Top 10 Best Hebrew-Israeli Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Hebrew-Israeli songs of all time 2017, Musical tastes vary, and they always will. What one considers a great track, another will say that it is not. Some love folk, others metal, and still others electronica. Israel is a country where the people are free to express themselves, which creates a fertile ground for the creative mind to cultivate and grow a diverse garden of melodies, sounds, rhythms and styles. Israel is home to traditional folk, rock, pop, and electronica.

Hebrew-Israeli Song Top 10 latest new Hebrew-Israeli songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Hebrew-Israeli songs of all time 2017.

10. Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse – Borgore

If you are in looking for a bit of techno to immerse your mind in, look no further than Israel’s own Borgore.

Borgore is an Israeli record producer and DJ that specializes in dubstep. Adding his own special style and flair to his creations, Borgore likes to combine his dubstep with layering of house and heavy metal, creating a unique tapestry of sound. His single, “Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse” is EDM at its fun, feisty finest. This track, and its trippy, quick beats, and death defying beat drops, will form their slender tendrils of sound and pull you onto the dance floor.

9. It’s Cloudy Now – Aviv Geffen

Avi Geffen is a powerhouse of Israeli talent. He’s an accomplished musician, singer/songwriter, and record producer. A prolific creator, he has composed more than 120 songs, and released 11 albums. “It’s Cloudy Now” (Not to be confused with the solo album of the same name), was composed and performed early in his career, and some call it is signature piece. The song tells of a generation that has lost its way, and that it’s “Cloudy Now”. This is a wonderfully dark as pitch track which was revived 12 years later for his other musical collaboration, the band “Blackfield”. It’s a track of disconnect, and it’s wonderfully done.

8. The Great Enlightenment – Geva Alon

“The Great Enlightenment” is a track from musical artist, Geva Alon. Alon is an Israeli alternative folk musician who handily incorporates the elements of blues and folk into his arrangements. “The Great Enlightenment” is from his fourth album, “In the Morning Light”. This track has a fluid, soft and solid sound, comprehensive and cohesive in meaning, as the melody reflects the meaning of the lyrics, “We are aching for the walls to fall, into the great enlightenment…” Perfectly packaged piece of Israeli folk sounds.

7. Sorries – Ester Rada

Ester Rada is an Israeli performer from Kiryat Arba, Israel. Her song stylings revolve around rhythm and blues, jazz, funk and soul. “Sorries” was a single off her debut album, “Ester Rada”, was critically acclaimed and became a hit on the Israeli radio stations, getting plenty of airplay time. “Sorries” has some heavy, sweet reggae rhythms going for it. It’s distinctive, with elements of Western influences becoming infused in a web of Ethio’Jazz.

6. Bo’ee (Come with Me) – Idan Raichel

if you are in the market for something new and vibrant, check out the work of Idan Raichel. This Israeli performer takes elements of electronica, Arab and Ethiopian music. Quite a feat indeed, and in case you’re wondering, it works out just fine. His debut album, “The Idan Raichel Project” scored platinum times 5. “Bo’ee” was the single that helped it climb up to the charts. “Bo’ee” has a global flare to it that listeners found irresistible, and flat out loved. It’s Bo’ee is an eclectic, exotically gorgeous piece of music.

5. Yachad – Sarit Hadad

Israeli musician and performer, Sarit Hadad, was born into music. As a child she showed an exceptional talent for music, which evolved into her current pop career. Her single “Yachad” was composed with the israeli soldier in mind, their hard life, and devotion to their country. “Yachad” is rousing, and buoyant, designed to life the morale of any soldier that must spend days and months out in the field, tirelessly protecting his/her country and loved ones from harm.

4. Shaneh (Shane) – Rita

Rita Yahan-Farouz is an Israeli performer and musician, who was born in Tehran, but immigrated to Israel with her family in Tel Aviv. After having years of success in the Israeli entertainment industry, Rita made the decision to create a song in the Persian language. That song was “Shaneh”. “Shaneh” is a track the utilizes traditional folk music instrumentation along with a modern techno beat. “Shaneh” was an immediate hit with both Israeli’s and Iranians alike. What has always made this track so special, was that it accidentally showed a basic fundamental truth: Music crosses boundaries.

3. Yo Ya – Poogy

Poogy also known as Kaveret, was the name of an Israeli rock group of the 70’s. Their style of rock had a humorous tinge to it, you’d have to call yourself ‘Poogy’. In 1973, of their tracks became a well known Israeli tune, and that was “Yo Ya”. “Yo Ya” was an international smash, with its odd lyrics, it reached out to the youth of the world, reflecting their dissatisfaction and disconnect with the world they thought they understood. The guitar riff in this track inspired Lenny Kravitz riff in his song, “Are You Gonna Go My Way”.

2. Im Nin’alu – Ofra Haza

Ofra Haza released “Im Nin’alu” in 1988, from her album “Shaday”. The track was well received across Europe and earned the Yemenite Israeli performer the attention she deserved. Ofra Haza was deeply devoted and in love with her Israeli roots, and made sure her sound contained elements of the East while incorporating the energetic pop sounds of the West. The track found its way onto the Eurocharts as well, and was later remixed, sampled and covered by various artists. Im Nin’alu was even included in the video game GTA: Liberty City Stories.

1. Hava Nagila – Various Artists

In our number one spot, we have the familiar favorite of all Hebrew/Israeli songs, “Hava Nagila”. This Israeli folk tune is most often heard at weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs. “Hava Nagila” was written in 1915, the tune following the “Hassidic Nigun” (mystical prayer). But in all honesty, the history of this classic remains a bit cloudy Since then, this folk tune has been covered a multitude of times by artists in every genre, from Chubby Checker, to Bob Dylan. This is the song that people will associate with Israel and the Jewish people. It’s fun, enjoyable, and is about celebration of life.

A Diverse compilation of some of the best songs In Israel, from pop to techno to traditional. Of course, the honorable mention goes to “I Have a Little Dreidel”. You cannot have a list of Israeli songs, loved by people all over the world, without the Dreidel song. Israel encompasses all that is free and flowing, and their music reflects that philosophy.

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