Top 10 Best Mashup Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Mashup songs of all time 2017, When a person combines two forms of music or songs together to create one unique sound – this is called mashup music. Mashup music has been around in one form or another for a very long time. However, it started to emerge during the late 70s through the 90s. Technology such as turntables and mixers and double deck tape recorders allowed people to mix and record songs. Since that time mashup music started to emerge especially in the form of mix tapes.

Keep in mind that mashup music is not real popular outside of DJ mixes or mixtapes. So, this genre of music remains an underground phenomena. Part of the problem is that music artists or companies that own certain songs typically do not want to record their music with artists in this way. While they do not care if their music is used for mix tapes – they just do not want to establish themselves as artists in this way. Here is a list of the best mashup songs of all time.

Mashup Song Top 10 latest new Mashup songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Mashup songs of all time 2017.

10. Hey We Will Rock You Ya by mashup Queen

When rock group Queen and rap group Outkast come together they produced a mashup song called Hey We Will Rock You. This tune is a fun and lively mashup piece that plays like a rock song but jams like a rap tune. Outkast and Queen are two very popular musical groups who perform in two different genres. But mixing some of their musical sound produces some really amazing music. He We Will Rock You Ya is the perfect example of how great these musicians really are.

9. Stayin Alive in the Wall by Bee Gees

Pink Floyd and the Bee Gees are battling it out on a mashup called Staying Alive in the Wall. The Bee Gees and Pink Floyd were two popular groups from the 70s and 80s. Their funk inspired pop/rock jams were amazing hits that entertained the masses. Staying Alive in the Wall is a great mashup for the artists because it showcases their musical talent and their amazing skill as artists.

8. Let It Be, No Cry by Bob Marley

Bob Marley is the King of Reggae and the Beatles were the U.K.’s second force that invaded America. Together, they formed Let It Be, No Cry. These great artist had a mashup song that was performed in the 20102. This song features the amazing tunes of Bob Marley’s jam Let It Be and the Beatles No Cry song. This mashup is one that people should make it a point to listen to.

7. Ultimate Rock Mashup by Rock and Roller

When a rock and roller wants to ascend into rock and roll paradise they will usually choose to listen to the best rock bands of all time. The Ultimate Rock Mashup song is just that – a track that features various rock and roll artists (rap and pop stars too) all coming together to form a highly entertaining and thrilling rock song. Groups in the Ultimate Rock Mashup include Queen, OutKast, ACDC, Black Sabbath, Prince and the Beatles. However, there are more. This is truly one great mashup piece.

6. Sweet Dreams are Made of Seven Nation Army

In the 80s a group called the Eurythmics were extremely popular and the White Stripes did their thing during the late 90s. Once these two groups were pitted against each other in a mashup song, Sweet Dreams are Made of Seven Nation Army is what came out of this bizarre combination. It might be strange to mix these two musical groups together in terms of sound. However, the sound that this particular mashup piece made was outstanding. Sweet Dreams are Made of Seven Nation Army is good music.

5. Stay With Me until I See You Again

See You Again was a summer anthem back in 2015 and Stay With Me was a popular slow groove that many people liked in the not so distant past. When these two hits were mashed up to form Stay with Me unit I See You Again – this became a hit all on its own. These songs were dynamic music pieces that resonated with R&B, pop and hip hop fans everywhere. This is truly one great mashup ensemble that delivers.

4. Want You To Want Me Jealous by Jason Derulo and Nick Jonas

Jason Derulo and Nick Jonas are two high quality music making pop stars that were smashed together to form Want You To Want Me Jealous. Jason Derulo had the song Want You To Want Me and Nick Jonas had made jealous. These jams were rocking hits during their time and when they were mashed up they created a new way for people to hear this music. This is an excellent hit.

3. Sugar Birthday by Maroon 5

Maroon 5 hooking up with Katy Perry sounds like the headline for a concert or a tabloid. However, these two artist have joined forces for a mashup piece called Sugar Birthday. Both of these songs were fun and lively jams that had a nearly identical sound. The songs were mashed up to produce a unique version of each of their hits. Sugar by Maroon 5 and Birthday by Katy Perry now offers fans a new and interesting way to hear their unique sound.

2. Lean On Somebody by Natalie La Rose and Major Lazer

Natalie La Rose and Major Lazer united forces to create Lean On Somebody. This mashup song has all of the elements that is needed to make a mashup song great. There are two great artists (groups) that combine some of their best music to produce a new and exciting piece. In case you did not know, Natalie La Rose is a Dutch entertainer who is signed with Flo Rida.

1. Love Me Like A Halo by Beyoncè with Ellie Goulding

Beyoncè was hooked up with Ellie Goulding on this mashup piece that features the hit songs Love Me Like A and Halo. Both of these songs were jams for these artists when they released them. Combining these two musical styles created a truly original and fresh mashup tune that will not easily be forgotten once it is heard. Beyonce is a pop and R&B queen and Ellie Goulding is an English singer and songwriter. Together, both of these high powered music performers can turn just about anything they touch into gold.

Mashup music is a great musical form that has a lot of interesting sounds. People can create all sorts of great musical styles and content simply by blending two different sounds.

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