Top 10 Best Heavy Metal Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Heavy Metal songs of all time 2017, The heavy metal genre isn’t typically for everyone. From the hair-whipping, headbanging, mosh-pit loving crowds that love to mix it up with each other in the pits, to the hard and often thrashing sounds that are produced by the hardcore artists, it takes someone who fully appreciates the heavy-handed feeling that is promoted by such music. It’s no less of an art form than any other genre, but it is without a doubt harder than most. The lyrics can be a bit hard to decipher with some bands as they are more a part of the harmony than their own entity within the song, but overall heavy metal is an emotion and adrenalin-packed thrill ride that picks the listener up and slams them around a few times before finally letting go at the end.

Top 10 latest new Heavy Metal songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Heavy Metal songs of all time 2017.

10. Crazy Train- Ozzy Osbourne

This list could never fully omit someone so iconic to the genre, nor could it possibly ignore one of the many songs that have made it such a prevalent force in the musical industry. Crazy Train is one of those songs that you can hear driving down the road as it emanates from many different types of cars and is listened to by many different types of people. Everyone from metal heads to soccer moms know this song by now and will be able to sing along with the words. This goes to show that metal is very influential in the musical world and has more than earned its place.

9. Fade to Black- Metallica

Metallica is another band that you couldn’t possibly leave off this type of list, as they helped to redefine the genre and bring it into the modern age repeatedly. Despite being a fan favorite of many who would gladly lump them in with softer, more resonant tunes, Metallica has always remained largely true to their roots and with Fade to Black have introduced a new sound to their brand that makes it known that they are not just a thrashing metal band without any range. This song has never gotten much play outside of its original debut, but it is still a favorite of many fans that continue to consider Metallic as one of the greatest bands ever created.

8. Call Me When You’re Sober- Evanescence

A good number of people might argue that Evanescence is more pop than metal, but adding it to this list means that the band has at least enough merit when it comes to metal to be considered as one of the better bands to ever enter the genre. The unconventional idea that female lead singer could possibly outshine or even compete with male lead is shattered the moment that Amy Lee’s normally wondrous voice hits those harder notes as the song continues onward, reminding everyone who listens that she’s not some dainty, popstar princess trying to tread in waters where she doesn’t belong. This woman’s voice belongs as much to metal as it does to any other genre.

7. Holy Diver- Dio

This song has been all but buried by time and a fan base that has proved to be largely fickle and unaccountably absent at times. The track itself is classic and likely won’t be forgotten so long as a single fan remembers and continues to listen, but the mere fact that it’s been relegated to near obscurity is kind of an insult to such a great addition the metal genre. From the intro to the finish this song is meant to pump the adrenaline and get the heart pumping in a way that is unrivaled by many other tracks.

6. Enter Sandman- Metallica

Metallic is one of the few bands in the world that can appear multiple times in most lists and hold a completely justifiable reason for being considered the best at what they do. With Enter Sandman they struck gold as the track went on to become one of their defining hits and helped to propel them even further into the mainstream as they soon were known worldwide as one of the absolute best metal bands and a force to be reckoned with in the musical industry. Despite the internal issues that the band has dealt with in the past, they continue to be one of the best bands in the business and thanks to this song are remembered everywhere.

5. Iron Man- Black Sabbath

From the opening lyrics, this song slams home with an intense feeling that doesn’t stop even when the pace of the track changes near the middle. The heavy-hitting vocals and guitar riffs are enough to rattle the teeth and shake one’s bones, but the movement of the song is so expertly done that even those who don’t care for metal are known to laud this song as one of the best recorded. Despite the mild decline in their popularity throughout the years, Black Sabbath remains as one of the pioneers within the metal genre.

4. The Trooper- Iron Maiden

There are kings and princes among the heavy metal scene, and this track firmly sets Iron Maiden up as royalty as its heavy notes and almost growling vocals deliver a heavy punch to the senses. This iconic band has been around for some time and knows how to get its fans pumped with each and every track, delivering a lethal dose of lyrical intoxication that leaves fans raving and wanting more after each and every song.

3. Holy Wars…The Punishment Due- Megadeth

This is one of those metal bands that people have stood behind for years now and have yet to find any fatal flaw in that might make them turn their backs. The track they are known for and that has catapulted them to such fame is one that many fans will know by heart and will sing word by word faithfully without pause. Despite the waning popularity that this band seems to have dealt with in the past, its metal roots are still strong and still capable of belting out hits that the fans can fully identify with.

2. Paranoid- Black Sabbath

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Black Sabbath makes the list again. It is one of the many bands that has set the bar in its respective genre and has endured the long years in between its rise to fame and the current era. Fans will likely never give up on this band as it is a part of their childhood in some ways and a reminder of what music is really supposed to be when it comes this genre. The mere fact that Ozzy was a large part of the band doesn’t hurt either.

1. Master of Puppets- Metallica

You had to at least guess that Metallic would be rated extremely high or at the top of this list. Their sound is so infectious that many people can’t help but hum or sing along when they hear the band come on the radio. Despite the rumors that abounded when their later albums came out that their sound had changed too much to ever be considered metal again, the band continued to surge forward and remind their fans that they are, and will always be, on the premiere heavy metal bands that have helped to shape and reshape the genre during their long tenure. This track was one of those that elevated the band to its current stardom, and still serves as a firm reminder of where they came from and what they are still capable of producing.

Even if you’re not a fan of heavy metal you can no doubt appreciate the contributions that the bands mentioned above have given to the genre. Their hit tracks and the devotion they’ve shown to the genre are what have made heavy metal great for generations and are also what will keep it alive in the years to come.

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