Top 10 Best Power Metal Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Power Metal songs of all time 2017, When rock orientated musicians started to combine traditional metal music with speed metal styles – they created power metal. This music form is a combination of metal music power and speed. It is loud, harsh and aggressive. Power metal tracks move at a lightening pace. This type of music is brutal on the senses and is supposed to be hard hitting.

Power metal music also has strong, repetitive choruses. The lyrics are also infused with dark and disturbing themes which is another characteristic of power metal. Power metal is just an aggressive and disturbing musical force that was very popular in the mid-80’s. Today, power metal music is still around but it is not as big as it once was in the past. However, power metal music groups did create some hit jams. Here is a presentation of the best power metal songs of all time.

Top 10 latest new Power Metal songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Power Metal songs of all time 2017.

10. Children of Bodom – Needled 24/7

Children of Bodom is a Finnish power metal group that came on the scene in 1993. Their unusual name is derived from a bizarre murder event that took place at Lake Bodom (in Finland) in 1960. This group has been making music for years but in 2003 they finally had a superb power metal hit called Needled 24/7. This group is a power metal fan’s dream come true. Their song Needed 24/7 is about people being judgmental and critical when they shouldn’t be. This song is a great power metal song that resonated with fans when it was released.

9. The Power of One

Finnish people have a dark side and this is one reason why power metal is so strong within that nation. Sonata Arctica is another power metal group that has released a lot of jams over the years. This group was originally known as Tricky Beans and they were a metal group. However, they changed their style to fit in with the trend of power metal music that was taking place during the time. The Power of One is a testament to this group’s ability to make meaningful power metal that fans like to hear.

8. Nemesis

Arch Enemy is a very talented power metal group. They are considered one of the most talented groups in the history of this genre. In 2005 they made the song Nemesis which is a power metal core theme song loaded with all sorts of anarchy, chaos and destruction. Alissa White-Gluz is the female lead of this unique Swedish band. This is very unusual for a power metal core to use a female at all within the music making process simply because they typically do not perform this type of music.

7. Courage

The group Manowar is not a popular power metal band simply because they were never able to garner commercial success. As a result, they have been regulated to an underground status. That is okay for this group because they still known how to make really great power metal music. Their song Courage is a power metal piece that plays with force and it has an edgy sound. The riffs and lyrics are all well put together. Courage is a just one solid power metal track from a great underground band.

6. Raining Blood

Many people heard of Slayer during the 80’s. This group is an American based power metal group that is often classified as thrash metal rockers. They made their song Raining Blood in 1986 and it was a classic power metal tune for this successful metal group. The riffs are hard hitting and played with amazing talent. Raining Blood pulsates with metal action and force. Slayer really knows their music and has talent.

5. Kings of the Carnival Creation

Dimmu Borgir is from Norway and their song Kings of the Carnival Creation sounds like a horror music tune that should be played during the Halloween season. This music is edgy and it has an eerie sound to it. There is a trance like effect within the song. Dimmu Borgir has been performing for years and Kings of the Carnival Creation was released by this group in 2004. They are more of a modern power metal band that has been entertaining audiences for a long time.

4. Embrace of the Endless Ocean

Amon Amarth released their hit Embrace of the Endless Ocean in 2008. This song has a lot of scary lyrics and disturbing sounds. This song also has a hypnotic feel in the way that it plays. Amon Amarth is well received among metal fans. They know how to make great music that resonates with their fan base and Embrace of the Endless Ocean is a song that does just that. It provides power metal fans with the type of things that they desire and want out of a song from this genre.

3. Master of Puppets

Metallica was a powerful group in the 80’s. That is when this band was in its prime. They released Master of Puppets in 86 and it remains one of the greatest power metal tunes in history. The group Metallica were master of creating outstanding power metal music. They infused most of their jams with great energy, hard hitting beats, fantastic riffs and mind bending solos. The group played their electric guitars with a powerful and demanding style. Master of Puppets is just an example of why Metallica is considered one of the best power metal groups in history.

2. Return to Serenity

Return to Serenity is a power metal track that has been around since 1992. This song was created by the group Testament. Return to Serenity is one of their signature songs that has become a power metal music mainstay. This particular recording has been around for years and still entertain power metals today. The music is timeless and its message relates well to the power metal fans of today. Return to Serenity is a power metal jam that will last through the generations.

1. Voice of the Soul

There is a group known as Death and they are not that well known among the masses. However, they made the power metal tune Voice of the Soul in 1998. Power metal fans at the time enjoyed what many of them consider to be the best song within their genre of music. Death just had everything together for this song. They knew how to metal song that would last for decades. The vocals, riffs and solos are astounding. The lyrics are also on point for a power metal song. Voice of the Soul just has it all and is a great power metal piece.

Power metal is a solid music form that provides fans with the type of jam that they want to hear and experience. As long as there are fans who want to hear hardcore thrashing rock music with disturbing and grim lyrics; power metal music will never go away.

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