Top 10 Best Pashto Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Pashto songs of all time 2017, Pashto is one of the sweetest languages of Pakistan. It is spoken in the areas like Peshawar, Quetta and D.I.Khan. The speakers of this language are called Pathans. Like every other culture, Pathans also have their different music and culture. These songs are equally popular like all other songs from different languages and have become popular over the last couple of years. Due to cultural integration, Pashto music has borrowed greatly from other music genres. The result is some beautiful catchy tunes.

Some of the Top Pashto Songs are given below for you to find out the most famous songs of this language.

Top 10 latest new Pashto songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Pashto songs of all time 2017.

10. Qarara Rasha – Ismail and Junaid

Qarara Rasha is one of the most popular and outstanding songs of the Pashto Language. It is also famous among the people of other languages due to its heartthrob music and lyrical content. The singer is mournful of the loss of his golden days when his beloved were near and now he wants to call her back. The song is tragic and will put you in a somber mood making you think. If there was song that told you to never to take your loved one for granted, then this is the song. The beats of the music are awesome and the song is a great hit.

9. Janan – Hadiqa Kiani and Irfan Khan

Jannan is another sizzling number by Hadiqa Kiani and Irfan Khan. The song is so sweet and melodious attended by fabulous music. The lyrics of the song are so meaningful that they rotate around the love story of two lovers. This is a romantic song that the singers perform beautifully. The smooth and sensational music takes the song to the upper level. We feel that this song deserves to be on this list

8. Yaraana – Rahim Shah

A song that celebrates love and friendship between two friends from two countries is a winner in our books. Rahim Shah has sung this particular track and he does it effortlessly. The flawless music is worth exploring. The poetry itself is very hypnotic. The song describes the story between two friends. One of them is from Pakistan and the other is from Kabul. The song basically gives the theme about the Pak-Afghan friendship. An outstanding love ballad with a nice and calm theme.

7. Bibi Shirini – Zeek Afridi

A love song by Bibi Shirini that you will enjoy discovering. The song has gained a lot of positive reviews from music critics. Its sweet melody and the wonderful lyrics are amazingly good. The lyrics of the song portray the depiction that the singer is calling his lover back and for that he is willing to give his life because he can’t bear to live without her. The lyrics and tune of the song is really thought provoking and the song deeply melts down into the heart through ears of the listener. You will find yourself singing along.

6. Pariyaan – Bell

Pariyaan is the debut video by Karachi based blues band Bell, comprising of Hazrat Shahab Hussain, Zeeshan Lalani, Muhammad Abid and Ahad Nayani. This mellow number highlights what this new band has to offer a contemporary blues sound and catchy tunes. The video to this song is amazing with so much energy! These young lads have a lot to offer and we can only expect much better things from this band in the future.

5. Za Sta Pashan Na Yam – Naseer Afridi

This song is sung by Naseer Afridi. It’s a gold digger song and we love it. The singer is disappointed by his lover who is so demanding and all she wants is his money. But it turns out he is in love with her. He assures his loyalty with her in his heartbreaking lyric along with the melancholic melody. This is a surprisingly good song considering we have listened to so many gold digger kinds of songs. May be the reason why it’s so good is because we don’t understand the words but we clearly get the music. It definitely wins a spot on this list.

4. Morey (Mother) – Sardar Ali Takkar

A beautiful tribute to our mothers. A beautiful song by this awesome singer. This song is sad and at the same time hopeful. The singer has lost his mother and he is recalling his mother in a very painful voice giving an ultimate emotional feel to the song. He remembers his mother when she used to tell him the stories and he cannot forget her face. The music of the song is really amazing and it justifies the lyrics. The song was a block buster of its time and is still popular among the people of today. It gets really emotional when you come to the verses. One of those songs that can leave tears in your eyes.

3. Pakhwa – Ismail and Junaid

Pakhwa is one of the greatest hits of Pashto Language. The song is sung by Ismail and Junaid. The music of the song is beautiful and the use of musical instruments is done in such a lovely way that the song seems to flow seamlessly. The lyrics of the song are meaningful, describing the life after death. Both the singers have done a great effort. The singers painfully describes that this life is nothing and we have to go back to Allah one day and all the glories of this world will remain here, nothing will go along with us. The superb lyrical content is a reason or this song to be in this list.

2. Asrar – Waris Shah

Asrar has to be one of the most creative new artists from Pakistan to emerge in recent years. He has managed to stay relevant by releasing back to back songs. His version of Amrita Pritam’s poem Waris Shah puts his raw vocals to good use against an acoustic backdrop and minimalistic arrangement of instruments. He’s is one of the artists to watch this year. His music is magical.

1. Allah Hoo – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is still one World’s most respected and revered singers. No one surpasses the glory and fame he received and continues to receive years after his death. He is the godfather. A legend He is the Best there ever was. No one has surpassed him and looks like no one ever will surpass him.

He has won the hearts of people not only from Pakistan but whole world. He was the person even after his death will keep inspiring the generations who loves music. He had magic in his voice and till now no one can beat him. And his voice on low notes was magic. We still feel his music is some of the best of this genre.

This was the list of the Top Pashto Songs. I hope you will enjoy these tracks and that you will go ahead and discover more great songs of this genre and do provide us with your feedback that how you found them.

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