Top 10 Best Melodic Death Metal Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Melodic Death Metal songs of all time 2017, Truly, on the brave at heart can grasp and appreciate the intricate beauty and complex nature of melodic death metal. This powerful sub genre of heavy metal music got its start in Gothenburg, Sweden in the 1990’s. The musicians who perform this type of music must be extremely skilled in not only playing, but infusing and layering various influences in their compositions. Melodic death metal (MDM) captures the essence of the while heart, the untamed soul and works to pull you into the mysteries of the universe.

Top 10 latest new Melodic Death Metal songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Melodic Death Metal songs of all time 2017.

10. Arch Enemy by Stigmata

Not an epic track of length and complexity, Indeed, “Stigmata” by Swedish death metal band, Arch Enemy is the exact opposite, a mere 2:13 minutes long. This instrumental piece is short, concise and to the point. Excellent sampling of first rate, aggressive melodic metal, complete with wailing guitars and smack on target percussion. The intro to the track is deceptively slow, almost plodding in nature, then quickly builds up speed and power, evolving into an intricate maze of classic melodic metal sound.

9. Dry Run by Dark Tranquility

The track “Dry Run” comes off of the 2005 album, “Character”, delivering to the listener a scathing melodic death metal sound, complete with classic wild guitar solos that flood your ears with aggressive, turbulent riffs. Fast tempo, bone crushing sound along with melodic dancing of keyboards woven into the track. An interesting and unique track, well played, perfectly carried out.

Dark Tranquility is known by fans of the sub-genre, as one of the forefathers of melodic death metal music, the founders of the Gothenburg metal scene, so you know already that they take their compositions and performances seriously. There is no messing around here, the track is clean, heavy, purposeful, and totally melodic death metal.

8. Mortal Share by Insomnium

Insomnium is a combination melodic death metal and progressive metal band, hailing from Finland. They get their progressive edge from utilizing folk instrumentation as well as structure in their compositions, along with symphonic influences. Their track, “Mortal Share”, comes off of their successful 2006 album, “Above the Weeping World”, and revolves around pain, loss, and death.

This is a quick tempo track that is massive, grating and driving with a sound that incorporates more progressive infusion into the metal, creating a more epic composition, with the rhythm of the vocals following a deliberate patterning, defiant in nature, against the back wall of temperamental, and wild guitar work.

7. Ghost of Perdition by Opeth

“Ghost of Perdition” is an epic track over 10 minutes in length, that can be found in the library of most melodic death metal fans. Opeth hails from Sweden and has created some of the most acclaimed melodic death metal ever created. Their sound is varied, imaginative and addicting, as they work a tapestry of differing styles into their compositions. The track, “Ghost of Perdition”, is included in the album, “Ghost Reveries”, released in 2005, and is a strong composition by Mikael Akerfeldt, which explores the idea of the occult theme which he found a fascinating topic.

“Ghost of Perdition” is a fascinating track, the intro almost tricks you into thinking this will be an almost timid track, until it smacks you upside your brain, digging it’s rhythmic claws into your psyche, and down your spine. Vocally, it alters from the trademark guttural sounds of death metal, to a more melodic offering, which function to draw you into its mystery. This track is also included in the video game “Saints Row 2”, and “Rock Band 3”.

6. Follow The Reaper by Children of Bodom

This track is off of their album of the same name, released in 2000, and is one of the best children of Bodom have ever recorded. Children of Bodom is a melodic death metal band from Finland, and the name refers to one of Finland’s most famous homicide cases. This band is chock full of complex sounds from a variety of inspirations, from classical music to death metal. “Follow the Reaper” opens with a short, almost woeful narration, then powers into a full force, driving death metal sound. Gut wrenching and intense, with vocals seemingly steamrolling through the nonstop skull crunching tempo.

5. Slaughter of the Soul by At the Gates

I promise you, the metal is going to flow with this track. Fast, deadly and dense, you click on this track, and here the one word: “Go”! Afterwhich, the song forges ahead, and it’s all you can do to keep up, catch your breath and roll with the riffs. At the Gates is a band has been around a while, and those into the genre consider them extremely influential on the melodic death metal scene. “Slaughter of the Soul” is such a powerful piece that it was chosen to appear on the games, “Grand Theft Auto IV”, “The Lost and the Damned”, and “Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground”.

4. Thunderhorse by Dethklok

Anyone familiar with the game, “Guitar Hero II”, or Adult Swim, is more than likely familiar with this “Thunderhorse” by Dethklok. Indeed, you can’t really have a listing of melodic death metal songs without including one from Dethklok. Dethklok is a fictional, animated band that plays excellent melodic death metal music. Dethklok are the stars of the show, “Metalocalypse”, which appears on the Adult Swim network. Performed by Brendon Small and various studio musicians, the Dethklok albums consistently chart and have a wide fan base, with their first album in 2007.

“Thunderhorse” is actually the last track in a trilogy of songs about Vikings. “Thunderhorse” might be somewhat light on the lyrics, “Ride, Ride, Thunder, Horse, Thunder, Horse, Ride, Ride”, as they seem to play more of a backing role to the meaning of the song, serving as a support to the powerful guitar work and unrelenting percussion of the piece, as Gene Hoglans drumming will positively knock you out with its unbelievable speed and precision.

3. Divide Conquer Burn and Destroy by Serpentine Dominion

A commentary on society, “Divide Conquer, Burn and Destroy” is a track which is the result of a unique collaboration of some of metals most brilliant minds. Serpentine Dominion is a melodic death metal ‘super group’ consisting of Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz, Cannibal Corpse vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher and Shannon Lucas of The Black Dahlia Murder on drums. Serpentine Dominion produces stunning music which ranges from melodic death metal to melodic metalcore.

As a super group, they are intent on each member making unique contributions to the music. The track “Divide Conquer Burn and Destroy” is an intense piece of music, complete with soul crushing riffs, and George “Corpsegrinder” Fishers guttural vocals. The lyrics were composed by Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach, and revolves around the dangers and effect of corruption in any society and apathy that surrounds it.

2. Sirius VI by Blood Stain Child

This song might surprise you. Most of these bands are from Europe, however, this most awesome melodic death metal band is from Japan, and it’s called Blood Stain Child. They take the death metal, toss in a bit of J-pop, and stir in a dash of electronica. The track “Sirius VI” works surprisingly well, and perfectly shows just how this combination of totally odd musical influences actually work.

It’s unique, spacious and melodic. The driving tempo of death metal is balanced by an almost serene type of vocals, which creates a tapestry of sound, an amazing wall of massive varied sound. Addictive, to say the least, as just one taste of Blood Stain Child will more than likely have you coming back for more.

1. Ghost Prototype I – Measure of Thought by Scar Symmetry

The band, Scar Symmetry comes out of Sweden and has released 6 studio albums, with another, “The Singularity, Phase 2” scheduled for release in 2017. This track is off their 2008 album, “Holographic Universe” is almost euphoric in nature. Sure, it drives and has power, but the melody and vocals also work together to rise you up out of your seat. Uplifting, precise vocal work of Christian Älvestam seals the deal on this track. it’s aggressive, masterful, fast and has superb vocals, which provide a catchy hook that I think you’ll find quite pleasurable.

Melodic death metal is a complex sub genre of heavy metal, and is dense with meaning, unrelenting speed and drive, all backed by powerful instrumentation and arrangements. Melodic death metal is intelligent music played by masters of their craft. Once you get a taste of this sub genre, you may never be satisfied by mere metal ever again.

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