Top 10 Best Polka Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Polka songs of all time 2017, Polka songs are written to get you on your feet so you can dance and merry. This makes it a sub-genre of the dance music. While you may argue that there are genres that can achieve the same purpose, this sub-genre has a unique beat that originated from Czech Republic back in the 19th century. Some common instruments played include drum kits, guitar, trumpet, as well as zither and an accordion. These songs have gained popularity and are being played widely across the globe. The following are the top 10 best polka songs of all time you need to listen to that have placed this sub-genre on the music map.

Polka Song Top 10 latest new Polka songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Polka songs of all time 2017.

10. Wishing Well by Johnny Menko

Johhny Menko released this song in the year 1971 and this song has left a trademark since time memorial. It captures the heart as well as gets you to get on your feet. It will change your mood even when you are feeling low and turn it around for the best. Though it was released early in the years, you can listen to it on CD.

9. Tick Tock Polka by Bobby Vinton

Tick Tock Polka is included in Bobby Vinton’s 1981 polka album. You have to agree that this song is great right from the start to the end. The instrumentals and the vocals will melt your heart and get your fingers snapping. You can play it back to back and you will always have a similar reaction. Though this artist did not start as a polka singer, we have to agree that he did a great job through this polka song. Dance away and merry.

8. Liechtensteiner Polka by Champagne Music Makers

This polka classic take one of the top positions back then as well as currently thanks to its unmatched instrumentals. This song is a favorite for many it will be played in celebrations and many festivities to date. One distinctive feature of this song that will capture your attention is the accordion. There are a number of versions to this song, this version by Champagne Music Makers. This is the reason this song is a key contributor to any Fest Hall.

7. Happy Hour by Dancing Fingers

With Myron as one of the greatest accordion players, he definitely brought out the best in this song. While he has a number of great polka hits since he started his music career, Happy Hour has become a favorite to many up to today. If you are looking to partner up and make the best of polka music, this is the song to play. It offers a great rhythm that one cannot ignore. The band is entertaining and captivating and this song will keep you on your feet.

6. The Chicken Dance by Craig Duncan Orchestra

The Chicken Dance brings out the energetic side of individuals. You cannot afford to sit down when this song is playing. This is the reason it is popular in settings such as weddings, other parties, as well as games such as baseball. Listen out for the fiddler and you will be obliged to agree that Duncan plays it very well in this song. If you are planning for a party or you intend making a special dance request, then this song should not skip your mind.

5. Clarinet Polka by Jimmy Sturr Orchestra

There are a number of versions to this song but you will love this one by Jimmy Sturr Orchestra. This artist has won 18 of the 24 Grammy Awards that have been given to him so you are sure that he knows his way around polka sub-genre. With the opening instrumentals, you will find yourself on your feet and moving to the beat. Clarinet Polka takes one of the top positions thanks to its outstanding instrumentals with outstanding variations.

4. Pennsylvania Polka by Frankie Yankovic

This list of the top best polka songs of all time would be complete without this song. This song’s artist is referred to as the Polka King and he was the first winner of the Grammy Award in the Best Polka Recording category. This song has played a major role in ensuring that he remains the king of polka music. It is fun, outgoing, and comes with a danceable beat. Grab your bear and enjoy.

3. Monopol Polka by Frankie Gee Orchestra

This song was released in the year 1971 and despite this early release; it retains its effect on its fans. It is soothing to the soul and you will dance all night just by listening to this song. This song defines this sub-genre at its best. The instruments will capture your attention even if you were just passing by.

2. Mountaineer Polka by Happy Louie

Released in the year 1993, it was included in the album Happy Polkas by Happy Louie and Juicia’s Polka band. The instrumentals are second to none and it is evident that they go very well with the included vocals. This strikes a keen balance for Polka song lovers. Happy Louie plays the accordion and it brings out the best beat to bring out a cheerful trait in right about anyone. This song is highly recommended to start a party.

1. Beer Barrel Polka by Walter Ostanek and Band

Beer Barrel Polka by the Walter Osatanek and his band was and is still a hit for polka lovers. Even for those who may not have heard polka music before, this song will convince you that it is great music. Though this song has a number of variations, this band brings out the best in it. They have been Grammy Award winners on three occasions. Also referred to as the Canadian Polka King, he is bound to make you feel like the Canadian Polka Queen any time you listen to this song.

The above top 10 best polka songs of all time are outstanding and they define the aspect of polka music to the best. You will get on your feet and dance to the above tunes. Though they are old in terms of years, they remain great hits for polka song lovers.

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