Top 10 Best Neo-Classical Metal Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Neo-Classical Metal songs of all time 2017, Some musicians during the 80’s had the idea to combine metal music with classical tunes and gave rise to a new music form. It was called neo-classical metal music and it was an interesting way to present modern classical music to the masses. Neo-Classical music style did not catch on with many people. It was not a commercial success nor was it popular among traditional music fans.

Regardless of its appeal, neo-classical music ushered in a new sound that would be an underground favorite for both metal and classical music lovers. The following information will describe some of the best neo-classical metal songs of all time.

Top 10 latest new Neo-Classical Metal songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Neo-Classical Metal songs of all time 2017.

10. Black Star by Yngwie J. Malmsteen

Yngwie J. Malmsteen created the neo-classical jam Black Star in 1984. This talented musical artist that superbly blends rock and classical music together to form a solid tune that is loaded with lots of flavor, style and charisma. A classic music lover will like the use of the metal music added to this traditional piece. Black star is a superb neo-classical metal song that has the right ingredients to be a great musical track.

9. Perpetual Burn by Jason Becker

Jason Becker released Perpetua Burn in 1988 and this neo-classical metal song performed well on the neo-classical music charts. People who like this genre of music was impressed with how it sounded and how it flowed. It interfused that traditional music sound with a nice and fresh rock riff. This song had an exceptional composition that helps to make neo-classical metal a song worth listening to.

8. Creek Marys Blood by Nitghtwish

Creeks Marys Blood by Nitghtwish debuted in 2004 and this song was a mega hit for this this outstanding group that knows how to make neo-classical music. Fans of this style likes the way that this hit moves as it progresses through the chords and notes. Creeks Marys Blood is what neo-classical rock is all about. The song has a great rhythm and transcendent movement through the notation. This is truly neo-classic masterpiece.

7. Stream of Consciousness by Dream Theater

Dream Theater gave the world the Stream of Consciousness in 2003. It appeared on their album Train of Thought. This is a long song that last for well over 11 minutes. Since this piece is takes a while to complete itself, it takes the listener through multiple change ups and movements. Keep in mind that many neo-classical tunes can be rather long pieces to experience.

So, an 11-minute song is not difficult for the average fan to bear. Classical pieces tend to run a bit longer than commercial music as well. Listeners will go through a wide range of emotions and feelings on the track. Once this piece starts it will hold a neo-classic metal fans attention until it is over.

6. Morgana’s Castle by Iron Mask

Neo-classic metal music sometimes has a medieval sound to it and Iron Mask’s Morgana’s Castle is one of those songs. It was released in 2002 by a neo-classical metal group known as Iron Mask. Once Iron Mask debuted this track, people took to it right away. This song uses the right instrumentation to create neo-classical metal song that has a great pace and a catchy sound. Iron Mask did a solid job with the creation of this song.

5. Wizards in Winter by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a well-known rock band that hails from the United States. They created Winter in Wizards in 2004 and this song was a great tune that mesmerized neo-classical metal audiences they released this song on their album titled the Lost Christmas Even. Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a group that has had great commercial success. They know how to make traditional music that rocks.

4. Angel of Salvation by Galneryus

Galneryus is a modern neo-classical group that made of Angel of Salvation in 2012. They are a part of a new breed of neo-classical performers who are helping to keep the neo-classical metal sound alive and thriving. Galneryus is also an important group that has the talent to make songs that bode well with fans.

Their talent has helped to catapult them to the level of greatness. Galyneryus is a such a great band that it is hard to overlook them. Angel of Salvation is just a song that showcases the talent of the Galneryus and the part they play for neo-classical metal fans everywhere.

3. Serrana by Jason Becker

Jason Becker produced Serrana in 1996. It was off of his album known as Perspective. Jason Becker is a popular neo-classical artist. Becker has a great command of classical and rock music forms. He knows how to set these styles up within his song to deliver the most impact for the jams that he makes. Serrana is an outstanding classical music piece that utilizes the importance of great music creation and the proper technique of blending sounds.

2. Tears of Sahara by Tony MacAlpine

Tony MacAlpine was a huge neo-classical artist back in the 80s and his song Tears of Sahara showcases his talent and skills as a musician. He is a great guy that knows how to provide solid music for his fans. His live performances of Tears of Sahara always have fans in an uproar. Many neo-classical metal artists know that MacAlpine is such a great performer that people must pay attention to him and his sound. He is one of the best neo-classical metal artists in this genre.

1. Dragon’s Mistress by Marty Friedman

Dragon’s Mistress is an essential neo-classical piece that does not easily fall off. This song moves with a great flow and it has a style that is easy to listen to. Marty Friedman created this tune in 1988 and it is from his Dragon’s Miss CD. He is a great neo-classical metal artist that does exactly what it is supposed to do. The music makes great music and has a great sound that does not let up from start to finish.

It is extremely hard to create an original and unique new style of music. Neo-classical tried to do this very thing but was not that successful. Even though it failed to be a big hit with the mainstream, there are more than enough music fans that really like this sound.

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