Top 10 Best Melodic Metal Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Melodic Metal songs of all time 2017, We have compiled a list of some of the most influential melodic metal songs of all time. From Aerosmith in the 70’s to AC/DC of the 80’s and bands like X Japan today. I know what some of you are thinking, why Journey? The melodic power ballads of the 80’s were an influential stepping stone to the melodic metal of today. They sowed the seeds of incorporating melody into their compositions as a way to survive the emergence of synthpop in the new world of the MTV music video age of the 80’s. Indeed, if these early rock bands did not make an effort to compete against their ever popular synthpop competitors and allowed themselves to die out, metal today might not exist as we know it, if at all. We owe them recognition.

Melodic Metal Song Top 10 latest new Melodic Metal songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Melodic Metal songs of all time 2017.

10. Faithfully – Journey

One of the chart toppers of the 80’s, and master of the power ballad, Journey gives us a gorgeous and memorable melodic rock song, “Faithfully”. “Faithfully” comes off of their “Frontiers” album of 1983, and contains many melodic rock ballads, such as “Send Her My Love”. This melodic power ballad was composed by Jonathan Cain and reached the number 12 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. This is a beautiful track, and vocalist Steve Perry releases it with such feeling and range, you can feel the love, loyalty and longing through the airwaves. The intro is slow and purposeful, done on piano, to bring us into the mood of the piece, which proceeds to build up to a dynamic climax. Well done, and an excellent representation of melodic rock.

9. Wind of Change – Scorpions

An incredible piece of melodic rock, is “Wind of Change”. The track opens with a haunting, ambient sound of whistling, calm and solid, while slowly flowing into the vocals which begin to emote the passion and desperation to tear down the wall, and to make Germany whole again. “Wind of Change” was written and performed by the German rock band Scorpions, and represents the historical period during Glasnost and Perestroika. This melodic power ballad comes off of their eleventh album, “Crazy World”. This is a hypnotic track, and has great meaning for people all around the world.

8. You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC

One of the top heavy metal bands of the 80’s (and still going strong) is AC/DC. AC/DC produced some pretty heavy metal for the 80’s time period, selling over 200 million albums world wide, and much was of the melodic sort. “You Shook Me All Night Long”, was a track off of their album, “Back in Black”. “You Shook Me All Night Long” was an international favorite, scoring a platinum in the U.S. and Australia, and gold in Italy. This track is raw, its loud and unapologetically intense and forceful, it’s also catchy and melodic. Great track for those who are looking for some excellent 80’s melodic metal.

7. Art of Life – X Japan

If you are not familiar with the metal that comes out of Japan, then you should start now. Japan is rich with some of the best rock/metal bands on the planet today. X Japan is one of those bands, who can produce some excellent melodic metal. Their album, “Art of Life” is composed of just one song, “Art of Life”, and if you are into some speed metal guitar work, this is the track for you. Composed by Yoshiki, this track has progressive, melodic metal written all over it. The seering guitar play is enough to draw you into this mystical, yet powerful track.

6. Barracuda – Heart

“Barracuda” is an early melodic heavy metal song, full of utterly smashing guitar solos and the magnificent vocals of Ann Wilson and Nancy’s most perfect guitar work. The attempt was for “Barracuda” to be a full blown metal piece for the group and comes off of its album, “Little Queen”. If the song sounds aggressive and full of more than its share of anger, that could be due to its origins. It seems that Mushroom records had this idea to promote band by getting a publicist to declare that the two sisters were in the midst of an incestuous affair. When the band heard that, it was all she wrote, and they quickly penned this most classic track.

5. Arch Enemy – Stigmata

“Stigmata” is a heavy, aggressive and powerful instrumental track from the melodic death metal band, Arch Enemy, off of their album “Stigmata”. This sweet track, introduces itself with a slow, lumbering riff, reflecting the possible doom to come. A track of pure melodic death metal, “Stigmata” makes use of intricate and complex guitar play, and turns this track into something passionately beautiful. The guitar play harmonizes into an absolutely stunning solo piece.

4. Jump – Van Halen

“Jump” ‘comes from the Van Halen album, “1984”, released in 1983. While Van Halen is usually considered metal, the synth powered track, “Jump” blended seamlessly with Eddie Van Halen’s full bodied guitar play. The blend of keyboard with the harder rock sound played well against David Lee Roth’s energetic vocals. Melodic rock, a champion Van Halen solo, infused with just a hint of pop, made this track one of the favorite and well known tracks in Van Halen’s musical library.

3. Dry Run – Dark Tranquility

Dark Tranquility is considered one of the ‘godfathers’ of melodic death metal, as it belongs to a trio of bands that have released nothing but melodic death metal. Also known as the founders of the Gothenburg metal scene. Their track “Dry Run” blends scathing death metal along with melodic guitar solos, aggressive riffs, upbeat, all with the melodic ambiance of keyboards infusing the track. Intros are often the best part of a track, as they provide anticipation and excitement of what is to come, and the intro for “Dry Run” is no exception, as it reaches out, grabs you, and proceeds to shred you to death with its power.

2. Is This Love – Whitesnake

The vocal talents of Whitesnakes lead singer, David Coverdale, help to create one of the best melodic power ballads in rock. This track is 4:45 minutes of glorious melodic rock, more than enough to satiate the tastes of any admire of the genre. This great ode to love and devotion, was released in 1987, from their album, “Whitesnake”. Originally composed by Coverdale and guitarist John Sykes for vocalist extraordinaire, Tina Turner, Whitesnake ended up using it for their catalog.

1. Dream On – Aerosmith

Even if you’ve never heard of the band, you’ve probably heard this classic song, “Dream On”. Known as their signature song, “Dream On” is a powerful, melodic hit, and is composed of massive guitar play, and Steve Tylers stunning, emotional vocal work. The lyrics are unique, with a straightforward tone combined with vigor and strength. Indeed, one can almost feel the words as Tyler releases them so that they may blend with the guitar work of Perry. This track from 1973 still stands up today as an anthem to the band, and to the power and strength of 70’s rock and roll.

Over the years, new stylings of music have all attempted to wipe rock off the face of the charts. But rock will never die, it is alive, it is cognizant and it flows with the eternal magic from the gods of music themselves. Each era brings us new and different interpretations from various artists. Metal is powerful, and it speaks to our very soul. Never dismiss the early bands such as Boston or Journey, for they bravely fought against the insurgence of new styles in an MTV pop driven world, and kept the metal alive.

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