Top 10 Best Metalcore Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Metalcore songs of all time 2017, Metalcore is an interesting genre of rock and roll. It has a very loyal and dedicated fanbase, even with the short life expectancies of many of its most successful bands. While the ones that have made some of the biggest splashes have started to pull away from strictly Metalcore music and delved more deeply into a broader fan base, their contributions to the genre are still too considerable to keep from the list. These songs below are the biggest, most successful, and best composed songs to represent the Metalcore genre ever.

Metalcore Song Top 10 latest new Metalcore songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Metalcore songs of all time 2017.

10. “Apologies Are For The Weak” – Miss May I – Apologies Are For The Weak (2009)

From the very opening of this track, the guitar takes center stage as a driving force that carries throughout the entire song. Miss May I offers several different levels to their screams, which adds an interesting dynamic reminiscent of early Haste The Day. By the time the chorus rolls around, your neck is ready from a break from all the serious head banging that you are wanting to do through the entire track. I’m glad the track suggests that “Apologies Are For The Weak” because there is nothing sorry about this first entry for the greatest Metalcore songs of all time.

9. “Unholy Confessions” – Avenged Sevenfold – Waking The Fallen (2003)

Avenged Sevenfold is a band that is most known these days for a more specifically rock approach. They have navigated their successes past their previously Metalcore roots and adopted a softer vocal styling to be more radio friendly on rock stations. However, what has never changed is the impressive guitar work from their dual lead guitarists that the band has. The two working together gives the band an edge that makes them truly unique to all of the bands that are out there playing music right now, and it basically all began with their first major release in Waking The Fallen. The biggest track from this Metalcore album was “Unholy Confessions”, which to this day is still deemed one of the greatest songs from the band, even with their broader fan base.

8. “Boneyards” – Parkway Drive – Horizons (2007)

Parkway Drive is very much one of the bands that have aided Metalcore in the transition to the mainstream that it has seen in the last decade. While staying true to their original roots that have made the genre so unique, “Boneyards” has a lot of really creative guitar riffs that are intermittedly thrown in amidst drop tuning heavy strumming on the guitars. These instruments set the tone for the entire song, even panning from side to side at one point in the track, adding a cool effect all on its own. Parkway Drive is Metalcore at their heart, and they continue to be one of the best representations of the genre to this day.

7. “Losing You” – Dead By April – Dead By April (2009)

The piano work throughout this track makes it a truly unique addition to this list of the greatest Metalcore tracks that have ever been written. This piano work persists throughout the entire track, which adds an almost eerie feel to the entire track. While the band’s style echoes a little bit of Bullet For My Valentine (who ironically enough is #4), they still have enough of a unique style that they can seriously hold their own in terms of successful Metalcore bands that are honored on this coveted list.

6. “Danger: Wildman” – The Devil Wears Prada – With Roots Above and Branches Below (2009)

There is something to be said about guitar work that can make or break a track. “Danger: Wildman” is a track that easily could have been completely derailed by its guitarists, which has occurred on some of the less popular offerings from The Devil Wears Prada. The three tiered screaming perfected compliments the sporadic guitaring through the opening of the verses. The chorus kicks in and you get some of the best cleans that you will ever hear in the genre. The bridge is also nearly all cleans, which offers a nice build up into the climax of the song when all of the instrumentation kicks back in again.

5. “Ex’s and Oh’s” – Atreyu – A Death Grip On Yesterday (2006)

The track opens with what seems like the middle of a long guitar solo and feeds right into the spoken/sang verses. What makes this band so interesting is that most of the cleans that are sung in the group are done by the drummer, all the while he doesn’t miss a beat (quite literally). Atreyu has one of the most recognizable screams in the history of Metalcore, and they have been around for many years still making their presence known for any band that wants to come and try to live up to the successes that they have seen in their time in the lime light.

4. “Tears Don’t Fall” – Bullet For My Valentine – The Poison (2000)

This is a bad that is really aiding the process of making Metalcore a more mainstream genre. While there are not a lot of radio stations around the country that are playing this kind of music specifically, Bullet for my Valentine took all of the greatest cues from the popular Metalcore bands that have come before them and tweaked their style to be slightly more marketable on rock radio stations around the world. The result “Tears Don’t Fall” would be the single most marketable song on this entire list. Their successes as a band landed them a spot just shy of the top 3.

3. “Rose of Sharyn” – Killswitch Engage – The End of Heartache (2004)

There is nothing quite like losing someone that you love to their untimely demise. Perhaps one of the most heartfelt tracks about trying to remember someone who has been ripped away from you is “Rose of Sharyn” from Killswitch Engage. The song would be featured on one of the band’s most popular albums to date, and persists as being one of their most requested and played songs to this day. The song has the complete package from the cleans and screams, to the incredible guitar work that you can expect one of the greatest Metalcore songs of all time to have.

2. “Chelsea Smile” – Bring Me The Horizon – Suicide Season (2008)

“Chelsea Smile” was one of the first songs that people ever really got to hear from rock giants Bring Me The Horizon. While this entire album, Suicide Season, was more metal than the band would ever be again, its achievements would be enough to make a lasting impression on the Metalcore world forever. Bring Me The Horizon changed their style slightly through each subsequent album, never fully eliminating the screams, but making their sound far more marketable and making their lyrics even more carefully crafted than the lyrical genius and incredible instrumentation that allowed “Chelsea Smile” to land in at #2.

1. “Nothing Left” – As I Lay Dying – An Ocean Between Us (2007)

This is a track that you likely should not listen to while you are driving, as you are almost guaranteed to get a speeding ticket. This is a song that As I Lay Dying really needed to release in 2007 to let the world know that they were still the crowned kings of Metalcore, no matter if they were dealing with line up changes or not. The band showcases one of the greatest Metalcore guitarists ever, and each track that the band creates allows an opportunity for the world to fall more and more in love with As I Lay Dying.

Metalcore has been forever shaped and defined by the tracks that are listed above. While the better part of these songs have been released in and around the last ten years, this is a statement about the overall youth of the genre as a whole. Metalcore is not something that has been around for several decades, but it is something that continues to grow. To get the best idea of what kind of artists personify this offshoot of rock, or what a true Metalcore band should sound like, check out any of these above mentioned songs.

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