Top 10 Best Mexican Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Mexican songs of all time 2017, When a person thinks of Mexican music they often think of the festive songs that encourage a person to get up and dance. These songs have a beat that a person can salsa to. Some of these songs can be a little slower. For the most part the lyrics are happy and positive. There are types of Mexican music that most people have never heard of. These songs known as Mexican music. These songs are the equivalent to hardcore rock only in Spanish. These song have a hard rock edge and dark lyrics. These are the top 10 Mexican songs of all time.

Top 10 latest new Mexican songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Mexican songs of all time 2017.

10. ExNovios by Cremalleras

This is a song by the band called the Cremalleras. When translated this means zippers. This band is one of the most well known acts on the Mexican hardcore scene and is influencing many other bands to be able to express themselves. This band is a duo and there is a female that sings most of the lyrics. She is the lead singer and her male partner plays the music. These songs have punk lyrics and are allowing people to hear a new take on Mexican music.

9. We’re That Spic Band by Los Crudos

The band known as Los Crudos is not afraid to push the envelope and they do not care who they offend. A person can tell that just by looking at the title to their hit song. This band has been around since the early 90s making Mexican music. They took a break for some time but came back with their hardcore songs. The majority of their songs are in Spanish with an occasional English song once in a while. The lyrics to their song are hard and they are dark. This band does not care who they offend and in fact they try to push the buttons whenever possible.

8. Mueren Cientos de Personans


This is a song by the band Massacre 68. This band got its name from a tragedy that happened during this time. in 1968 police shot into a crowd of peaceful student protestors in Mexico City. This band is hard and their music is hard as well. Many of the lyrics have to do with political protests and giving their opinion on the Mexican government and the criticism of how it is run. This band is giving a voice for those that want to rebel all over Mexico.

7. Aranas en el Corazon by Criaturas

This is a song by the band named Criaturas. This is a female lead Mexicore band. This does not mean that the band is not tough. They play very hardcore songs. The title of the band translated to Creatures in English. They play a number of instruments and write their own lyrics. The band members are very talented and it shows especially in this song.

6. Oscura Socieda by Destruye y Huye

This is by the band called Destruye y Huye. This band is another hardcore Meixcore band that is all female. They also have dark lyrics and play their own instruments. Their songs have a female rights edge to them and they like to play feminine music. They are on a mission to end sexism and they do so by passing the message along with their songs.

5. Que Sabras by Empirismo

This song is by the band Empirismo. This band has been making music since the early 1990s. They have strong lyrics and sometimes their lyrics are a little on the violent side. They want to end the corruption in their government and are not afraid to take drastic measures in order to do so. Luckily they use their music as a weapon. This is some of the hardest Mexican music that a person can find.

4. Triguena by Inservibles

This song is by the band that is called Inservibles. This band has everything that a hard Mexican band should. They is loud music, some screaming lyrics, and a lot of anger. This band plays a number of punk and rock shows. They often are one of the top acts at Chaos in Tejas and raise hell in just about every town that they visit.

3. Mil Amores by Generacion Suicida

This song made the band Generacion Suicida popular. Even is a person does not speak Spanish they can get the general impression that the band is trying to give. This band game together in the 70s and since then they have been making hard and loud Mexican music. Some of their songs have some melodies to them. Most of their songs are designed to get the mosh pit going. This song is great for those that want to get a feel of hardcore Mexican music.

2. Apaga la Television by De Nalgas

The band De Nalgas wrote and perform this song. This Mexicore band started out as what many people would compare to a garage band. They are not afraid to use their music to protest the government and other political bodies that they do not agree with. They even have their message on their tattoos and their clothing style. This band is hardcore all the way. Many people compare this song and the band to a Spanish version of the band the Casualties.

1. Absurdo Escepticismo Superficial

This song is by the band Niegalo Todo. This band considered themselves to be one of the most hardcore band. Their music is both loud and they are raw. They do not apologize for their song or for the way that they act. This music takes a look at the political corruption that they see and they are not afraid to talk about this in their music. All of their songs are entirely in Spanish. They are from a small region in Mexico kwnon as Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chalpas which is a very rural and isolated area. From this tiny area the band has game fame all over the world. They have worked hard to get their sound and their music out there and are enjoying the success.

These are some of the best Mexican songs of all time. These songs are hard and their sound is getting out to those that do not even speak a word of Spanish.

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