Top 10 Best Loved Swiss Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Loved Swiss songs of all time 2017, The music of the Swiss people is varied, from folk tunes to the more modern fare of dance and pop/rock. Over the years, popular music charts of Switzerland, “The Swiss Hitparade” have made note that the people of Switzerland absolutely love western music, and indeed, their charts are full of hits from the Backstreet Boys and Eminem, among others. Popular music in Switzerland seems to take a backseat to the music of the west. However, there have been bands and individual musicians which have made it into radio play, and here are some of the best representative of the best of the original Swiss musicians.

Loved Swiss Song Top 10 latest new Loved Swiss songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Loved Swiss songs of all time 2017.

10. Kuhreihen – Various Artists

No listing would be complete without one of Switzerland’s oldest and most familiar folk songs. Kuhreihen is simplistic in structure, and has great meaning in the musical heritage of Switzerland. This traditional song was often sang by shepherds up in the Swiss Alpine Mountains, and translates loosely to ‘Homesickness”. The great author Henry David Thoreau loved the song, and compared it to the song of a wood thrush. Indeed, simple folk songs such as these laid the foundation for the music scene in Switzerland, from early pop/rock, folk metal, to DJ dance club fare.

9. Heavenly Club – Les Sauterelles

In 1957 the group the Hula Hawaiians introduced ‘rockabilly’ to their music. This set the stage for rock and roll to enter the Swiss countryside. Indeed, Switzerland began to get bitten by the rock and roll bug around the 1960’s, enjoying bands such as the Beatles and Rolling Stones. However, it really wasn’t until the group the Les Sauterelles had their hit “Heavenly Club” that the country started to develop its own rock and roll identity. The Les Sauterelles began their career as a tribute band for the Beatles and other rock groups. “Heavenly Club” emerged on July 9, 1968, and ruled the Swiss Singles Charts for 13 weeks, peaking at number one and staying there for 6.

8. Bedside Radio – Krokus

Krokus is the second heavy metal band on our list. Krokus is from Switzerland and has a long musical history, being first formed in 1975. Krokus Initially set out to be a progressive rock band, but eventually evolved a more heavy sound. “Bedside Radio” is a fan favorite and was recorded in 1980. “Bedside Radio” centers around the feelings when you leave a concert, and just go home, to flick the radio on, and how the music affected you, as it got into your blood. “Bedside Radio” is an old fashioned, thrashing bit of rock and roll, that shows the fun, rockin’ side of Swiss music.

7. Legändä & Heldä – Bligg

Bligg is happening and he’s’ got it going on. Hitting the Swiss Charts several times with his songs, he shows now real sign of slowing up. Marco Bliggensdorfer, became known as Bligg and is a rapper/hip hop or Eurorapper artist from Switzerland. Bligg has seen great success on the Swiss music scene. One of his biggest singles was released in 2010, “Legändä & Heldä”, sped directly to the Swiss Single chart, the Hitparade, peaking at number one. “Legändä & Heldä” earned Bligg a Swiss Music Award for the Best Song.

6. Chihuahua – DJ BoBo

Swiss composer and performer and record producer, DJ BoBo has sold 14 million records internationally, and is one of Switzerlands top musical talents. His music can be classified as Eurodance, and built for the dance club crowd. One of DJ BoBo’s most favored singles, hit the Swiss Singles Charts, and peaked at number one, “Chihauhua”. “Chihuahua” was the first single that came off of “Visions”, his tenth album, which dropped in 2002. This track became the summer time feel good hit of the year, and is also considered to be DJ BoBo’s signature track. The song has been covered and remixed numerous times, and even appeared in a French commercial for Coca Cola.

5. Heaven – Gotthard

Gotthard is a heavy metal band from Switzerland. Extremely successful in their homeland, eleven of their albums have reached the number one position in their home country. “Heaven” is a their first number one single, and comes off their 3x Platinum 2001 album, “Homerun”, and is currently their top selling album. “Heaven” was certified gold, and tells the story of a love that just didn’t make it, and he wants a second chance.

4. I ha di gärn (I Love You) – Gölä

If you are looking for some solid rock from the Swiss, look no further than Gölä. Gölä is a rock band from Switzerland that produced some of the best rock music in that country. They built their career writing and performing for the Swiss/German style, also called Mundart rock. Though later abandoned that for a more English sound. “I ha di gärn “, which translates from Swiss German to “I Love You” became one of their top hits in Switzerland, and peaked on the Swiss Singles Chart at number one in 2008 and stayed on the chart for a total of 31 weeks.

3. Kiosk – Rumpelstilz featuring Polo Hofer

Rumpelstilz was a Swiss rock band formed by Hanery Amman and Polo Hofer on vocals. One of their best known hits was “Kiosk”. “Kiosk” hit the number 2 spot on the Swiss Singles Charts in 1976. The track is catchy and makes good use of the traditional folk instrumentation. Indeed, today we’d probably call this ‘Folk Rock’. “Kiosk” is fun, light and basically is about enjoyment, and beer”. Lead vocals were provided by Polo Hofer, who went on to achieve great success. In 2011 Polo Hofer was awarded a lifetime achievement award from the Swiss Music Awards, and named Swiss of the Year in 2015.

2. Let The Dream Come True – DJ BoBo

DJ BoBo is an extremely prolific swiss musician, who has had many hits in Switzerland, has won over 10 World Music Awards for being the countries top selling artist. . He has created original material along with remixes. One of his favorite number one singles is the 1993 hit, “Let the Dream Come True”. “Let the Dreams Come True”, is a fast, energetic Eurodance number. hit number one in his homeland, and continued to chart across Europe and Australia, and was certified gold in Germany.

1. Inis Mona – Eluveitie

Elveitie is a swiss metal folk band that hails from Zurich, Switzerland. Eluveitie has the styling of a melodic death metal sound, and blends that sound with traditional Celtic elements and instrumentation. Their name has a unique origin, in that it is based on words found on ancient graffiti, on a ship, ca. 300 BC in Etruscan. “Inis Mona” is one of their most moving compositions, and comes off their album, “Slania”. This is a catchy and tender track, that produces a sound all its own, and unique in the genre of folk metal.

There is a huge variety of style and substance withing the Swiss musical culture. In fact, Switzerland is well known for its annual music festivals. Though they have a preferential taste for international music from America, Germany and the UK, one can still find much creative talent waiting to surface in this land of clear blue waters and snow capped mountains.

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