time a person will have when they part with this band. Slash is considered to be one of the best guitar players ever which really makes this band stand out.

These are the top 10 glam rock songs in the world. These songs have a hard edge to them but there is something catchy to them as well. These songs and the glam rock look were able to define and entire era in music.

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