Top 10 Best Korean Dance Songs of all Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Korean Dance songs of all time 2017, People might not realize this but the nation of South Korea has two basic forms of music that is a part of their culture. First, there is Gugak which is South Korea’s traditional musical sound. This is the formal music of the nation that has been handed down throughout the ages. It consists of Korean folk, vocal, religious, classical and ritual music forms.

Yangak is the modern Korean music that has been influenced by the west. This consists of pop, rap, R&B and rock forms of Korean music. When it comes to discovering the best Korean dance songs, the Yangak music style is often used for this purpose. Yangak music is simply known as K-Pop music. This style of music is popular with Korean youth and young adults. Here is a list of the best dance songs within Korean culture.

Top 10 latest new Korean Dance songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Korean Dance songs of all time 2017.

10. Nobody

The Wonder Girls released Nobody in 2009. This song was a huge commercial success. It was featured in the Madagascar film and the song did well in the U.S. as well as Asia. As a matter of fact, this song was the first Korean tune to break into the Billboard Top 100. The dance move to this song was popular and people everywhere loved the dance moves that went along with this song.

9. Bubble Pop by Hyuna

Hyuna’s Bubble Pop song was released in 2011 and this song was a K-Pop tune that was getting a lot of play back then. To give you an idea about how well it was doing it amassed over 119 million views which is nothing to sneeze at. This song was a bubbly pop tune that flowed with a lot of energy and Hyuna is hot. Not only is Hyuna a sexy songtress she really knows how to move. Her Bubble Pop song dance had many people doing the same moves that she was performing in the video. She started a dance craze on her own.

8. Fire by 2NE1

2NE1’s song Fire was their first break out jam and it was a smashing hit. This girl’s group from Korea is no joke. They are the perfect professionals that really knows how to throw down on a stage and on video. Their Fire video showcased some really amazing dance moves that captured many people’s attention. Many of the people who first got wind of 2NE1 saw this video long before their mega hit I Am The Best. Fire is a great song and it also has a fantastic beat that people like to dance to. As a matter of fact many people were dancing like this group for a long time.

7. Genie (Make A Wish) by Girls Generation

Girls Generation is another huge K-Pop group from Korea. They have been making music since 2007 and they are not showing any signs of slowing down. This song is dance masterpiece from the group that started to dance wave in Asia back in 2010. Many people were inspired to make many dance covers on this song after it has been released and to date it is one of the biggest dance songs in all Korea and Asia. Many people still dance to this song in modern times.

6. Hot Issue by 4Minute

The group 4Minute is not that popular but they are well known. What I mean is that outside of South Korea people, not too many people heard of them. However, they were a really big group within the nation. They often were overshadowed by other groups such as Girl’s Generation or Super Junior. Even though this is the case, in 2009 they released a song called Hot Issue and it was a big hit.

Not only was it a fun and danceable track; it also help to usher in the new era of K-Pop music that would eventually start to impact the world. Keep in mind that Hyuna was a member of this group before she went on to a very successful solo career.

5. Sorry Sorry by Super Junior

Super Junior made Sorry, Sorry in 2009 and this song was big hit in 2009. Many of their fans were dancing to this song and making a lot of cover music and videos for it. People could not get enough of this multi-talented oversized boy band. This song is truly one of the best Super Junior songs to date and it started a dance wave back in 2009 that people will not soon forget.

4. Gee by Girl’s Generation

SNSD is an alternate name for Girl’s Generation. This group released Gee back in 2009 and their fans nearly lost their mind. They enjoyed the song and wanted to dance to it whenever they heard it. Up until 2012 Gee was the most viewed video on YouTube. Hundreds of millions of people from all over the world watched these young and lovely Asian honeys as they danced their way into the hearts and minds of Koreans and Asians everywhere. Lots of girls like to imitate Girl’s generation dance style. They truly are one of the best K-Pop groups of all time.

3. Love Me Right by EXO

EXO is another popular K-Pop group that released the great dance hit Love Me Right in 2015. This song was a huge hit that blew up the Oricon charts during that year. Everyone wanted to emulate this group and their style of dancing. The song is a high powered dance tune that people can rock out to any time that it is on. Many of EXO’s fans have even created their own dance cover videos for this hit. This is one of the best K-Pop dance songs to be released.

2. I Am the Best by 2NE1

2NE1 is back on this list with I AM the Best. This song was such a huge international success that it literally was voted the best Asian song in 2011. This song’s appeal spread far and wide around the world. It was played in commercials, in movies and on television shows. It was even played on many American radio stations without being an official part of the market. People loved to listen to this great hit and they loved dancing to it even more. I Am the Best was played at clubs and people in the west went crazy when it came across the speaker system. With over 169 million views it is one of the biggest K-Pop songs to date. This song has truly helped to push K-Pop into the international spotlight.

1. Gangnam Style by PSY

Gangnam Style was release in 2012 and when it debuted it immediately exploded all over the world. People from all sides of the globe listened to this big hit and immediately fell in love with it. What really pushed this song to its great success was the dance craze that it started. Every time this song came on people started to do their own version of the Gangnam style dance. This dance was an international success that impacted many people. Even world leader got in on the Gangnam style dance and loved this song. With close to 3 billion views this song is the best song of all time in term of most views and sales.

Korean dance music is vibrant, fun and very exciting. Once a person hears an artist or group perform these hits they will find it hard not to get up and dance to those K-Pop jams.

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