Top 10 Best Korean Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Korean songs of all time 2017, South Korea holds with it a rich respect for its musical tradition and talents. Today, the most popular form of music in Korea is called K-Pop, which is short for Korean Pop Music. Suprisingly diverse, responsive and creative, K-Pop has garnered and international following. Groups like Shinee and DBSK have helped to create this sensation. The musicans and performers are skilled, and the record producers are precise in blending just the right beat for the track. Below are some of the best representative of K-Pop, and we are sure that once you pick up on some of the vibes and beat, check out some videos, you’ll be hooked as well.

Korean Song Top 10 latest new Korean songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Korean songs of all time 2017.

10. Pick Up! U – E.via

Lee Ok Joo, also known as E.via, is the one that packs the punch behind this 2010 hit, “Pick Up! U!. Lee is an accomplished musician, and has complete mastery over the keyboard, while composing all her own songs. E.via is also a more than capable rap artist. “Pick Up! U!” is pure K-pop at its finest, and considering that Lee was not born from the K-pop birthing machine, she has done quite well for herself, despite having been banned from Korean television for her suggestive lyrics. She has since changed her stage name to “Tymee”

9. Ugly – 2NE1

2NE1 is a South Korean girl trio of CL, Bom, and Dara. Their 2011 hit “Ugly” is aggressive, in your face k-pop, powerful, energetic and making an absolute statement of how most girls feel in life: Ugly. The lyrics center around the fear and loathing many young women feel towards themselves, the fear that they may never be loved, or feel love for another. “Ugly” resounds with an intense power that reflects many of the fans feelings about their own personal self worth, and brings such to the world stage. Later on in our list, 2NE1 shows up again, and this time with an offering that is quite different in tone, “I Am The Best”.

8. Eat You Up – BoA

If you have not heard the song, or seen the dance, I suggest you head to youtube now. BoA, whose real name is Kwon Boa, is often referred to as the “Queen of South Korean Pop”, and rightly so. This talented performer’s single “Eat You Up” was released in 2008, and it’s fun and vivacious. The “Eat You Up” official video from BoA has some slick and cool dance moves. They lyrics for “Eat You Up” are totally pop, and suggest a girls desire to obtain the boy for whom she pines. BoA’s vocal delivery style for this track is determined, as a panther on the prowl for her prey.

7. Gee – Girls Generation (SNSD)

Girls Generation, or SNSD saw their k-pop star rise with the single “Gee”, climbing high up the KBS Music Bank charts and remaining there for a solid nine consecutive weeks. As a result, “Gee” became known as the most popular song in South Korea. “Gee” was composed by Ann Myung-won and Kim Young-deuk. The track is basically bubblegum pop with bits and pieces of techno pop and hip hop intertwined in the composition. This blending of multiple styles and layerings, and it’s expert delivery by Girls Generation, ensured that “Gee” would turn into k-pop gold. Fans of Yoona, a member of Girls Generation, can also be seen acting in Kdramas such as “You Are My Destiny”.

6. Nan Arayo (I Know) – Seo Taiji & Boys

The South Korean trio Seo Taji & Boys were it, this is where K-Pop found its place, its roots. The trio was known to experiment with various aspects of the western pop sound. Their success in the music business actually created the South Korean music industry as it’s known today. “Nan Arayo” was released in 1992 and was a massive hit for the trio, and it blended energetic rap beat with South Korean flavor, and stayed at the number one position for a record 17 weeks.

5. High High – GD & TOP

GD & TOP is a South Korean duo, formed by G Dragon and TOP, respectively. Their track, “High High” is off of their self titled GD & TOP debut album, and became the one major hit off of that album. This is not a song for teens, it’s more tough, stylized and has attitude. “High High” has a rebellious nature, that balances well with the K-Pop formula. The official music video is also more suggestive and adult, as the duo perform their wicked dance steps within a dance club, free from teeny boppers, all with the back drop of an occasional ‘Playboy Bunny’ symbol.

4. I Am The Best – 2NE1

If there is one thing you can say about K-Pop, its that it knows how to manage their own, and 2NE1’s performance of “I Am The Best” is no exception. This 2011 track does some serious pop rock, and it’s backed by the band’s official video, all laced up in a tight corset of futurism, bright lights and a resounding beat, all seasoned with sprinklings of break dancing, and packaged quite nicely with intense vocal power. This track is the exact opposite of their track ‘Ugly”. In this track the ladies vocally strut their stuff, exclaiming that they are the best, period.

3. Lucifer – Shinee

This is a masterpiece of blending styles and slick and styled dance moves. Their official music video for “Lucifer” shows Shinee’s complex dance routines at their best. Their moves are performed with fine precision, highly synchronized and absolutely stunning to watch. Shinee came out with “Lucifer” in 2010 and the track still hangs tough today. A combination of Europop, a touch of funk, rock and hip hop, all blending together with that stylish South Korean boy band style, “Lucifer” stands as one of the best South Korean songs of all time, and Shinee is still an active force in K-Pop to be reckoned with.

2. Bubble Pop – HyunA

South Korean performer HyunA creates a whimsical romp with “Bubble Pop”. Fast and snappy, “Bubble Pop” is a revved up version of K-Pop on steroids, as HyunA’s vocals and dance moves reflect the sass in the tracks lyrical message, which is often confusing at best, still HyunA flirts with the fans as she moves through a webbed veil of finely crafted techno pop, fast beats and hip grinds. Banned in South Korea for a bit, for being sensually suggestive, “Bubble Pop” is a fun dalliance into the rhythmic and wonderful world of South Korean pop music┬áculture.

1. Candy – H.O.T.

“Candy” was released in 1996 by South Korean group, H.O.T. (High-five Of Teenagers) is an important track, in that it was H.O.T. that was instrumental in introducing hip, fun, pop music to the young teen generation of South Korea. Indeed, the band was specifically created to do just that, target the teens. “Candy” is standard pop, catchy with hooks, and a swaying rhythm. Appealing to teens, the K-Pop industry wasted no time in merchandising, marketing directly to the teen demographic. The official music video for “Candy” is colorful, full of fun with a multitude of adoring fans, cotton candy all with a backdrop of an amusement park.

K-Pop is here to stay. It’s creative, vibrant and robust. Though the musicians are often tightly controlled by their entertainment companies, which takes image very seriously, they still somehow manage to create music that is free and energetic. These bands are some of the best bands in all of K-Pop, representing their style, culture and fashion that is, indeed, K-Pop.

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