Top 10 Best Nu Metal Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Nu Metal songs of all time 2017, Nu Metal is a slightly different form of rock that incorporates other elements from different genres to create an original piece of music that is in effect an amalgam of those genres and yet its own distinct sound. Many songs have begun to cross the genre lines over the years and in doing so have become successful in a much less traditional style by succeeding in more than one venue with a sound that is eerily reminiscent of many different styles but still indicative of a very unique and very distinctive style that is all its own. With that, here are the top ten best nu metal songs of all time.

Top 10 latest new Nu Metal songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Nu Metal songs of all time 2017.

10. Bring Me to Life- Evanescence

If you are a fan of Evanescence then you know the power that accompanies the lead singer’s voice and how ultimately enchanting she can be despite the dark and dangerous quality her voice seems to possess. There is no denying her siren call when she opens her mouth to allow every syllable to slide free in a constant lure of emotion and suffering that seem to go into their songs, enticing the listener to sit still and patiently wait for each new note to be unveiled. To say that Evanescence is a “good” band is akin to saying that the sun is “bright”.

9. Wait and Bleed- Slipknot

If you’re like most fans of this beloved band you probably weren’t quite ready for their unbridled energy and rage-filled lyrics when they first exploded onto the music scene. In truth few were even aware of who they were as the earliest commercials promoting their arrival were little more than the various masks of the band being shown onscreen with little to no explanation of who or what they were. People knew very soon however when Slipknot hit the scene with all the force of a megaton rock bomb, shredding the stage and the listeners alike with their brand of super-sonic lyrics and impressive burst of energy that allowed them to hit the ground running and never once stop.

8. In the End- Linkin Park

Linkin Park is a band that most people felt the need to get used to at first. They had a synthesized sound, a good leader singer, a startlingly good backup singer, and a sound unlike most bands of their time. It can be argued that they stole some of their sound from the similar but less popular band known as Dry Cell, but apart from a few notes here and there that sounded the same, Linkin Park became their own entity and forged their own path from the get go, mesmerizing listeners in such a way that many felt almost abandoned when the band took so long between albums to promote any new material. Linkin Park is a band that grows on a person, but in a good way thankfully.

7. When Worlds Collide- Powerman 5000

This is an example of a one-and-done hit that came on the scene with enough energy and flair to get people’s attention and then fade off into the background once its light was smothered by other hits that were coming out at the same time. It is still a largely popular track and will be busted out every now and again after kicking the dust off of it, but when it is rolled out the energy it produces is hard to ignore. You might even find yourself singing along with the lyrics as your blood gets to pumping and your mood alters just a bit. This song is one of those that was best when it was first released and remained fresh in the mind for as long as it lasted, which unfortunately wasn’t too long.

6. Falling Away from Me- Korn

Korn is one of the mega-hit bands that has been everywhere, done everything, and all based on the fact that they bring a most unusual and severely energetic sound to the stage. How the whining voice of the lead singer would fare without the insane drum beats and guitar riffs is anyone’s guess, but when put together every element of this song and this band just works. It’s hard to really pick the song apart and say which part is more important as they tend to work together in such a wonderfully discordant harmony that attempting to say which works best is essentially impossible.

5. Bawitdaba- Kid Rock

This was one of the power songs of its time, coming out with such a bang to announce a performer that had already been in the business for some time. Kid Rock had been attempting to get his name out into the mainstream for years before this hit finally escalated him to the upper echelon of the music industry. The song took off in such a big way that fans were singing it constantly, performing horrible karaoke as they growled into the microphone. It was also another hit made popular as a part of many a movie soundtrack, bringing its intensity to any film with such force that the adrenalin started pumping the moment the first note hit.

4. Click Click Boom- Saliva

Saliva is one of those bands that kind of comes and goes, finding their stride with a few great hits and then fading into the background for awhile as they continue to hammer away on new material. With this track they hit a definite home run as their energy infected the listeners in such a way that many would find themselves humming the track weeks later without realizing it. One way to know that a song was actually a real hit and not just a fluke however comes when you find yourself using the chorus as a useful punctuation in a real life situation. That’s the mark of a good song.

3. My Way- Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit definitely got on the nerves of some people, while others rode the wave of success along with the band until their popularity began to wane due to reasons that are highly debatable. This song is powerful in a way that it speaks to those who aren’t always able to forge their own path thanks to the machinations of others or some other inability that continually crops up. Many of those individuals eventually find it necessary to just say “enough” and finally attempt to find their own way through life, much as this song would indicate.

2. Before I Forget- Slipknot

Slipknot appears on this list twice for a couple of reasons. Those are 1) They are just that awesome and provocative, and 2) Their energy is enough for two or three bands, meaning that no matter what song they are singing, they are running on high voltage from start to end without fail. For those reasons alone they have become a worldwide phenomenon that has enraptured fans to the point that when the lead singer, Corey Taylor, tells the entire crowd to “Get the f**k down right now!” the crowd doesn’t hesitate to obey. Go on and try to find another band that can accomplish this and you might find them on this type of list multiple times as well.

1. Killing in the Name Of- Rage Against the Machine

This band is not the favorite of everyone, and in fact is one of those groups that people either avoid or absolutely love. There is little grey area when it comes to this group, but that is what makes them so enticing and even legendary in their own time. They don’t pull punches with their music, nor do they cater to anyone’s desire but their own when laying it down. This is a rarity in the music industry in any genre, and only a handful of bands see fit to get away with this when they can. It’s quite refreshing really.

Nu metal can be a little confusing at times as a genre, but in reality it is a definitive sound that has a lot of working parts that don’t always mesh together. That being said, it is still a very cohesive and even powerful sound that can make or break the band that attempts to run with it.

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