Top 10 Best Movie Soundtrack Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Movie Soundtrack songs of all time 2017, Sometimes it’s hard to remember that as good as a song is it can either be enhanced or destroyed by whatever it’s attached to. In some cases using a song to promote or increase the value of a movie can be an iffy proposition, but more often than not, even if the movie happens to be a real stinker, people will always remember a killer soundtrack. A song can elevate a movie in such a way that acting, storyline, and plot don’t seem to matter as much anymore. However, if the movie is that bad, then the reputation of the song might be sullied as well. In any case, the real idea behind adding a musical score to any movie is to enhance the experience. So with that in mind, here are the top ten best movie soundtrack songs of all time.

Top 10 latest new Movie Soundtrack songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Movie Soundtrack songs of all time 2017.

10. (Don’t You) Forget About Me- Simple Minds, “Breakfast Club”

For a movie based on rebellion and the general problems of teenagers in this era, this song was perhaps one of the absolute best picks. Forgetting for a moment that it wasn’t the first pick, it’s likely that tone and sound of the “Breakfast Club” might have been very different had it been Billy Idol or some other well-noted singer that started belting out their tune at the end of the movie. Think about it now, if you’d heard Idol’s grating tones heralding John Bender’s triumphant walk across the football field, would you have remembered the story a little differently? Most signs point to yes.

9. Blaze of Glory- Bon Jovi, “Young Guns 2”

Despite the dismal showing at the box office, this cult classic is still remembered by many as one of the most popular films of its era mostly for its content and not so much for its realism. Billy the Kid was after all a real character in the old west, but his crusader-like persona wasn’t so much in line with what the filmmakers wanted to display. The song used to capture the attitude and feel of the movie however was enough to make Billy look like not only a slightly off kilter gunslinger, but also a man who was making hard choices based on a harder life. It might not have been the real story, but it was still inspirational enough to make most people believe, if only for a few seconds.

8. Ghostbusters- Ray Parker Jr. “Ghostbusters”

Just hum a few notes and this track will get stuck in your head just like it used to if you can remember when “Ghostbusters” first came out. Some songs are just infectious enough that you can’t help but hum or mouth the lyrics when you think no one is watching, and this is definitely one of those songs. It was a simple tune in a much simpler age, but overall it has withstood the test of time in simply sticking around this long. So what if the new version of the movie decided not to bring it back full force? The fans were on the ball when the 2016 version of “Ghostbusters” came out, and they’re the ones that end up paying for the thing anyway.

7. Power of Love- Huey Lewis and the News, “Back to The Future

Unless you were a big fan of Huey Lewis and the News, you likely didn’t attribute them with the “Back to The Future” franchise. The mere fact that this song was what was initially heard when the movie opened was enough to catapult it to stardom and take its creators with it. Otherwise you might never have heard of Huey Lewis and cared even less about the News. Give credit where credit is due though, the song was one of the reasons why this movie became so popular, even if it wasn’t a particularly large reason.

6. Lose Yourself- Eminem, “8 Mile”

If you’ve watched the movie then you know why this song rates so high and why it resonates with so many different people. No one likes failing, no one likes falling down in life, and no one wants to be reminded of the times they do. This track reminds us all however that when we fall down we either get back up or we explain to those us around us why we’ve opted to stay flat on our backs. According to Eminem there is no lying down or going back, the road ahead might be hard and it might be dangerous, but it’s a road that is paved with hope no matter how hard it gets. That elusive light at the end of the tunnel is often worth the hell you have to experience to get to it.

5. Gangsta’s Paradise- Coolio, “Dangerous Minds”

Some might think that easy money, doing dirt, and getting paid are all it takes to get along in life. Coolio was for a number of years a hot commodity in the rap game, spewing messages that spoke of hardship, struggle, and a desperate need to find something worthwhile to do with life. In this track, designed for the movie “Dangerous Minds”, one only has to listen to understand that despite the ease and inherent danger of the streets and all they can offer, a real life is spent doing something much more worthwhile and far more risky. An educated mind is infinitely more dangerous than anything the streets can offer.

4. I Will Always Love You- Whitney Houston, “The Bodyguard”

This is one of the few songs that people seemed to love playing at their weddings, which makes it a bit ironic really. Consider this fact: the song is about saying goodbye. Now it might seem less than important to some, but honestly it seems like saying goodbye after going through a ceremony that ties two lives together might seem just a tad bit strange. Like it or not though this song was played so often that even those who didn’t particularly like it found that they would be humming the tune when they weren’t paying full attention.

3. Eye of the Tiger- Survivor, “Rocky 3”

Everyone feels absolutely pumped when they hear this song, and those who deny it are fooling themselves. “Rocky 3” was as much of an inspiration to moviegoers as parts 1 and 2 were, but to the extent that Rocky had finally come up against someone that wasn’t just out to beat him up for pride and to prove that he was a fluke. Clubber Lang was out to straight up annihilate Rocky, and if not for Apollo Creed and his dogged persistence, or maybe if not for Adrienne, Rocky would have become a has-been before his time. Despite it’s simple message and very simple structure, this song is one of the most classic tunes of its time or any other.

2. (Everything I Do) I Do it for You- Bryan Adams, “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”

The movie was a bomb, a stinker, and an effort by Kevin Costner that would have been better off if he’d saved it until he matured a little. But for Bryan Adams it was a musical home-run that was showcased at weddings, high school dances, and in most any venue where people wanted to hold each other and be romantic. It had a nice long run and is still capable of being heard today, which is why it makes this list.

1. (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life- Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes, “Dirty Dancing”

One of the ultimate chick flicks, “Dirty Dancing” is one of the few that can be found to entertain men just as much as women. Maybe it’s the character of Johnny or the enriching storyline that drives the movie in such a way that you can’t help but sit and watch each passing minute, or maybe it’s the iconic duet by Medley and Warnes that caps the whole thing off. There are a great number of excellent songs that are attached to this movie, but the finishing duet ties it all in with such expertise that the story simply couldn’t have ended any other way. Among all the songs that have ever driven a soundtrack and finished off a movie in such a manner, this is one tops them all.

When you walk out of a movie or finish watching at home you often want to feel that you’ve done something worthwhile, or that your senses have been satisfactorily tweaked in some way. A good soundtrack to any movie will grant those feelings largely because of its content, but also because of the music that helps to drive the movie and grant it that extra bit of emotional depth.

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