Top 10 Best Irish Drinking Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Irish Drinking songs of all time 2017, There’s something to an Irish drinking song that just feels good to sit back and listen, preferably with a stout drink in hand and another pleasantly sloshing around in your belly. With your wits numbed or well on their way you can fully appreciate the jaunty tunes and amusing lyrics that either plod along or skip and dance upon the melody as the story is told from begin to finish. At the end most people would gladly admit that an Irish ditty is one of the best times they’ve had in a long time. Of course it might be the beers talking, but all in all such fine music isn’t to be taken for granted. So with that said, here are the top ten best Irish drinking songs of all time.

Top 10 latest new Irish Drinking songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Irish Drinking songs of all time 2017.

10. Molly Malone- The Dubliners

This is more than just a pleasant, slow-moving song to close out the night. It’s actually the recognized anthem of Dublin. There is even a Molly Malone day that is celebrated on June 13th. Just listening to this tune it is very obvious how deeply the people of Dublin feel about it, and how much it might be heard within the reach of said city. It’s obvious that dear Molly was quite taken by cockles and mussels in her day, as this is one of the main lines in the song. All in all it’s a very pleasant song and a perfect tune to listen to before closing down the local pub.

9. Rocky Road to Dublin- The High Kings

This is a true drinking song. It’s forceful cadence and its quick and choppy movement bring to mind Irish pubs, drinks being slammed together in froth-producing toasts, and raucous laughter and an old-time feel that has been largely missed in modern times. This is the wooden-floorboard, dimly lit, fast-paced, rowdy kind of song that makes you simply think of Ireland and all it can offer in the way of a boots on the floor and pulse-pounding tavern where you’ll enter sober and roll out on your rear if you’re lucky. Ah, good times.

8. Fairytale of New York- The Pogues with Kirsty MacColl

It starts out how any good fairytale should, slow and with great promise. This is a good song to cool down to, a time to reflect and let the blood simmer for just a bit as you sit back and enjoy your drink and the company you’ve decided to keep. While the scratchy voice of the lead singer is not entirely fitting it still offers a nice counterpoint to the otherwise gentle sounds of the track as it rolls on. As it begins to move a little faster you might find your toe tapping in rhythm with the beat as you raise your glass to toast the good times that are highlighted by this pleasing tune.

7. Finnegan’s Wake- Dropkick Murphy’s

From a simple start the song begins to build and as the clicking of drumsticks being slammed together can be heard you get the feeling that something is about to happen. And then it does, and you’re off to the races. The song grabs hold and takes you along with its frantic energy as you find yourself either nodding your head or simply swaying along with the beat. It is that infectious that you actually figure that it’s just better to go along with it than resist.

6. Beer, Beer, Beer- The Clancy Brothers

How much better could the title of such a track be than this? It definitely qualifies as a drinking song with its simple cadence and jaunty feel. Once again you can envision a band of red-nosed and red-cheeked Irishmen sitting around a heavy wooden table, slamming back one pint after another as they sing in a loud, raucous manner of, what else, beer. This is the type of song you could easily step into without much trouble, even if you just walked in off the street. Who knows, someone might actually hand you a pint and tell you to chime in.

5. Fields of Athenry- Dropkick Murphy’s

There’s no stopping this song once it gets going, as the pace is just enough to realize that it’s not going to slow down any time soon. Even as it seems to take it down just a notch the growling voice of the lead singer doesn’t seem to allow you to relax just yet. As the mounting guitar riffs hold you in thrall the bagpipes hit, and that’s it, you’re there to stay until the end of the song. Something about this tune just seems to say “Sit and stay awhile.” There are much worse ways to spend your time.

4. Dicey Reilley- The Dubliners

This seems so old school that it can’t be anything but cool. So many of these songs seem right out of an Irish pub that the need to book a trip the Emerald Isle based on their sounds alone seems entirely plausible just for the pleasure of listening to such tunes in their native land. While it’s not likely to hear them in such a setting as might have occurred years ago, just to think that someone might attempt to duplicate such a feeling would be enough to give it a listen.

3. Seven Drunken Nights- The Dubliners

You might notice that the Dubliners are making multiple appearances in this list. There is a definite reason for it, and that is that they are just that good. Their stories, their music, and their presence as songwriters and musicians is simply too good to be denied. This track in fact is one of their most amusing despite the fact that in this day and age it might be called a little disturbing. Regardless of this the track is a very catchy and fast-moving tune that most anyone could learn, especially when it comes to the chorus.

2. The Irish Rover- The Pogues and The Dubliners

You might expect this song to be playing at a lively festhall with dancers aplenty up on stage cavorting about as waitresses made their rounds with drink-laden trays that sloshed back and forth, each with a full load of precious golden fluid that could enhance the experience. The powerful lyrics and fast-moving pace are enough to get the toes tapping and the head bobbing as you await each coming word. Though not quite that challenging in its form and function the song is still pleasing to listen to and just loud enough to enjoy. It’s the charm of the song itself that makes it one of the greats.

1. The Boys are Back in Town- Thin Lizzy

It was actually a surprise to find this song on the list, but it’s a tune that’s made its way across the pond to be enjoyed in the USA as well. In fact it’s become so popular that it’s been featured in movies, television, and bad karaoke all over the nation. To think that such a popular song as this was originally thought up to be a song to drink to isn’t too surprising, given that it’s a song that makes the listener want to move and shake, and of course enjoy a good brew with their boys and any ladies that happen to be nearby.

Irish drinking songs are largely thought to be a stereotype that speak all about being in your cups, drinking to this or that ideal that might or might not be a part of the Irish culture, and a large amount of nonsense that may or may not be true. In reality their songs are rich, often humorous stories and even inspirational tales that can invoke a great deal of positive emotion within the listener. Of course, it’s always good to have a drink at hand to help those emotions along.

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